Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Lord Voldemort, A Pumpkin, and Winnie the Pooh

Few words are necessary.  The night was a complete success.  Our Pumpkin rocked it.  Could have gone all night long and loved every second of it.

 "Anyone have an extra Hunny around?"
 "My tummy is grumbly for some Hunny"
 She walked away from every house with this grin on her face.  Completely pleased with whatever treat she scored.
 Do not mess with He Who Must Not Be Named...

 Here is the best treat for me tonight...I took this picture in one shot.  No lie.
Happy Halloween!!!!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Is it Monday, yet?

Some of you are probably reading that title thinking, "why would she say something like that?".  Well, because I love Mondays, that's why.  Justin goes back to work, football is not on during day time and Brice goes to school!  I don't have to wake Kyle up from his nap to go anywhere and I don't have to keep him up from napping to pick Anna up.  So, I LOVE Mondays.  All of that AND, this weekend was busy.  We finally made it to the pumpkin patch or local church that always has them on sale.  It was nice. After I talked Brice into coming with us if he wanted a pumpkin carved, I put the three kids in the car and took them.  Anna was super sweet and picked Kyle's out for him while he went from pumpkin to pumpkin saying, "pum, pum".  Not only were all the kids agreeable and nice to each other, I got some good pictures.  All in their Halloween shirts.  Hip, hip Hooray!!!

Then, Brice had to get back to the house so he could change for basketball evaluations.  And, after that he came back home again to get ready for his last game as National.  This past week has been his tournament and we thought we might rally and go all way but, no such luck.  Then, we zipped home here to watch GEORGIA BEAT FLORIDA!!!  Can I get an "Amen"?  And a hallelujah?!  Wahoooo!!!  Gaw-leeee that felt good.  So then this morning we got up and tried to straighten up the house as much as possible while Kyle goes behind us and undoes everything we've done.  :)  I went to ballet (yes, I am taking classes on Sundays and love it!) and then came home to get cleaned up and head to the ballpark for Brice's team party in the freezing cold wind.  The kids all had a blast because kids don't feel temperature, hot or cold and all the adults froze.  Is it Monday, yet?!

 This girl was all about carrying her own the car, to the front porch.  Oh, and she doesn't want it carved, she wants to paint it.

 Wait for it...wait for it...

Ta Da!!!  Three kids, same themed shirts, all looking at the camera!

 These are from Brice's party.  Kyle LOVES cars.  He saw this one and played in it during the entire trophy presentation.  And, then he cried when it was time to leave.
 My big boy receiving his trophy.  He had a great season and really improved in all areas of the game!  He had fun too! So proud of our ballplayer.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Catch Up

Catch up, bullet style, with some pictures:

-Since I last posted we've had Fall Break.  Brice had a Friday and a Monday off of school.  Anna only goes to school TWTh so it made no difference to her. Plus, she takes ballet in a different county so her studio still had ballet and Brice plays baseball in a different county so he still had baseball.  So, only a break from school for Brice really.

-Quality time with the grandparents was spent.  Brice and my dad went to a "Gold Mine" and found some treasure.  Brice thought it was awesome and we now have rock display.  The following day Anna got to go spend the night with my parents and loved her one on one time.  Meanwhile, Brice headed up to the lake with Justin's parents where he got to hang out and be a boy, fishing and driving the boat.  The boy loves to fish just like Justin.

-Everyone was returned by Sunday evening and I cannot for the life of me think of what we did on brain is dripping out of my ear, can you see it??

-You are probably wondering why I am losing my mind and that's because I am so dang tired.  I am probably considered "typing under the influence" right now because of lack of sleep.  I stay up WAY too late watching either some game or debate or some show that I really don't care about but I can't seem to move my body off of the couch.

-That and the fact that Kyle has been sick this past week with a high fever.  As in 104.8 fever.  I returned home from getting my hair done Wednesday evening to find our little guy on fire!  When I see a temperature of 102, I don't sweat it and that is what he had been running most of the day.  But, when I see that number climb to above 104, I get a little panicky.  And, after four days and nights of it fluctuating between 104 and 99.7, my brain hurts...with worry.  We took him to the doctor on Thursday and they put him on a very strong antibiotic but didn't really see anything that would be causing such a high fever.  So, my conclusions are 1) he either had a nasty virus that just took a while to clear itself or 2) the child had the flu and because he had a vaccination back in September, then maybe this was the mild case of it.  In which case, I will take it!  Still scary though and why do these things always have to go into the weekend??!?

-We have not been to one fall festival, pumpkin patch, Halloween themed anything.  Nada. Zilch.  And, I am feeling a little tardy to the party, let me tell you.  Our weekends are filled with baseball and football (let's not get started on Georgia football, what a sad season it's turning out to be) and so we are all too tired to go pick out a pumpkin.  Going to have to remedy this situation this week.  Wish me luck though, Brice's baseball tournament starts tomorrow night...

O. K.  On to pictures...took these Saturday morning.  I keep thinking surely all my children will be dressed in the same theme at the same time at some point during the fall and I keep landing two out of three.  Two will have their Halloween shirts on on the same day or two will be decked out in their red and black but never all three.  Until Saturday.  Of course, Anna had to throw in some love for the month of October and it's breast cancer awareness. 

 Kyle in Justin's "jersey" from many years ago. 
 Little Hershel Walker!

 Anybody wanna guess what my Christmas card is going to look like??

Crazy kids.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Kyle Equals

Here is a video that sums up Kyle in three parts: throw something, hit something (even if that means your head), and best of all love!

Love this little cutie!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

LIVE with Anna

Look out, LIVE with Kelly, there is a new host in town and her name is Anna Claire Reynolds!!