Sunday, August 30, 2009

A Glimpse

Here is a glimpse into the world of our wonderful husband and daddy. Everyday he gets up and retreats to his home office to work very hard so we can take fun vacations (like the beach which is where I am posting from)! I honestly don't know how he does it with two noisy kids in the house, on the same level as he is. Justin doesn't want me to post pictures of him on the blog so I thought you could just have a peek into his world. He has never given himself enough credit but really deserves it this year as he has been working really hard on a specific deal.
Daddy's world.

A "thumb print tie" from Brice and his "It's A Girl" button.

Football award, football and Holy Bible.

He would kill me if he knew this was on the blog so let's just keep it our little secret ;)!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Big Apple

We did it all, folks! We arrived on Thursday and didn't stop until we got back on the plane on Sunday afternoon. Mom, Blaire and I had a great time in New York City. Mom really enjoyed seeing all the sights for the first time. We were also able to visit the Statue of Liberty since she just reopened last year. A run-down of the trip: Tiffany's, St. Patrick's Cathedral, Grand Central Station, Times Square (about five times, day and night), Radio City Music Hall tour, FAO Schwartz, Central Park, Tavern on the Green, a rickshaw, Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, South Pacific on Broadway, yummy food every meal, a two hour walk from our hotel down to Battery Park passing through China Town, Little Italy and Greenwich Village. Needless to say our "dogs" were barking every evening but it was such a fun trip and one I will always remember. "It's who you're with, not where you are"! Enjoy the pictures!

I just liked this place, it makes me think of what it looked like a long time ago.

This is the original torch, restored.

A replica of her foot. Blaire thought she needed a pedi!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Last Days of Summer

While the "big kids" have gone back to school already, we have still been enjoying the summer time. We've been to the pool a couple of times since last week and we've pretty much had the pool to ourselves. It's been nice. While I'm ready for Brice to be back in school for his own boredom, I am anxious about it. After all, three out of four of us all had a cold after just six days of camp. Anna ended up on antibiotics for an ear infection. I know this is the beginning of a long winter! Emotionally, if not physically. I do not want Anna to be 1, but I am ready to put a "new" holiday season behind us, if you know what I mean. I am pretty much dreading the Christmas season, if I'm being honest with myself. The time change, the weather, the decorations will all bring hard memories for me. Anna is bigger and stronger, I know this but it will just be good to get through the same time period. I know she and Brice will be sick and my anxiety will soar but just as God healed the last time, He will heal again. And I know worrying will bring my heart no good, so I will pray through it, just as I did last time. Until then, I will enjoy the "last days of summer". On Thursday I head to New York City with Mom and Blaire and then I return Sunday to repack and head to the beach the following day. Not sure if I'm taking my computer with me, so this may be my last post for some time. Enjoy a break from my blogging!

The Pool...

Chewing on Carly...

Play-Doh on the deck...can't you just smell it?

I love this kid's freckles...

Pretending to eat the Play-Doh...

Anna's new trick...

Puzzles with Aunt Deb...


Saturday, August 15, 2009

Excited ( and an announcement)

"Brice, are you excited for school to start?'

"No, I'm excited for Aunt Deb to come on Monday."

Me too. Who doesn't love their aunt? When I was first pregnant with Brice, Kelly and Blaire were so excited to be the "cool, fun aunt". It's like your mom in some ways but with less rules. I always loved when Aunt Deb came to visit. We had fun just hanging out and talking or just running errands. Anyway, Aunt Deb is coming to play on Monday and we can't wait to see her! I do hope I can live up to the aunt-ly duties...

that' right...

I AM GOING TO BE AN AUNT!!!! I am so excited about this! Congratulations to Kelly and Greg who are expecting a baby in March. We are all so thrilled and can't wait!

Thursday, August 13, 2009


EIGHT years ago today I started working at Northside. Holy cow, it seems like yesterday.

EIGHT months ago today I had a sweet baby girl. Holy cow, it seems like yesterday.

So, whether it's eight months or eight years, eight hours or eight days, the time is flying by.

Happy EIGHTS!!!


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Advice from Brice

I was trying to decide which pair of running shorts to keep, black or pink.

Me: "Which ones do you like, Brice?"

Brice:"The black ones."

Me: "Yea, but I already have some black ones, so I think I'll keep the pink ones."

Brice: "Oh, why don't you just think about it after you sleep tonight."

So, I will go to sleep tonight and decide in the morning. Probably not bad advice considering I've had a headache all day and been worried about him with a 102.7 temperature. Of course, 1 hour after Tylenol, he was dancing around, consuming a biscuit, banana, applesauce, and an Oreo, and being reminded fifteen million times to "GET OUT OF ANNA'S FACE!". I wish he understood the concept of germs!

I'll keep you posted on the running shorts.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Everything I've ever dreamed of

So far, in Anna's short little life, she is everything I imagined I would get in having a little girl. I think the little poem, "sugar and spice and everything nice" sums it up. And then there are times when I look at her and she has a bubble of snot hanging from her nose and drool hanging off of her chin....and what can I say except she's human and she's everything I've ever dreamed of in having a little girl!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Happy 87th!

Happy Birthday to Great Grandpa Holster! We love you and miss you and wish we could be there with you. Have a wonderful 87th! Eat lots of cake for us and hope this video makes you SMILE!!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Funny Face Friday

NEEDED: A trip to the dentist for this young fellow!Notice how Anna is laughing at him!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

60 Years

This picture was taken at my rehearsal dinner in 2002. I wish I had a picture from their wedding day to share. Oh well.

Happy 60th wedding anniversary to my sweet grandparents! Today they celebrate a long time of holy matrimony the way God intended. They were married in St. Louis in 1949 and spent their entire lives there, with the exception of about 6 months when they were here in Atlanta after my Grandma's stroke. They have supported each other through thick and thin and can't go one day without being with the other. They have watched two daughters, three granddaughters and one grandson grow up and been there for all of those important events in between. They still have their moments of frustrations with each other and Grandma still rolls her eyes at the things Grandpa says and does but she still gives him a kiss every morning and every night. I love that they love each other this much and have seen each other through triumph and tragedy. Isn't this the kind of love that we all dream of when we find that special person? My only fear is that when one of them leaves this earth, the other will not be far behind. And isn't this the way it should be? I think so.

So, HAPPY 60TH ANNIVERSARY, Grandma and Grandpa! What an accomplishment this year is and what an inspiration you are to all married couples! We love you!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Cutie Patootie and Lovey's

Anna's new move that she loves to do. Brice tells her "Put your tooshy down!" But what a cute patoot if you ask me.Yes, she is pulling up and loves to do this too.
Smiling at herself on the computer.

And here are my children's "lovey's". Brice and Pae have been inseparable since he was about 10 months old. Even though poor Pae sometimes takes a "backseat" to other stuffed animals he always gets brought back out. Brice took him to his two year old class EVERYDAY! That is also Brice's blue blanket. Well, it used to be blue, it is now almost white! And there with Pae and blue blanket is Carly-bunny. She belongs to Anna, as if you couldn't tell with the pink pacifier attached. Justin bought her this bunny while she was at Scottish Rite because he thought it looked like her; brown hair (which Anna DID have) and bright eyes. Anna loves to chew on Carly's ears which makes them stink! But, when those animals are worn down, scratched up, chewed on, and stink, that means they are LOVED! These lovey's remind me of The Velveteen Rabbit. I love that book!