Thursday, October 31, 2013

Pumpkin Picking, Pumpkin Carving 2013

It came down to the last week of October and we still didn't have any pumpkins.  We didn't even go to any festivals WITH pumpkins so I told the kids we could go pick some out this week.  Well, Brice has had quite a bit of homework so we just decided to go to the church across the street from our neighborhood to get our pumpkins.  We have been before...remember when Anna stepped in pumpkin goo?  You can see previous posts, here and here.  In fact, in 2010, I even named the post the same thing as I did above!  Anyway, Kyle was SO excited to get a pumpkin and I was excited because he was excited even though it is just a little church and you hop out and pick and pumpkin and are back home in 15 minutes.  I so wanted to do a "farm" experience this year with the hayride and such but it just didn't work out.

Kyle ran to the first pumpkin he though he could pick up and heaved with all his might, saying, "Heaby"!  I don't think he anticipated the weight of it at all!  Then he and Anna ran like wild things through the "patch" until Brice finally got impatient and yelled, "Pick out a pumpkin!!"

So that was Tuesday evening.  And then last night, we carved.  When I say we, I mean Justin did it.  And he did a fabulous job.


Sunday, October 13, 2013

Anna's First Georgia Game

We decided Anna was ready for her first Georgia game this season but decided that we needed to wait until the weather was a little cooler and there were a few factors that would make it successful.  Justin scored us some club level tickets with a parking pass that was very close to the stadium.  This meant not a lot of walking for little legs.  We also got lucky with the Mizzou game being scheduled at noon.  Even though this meant an early morning, Anna is usually the first one up anyway so...

My parents were going to come with us to the game since my Dad went to Mizzou but finding six tickets together for a reasonable price proved difficult.  They decided spending the day with Kyle would be just as fun.  And, a big thank you to them because not only did they keep Kyle but they clean out the garages!

So, as soon as we arrived in Athens we did a quick trip to the Pi Beta Phi house.  I rang the bell to get inside but no one answered (it was only 9:30).  We will try and go inside over Homecoming maybe.  I did get some pictures of Brice and Anna on the front porch though.

Then the boys were getting anxious to get to the Dawg Walk so we drove over to our parking spot.  We walked down to the student center and were just in time for the Redcoats to start playing and the cheerleaders to line up.  Anna became a little overwhelmed at this point with all the people and cheering and noise.  There were a few tears but she regained composure quickly.

 One of the ladies standing by us had a daughter on the dance team so she pulled her aside after the Dawg walk for a picture.
After that we went to the Bookstore to show Anna ALL the Georgia stuff.  She found herself a Georgia Hello Kitty and that was the highlight of her trip.  We then went into the stadium so Justin and Brice could watch the Dawgs warm up and get the kids some lunch.

We had so much fun despite the Dawgs loss....and Anna had fun with her pom pom and Hello Kitty.  So much fun that she slept the whole way home!