Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Post I Don't Have Time For

This is going to be short and sweet or maybe not, I may need to vent.  I shouldn't be blogging, I should be cleaning the house up or making lunches or something more productive but I don't want to do those things and here I am on the computer composing a Post I Don't Have Time For.  Kyle turned 8 weeks this past Sunday and I took a bunch of pictures and haven't even posted them.  But, I have good reason.  Anna came down with a nasty cold this past Saturday and then that turned into double ear infections.  Brice came home Monday from school with a fever which turned out to be strep throat.  And, now, Kyle has a stuffy nose and Justin and I are about to implode with the stress of having a sick infant in the house.  The memories keep rising up and the tensions have been a little high around here today.  I did take Kyle to the doctor today and right now he does just have a cold.  We tested him for RSV and also drew blood for a white count.  All looked good.  I am taking him back on Friday to make sure he is still well before the weekend arrives.  Anyway, I hate to wish time away but I want him to be bigger and older so I know that he can handle a cold.  So, if you can squeeze us all in in your nightly prayers that would be awesome.  I think it's been harder on Justin and I than it has the kids.  As they always say, kids are resilient.  Although, I do think Brice senses why Justin and I are stressed and constantly saying, "Get out of Kyle's face!".

So, here are some pictures of our sweet laid back third child.  By the way, he has gained a pound in three weeks and was 11pounds, 9ounces today!  I take him back next week as well for his two month check-up.

 He has become quite the little talker just like his siblings.  He and Justin can really get a conversation going!
 I once read you should take pictures of your child upset just like when they are smiling because you will forget what their sweet little face looked like.  I have a few of the other two being fussy and I do like having them.  He was over the tummy time in the above picture, but that afternoon returned for more fun!

And, yes he is sleeping on his tummy.  The American Academy of Pediatrics can come after me if they would like!  Sweet Dreams.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Our Ballplayer

Wondering where my firstborn baby went and who this big baseball player is!  So proud of Brice and the season he has had with the Phillies.  He has done so well in school and on the ball field this year so far.  It's so hard for me to believe he is almost 7!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Last Names

Anna always wants to know what someone's Last Name is.  I'm not sure why this is but I am usually asked once a day about somebody.  The other day after Brice's baseball game, Anna stumped me, but only for a minute. 

"Mom, what's Jesus's last name?"
"He doesn't have a last name."
"Yes he does, what is it?"
"Okay, well....Christ, Jesus Christ."

And, I'm sure you can guess what the next question was.

"What is God's last name?"
"Hmmm...Almighty, God Almighty."

So, if you are around Anna in the near future and she asks, that is what we are going with!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Seven Weeks

A little clip of what Kyle is up to.  He is Seven Weeks today!!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Itsy Bitsy Spider

Found this friend in our yard yesterday. Of course, much to my dismay, Brice found it great fun to destroy the web after I took these pictures.  He obviously hasn't read "Charlotte's Web".  Anyway, I told him that wasn't very nice and was kind of surprised that he would do that being the animal lover that he is, but I guess the destructive boy side came out!
I haven't posted many pictures of him lately so here are some from playing outside yesterday when we discovered the not so Itsy Bitsy Spider...

Monday, September 12, 2011

Anna's First Day and Other Funnies

Last Tuesday was Anna's First Day of school.  She did very very well considering the life change we've had here.  She of course wanted to wear her "Cindegrella" shirt to show Miss Mary.  I don't know why she calls her "Cindergrella" but it is so cute and I don't care if she calls her that always!  Anyway, I was so proud of what a big girl she was and how she just hopped out of the car and walked right in after a wave and smile goodbye.  On Thursday, she was a little hesitant about leaving me but by the time we got to carpool, she was asking where the teachers were and when they were going to come get her.  Here's to a fabulous year of preschool.

Anna is very witty and says some very funny things.  On Saturday, Justin took Brice to the Georgia game and Anna and Kyle cheered on the Dawgs here at home with me.  I told Anna we had to watch the football game and that it was where Daddy and Brice were going.  She was interested after she knew that they were there.  Every time the crowd was scanned by the camera, she would say to me, "I just saw Bwice!" which I knew wasn't true because Justin scored some awesome seats on the club level.  Throughout the game, she had me laughing with her comments.

Upon seeing the cheerleaders, she commented, "Are they going swimming because those look like their swimsuits!".  Maybe they need to rethink the uniforms!

Then, Russ (Uga's sub) was on TV, sleeping as usual and Anna says, "Why isn't he woofin'?".

And, my favorite was when they showed the Gamecocks mascot, and she looks at the TV and says, "Hey, mom, look at that chicken!".  Very good, Anna, they are chickens!!!  She rooted on her Bulldawgs with several "Go Dawgs!" and asking if the team was "going".  I think her blood is turning red and black!

So, then Sunday night we are at dinner and someone (who will not be named but let's be serious we all know who it was) lets one slip.  Anna looks up from her plate and says, "Was that you or me, Brice?".  I just died laughing.  It was like being in a nursing home with an old couple who can't even hear themselves fart anymore!

And the last funny out of her mouth for the weekend was Sunday evening.  She always waits to do her business until AFTER I've put her in the bed.  It's a great excuse to get out of bed and come see what the rest of us are doing.  Anyway, true to form, she comes down the steps and says she needs to go potty so I help her get situated and leave her be.  A few minutes later I hear, "I need help."  So, I go in there to see what she needs and she tells me she needs help getting her poop out.  I told her I couldn't really help her and she would just need to sit a bit longer and maybe things would happen.  I leave.  A few more minutes go by and then I walk by the bathroom door and hear her say, "I can't get this poop out, I need a policeman to come and help me."  Okay, I'm sorry this is all about the bathroom but this was so funny I could hardly stand up.  Where does my dainty little girl come up with this stuff!?  And, if you know a police officer, tell him he needs to add this to his job description!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

One Month Check-Up

Kyle had his One Month Check-Up today and the boy has grown!  He weighed in at 10lbs 8oz (57%) and measured 23 inches long (82%).  I can't believe he weighs that much but it would explain why my back hurts after pacing the halls with him to get him to fall asleep!  He only had his Hepatitis B shot and handled it very well.  He was very alert for the Dr. and everything looks great.  So happy and thankful for a healthy baby boy.

And, just for kicks, and you will get a kick out of this:

Brice-one month- 9lbs 1oz, 22in. (30%, 60%) Brice weighed what Kyle weighs now at two months!

Anna-one month-7lbs, 10oz, 21in. (15%, 47%) Not even comparable!!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Anna Tells a Story...Sort Of

Here is Anna telling a story but she gets a little distracted by Brice...go figure.

Friday, September 2, 2011

little Momma, BIG Talker

Anna has fallen into the role of big sister quite nicely.  She lets me know EVERY time Kyle is crying, she loves to baby-talk to him, and then also likes to know what is in his diaper (not sure why she needs to know this but...).  She is quite the little Momma and will say so as well, "I Maggie's momma and you my momma and Kyle's momma and Brice's momma".  And then she will go on to ask who is my mom and Justin's mom and etc, etc.  The girl talks non-stop, asking questions and telling stories and thinking she is ten years old.  She is quite bossy at times but for some reason there are moments when even that is cute.  For instance, "You come over here and read this book to me and then I will read this other book to you.  And, you have to sit right here." (while she points to a specific spot on the couch. Don't even try to sit 1 INCH away from that spot or you will be instructed otherwise)  Where she gets this from, I have no idea?!!!  Yeah, right.  I was the exact same way, even instructing my parents which direction to cut my sandwiches!  So, she comes by it naturally, but there are moments when I want to scream!  Of course, screaming at Anna only brings tears as she is very sensitive to raised voices.  I love her but I am ready for preschool to start on Tuesday!

Here are some pictures of her being a mommy.  She has only pulled her shirt up once and "nursed" her babies.  I am kind of surprised with as much of it as she sees!

 Talking to Kyle.
 This is her doll, Maggie.
 Rocking Maggie.
 Wrapping her up in her pink blanket.
I could lie and say these were taken early in the morning but they weren't.  She stayed in her pajamas all day this day.  Some days are like that around here!  And, I apologize for the blur.  Not only is she a BIG Talker but she also never stops moving.