Thursday, April 30, 2015

Spring Break and Easter

We left for the beach Saturday even though it was hard knowing that we wouldn't be celebrating Easter with the extended family. Easter is my favorite holiday and I just didn't know how I felt about not being home. I must say it turned out wonderful. We went to church at the beach and the out to brunch, all after Easter baskets and hunting eggs. Justin really wanted a picture of us all on the beach in our Easter Sunday best and sunglasses on.

After brunch, the kids were ready to hit the beach but not before I took a picture of the kids with this awesome sand sculpture.

 These kids played and played in the ocean, jumping over the waves and splashing. They did it over and over and over again.

 I texted my mom the picture below and she responded that she looked like Bo Derek. Yikes. We are in major trouble.

 And, Brice loves to find shells in the ocean and basically stays in the surf all the time when we are down at the beach. He spotted something in the ocean and couldn't quite determine what it was just by seeing it in the waves. He caught it and it ended up being a tiny baby sea turtle!!!! What the heck?? I had no idea you weren't supposed to catch these things or call when you found one, I only found that out later when I went back to the beach with my mom and sister. Anyway, he pulled it out and we all fell in love with the little guy. Brice looked like a big nerd in the pictures I took of him holding it so here is sweet well as a quick video of him swimming. Kyle named him Squirt.

We had incredible weather the entire week and so much fun. I will just say it in pictures.

 We all had a great time and it was so fun being in our newly renovated condo!!
I am now caught up on the blog...Wahooo!!! Just for a hot second because life is always happening around here. Tomorrow is Anna's dress rehearsal and cousin Christian turns 2! Crazy. Then, Saturday is Anna's performance and after that we head to Charlotte for the birthday boy. So, I will do my best to keep up through the month of May, which can be crazier than Christmas time!

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Easter Parties and Good Friday

This year as we all know, Easter fell on the first Sunday of Spring Break. This meant that school parties were the last days before spring break which makes for a busy schedule. Anna and Brice also had Arts Night at their schools during the week. Anyway, I won't go into detail but I had to be very on top of things to make it all happen.

Kyle's party was on Thursday.

 "I WANT TO GO HUNT EGGS!!!" He was ready to go despite the rainy cold weather.
 He found all 12 eggs (yes, they each get 12 because that is "fair", no losers in this generation...are you sensing my sarcasm??) within two minutes and then just walked around...
That evening was Anna's Arts Night where they had lots of art work on display as well as a little performance prepared for us. The theme was "jungle" or "Wild About Learning" so Anna wanted to dress as a jungle animal. Luckily, she was in the front row so we could see her because her last performance we didn't even get to see her because her class was stuck in the back corner of the stage.

 I love the picture below because this is what she does when she gets nervous...puts her tongue in her cheek or bottom lip. Brice ran up to take her picture and I guess she realized that we then knew where she was in the group! Kindergarteners signing is so sweet to me and usually very entertaining!

The next day was Good Friday and Kyle was out of school. Blaire and Josh and Christian had come into town so Blaire, Christian, Mom and Kyle and I met up at one of the parks. We were one of two parties there, I couldn't believe it. The boys had a fun time together, even if Kyle has trouble saying "Christian" (he has a Tristan in his class and I think he was confusing the two), so he calls Christian, "Aunt Blaire's baby boy".

After we played and had lunch, then Kyle and I headed over to Anna's school for her egg hunt. They walked all the Kindergarten classes down to the baseball fields and it was a hike for all of those little legs. Plus, it had warmed up quite a bit by 1pm so Kyle and were very warm!

 My crazy girl...I fear the teenage years, greatly. She was so excited to get not one but two prize eggs, although again, no losers, so they all ended up getting at least one and were able to pick a prize.
And, the next day we left for the beach!!! And Easter...more to come.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Kyle's First Cubs Game

Kyle wanted to be the Cubs this year despite my persuasions to be a Cardinal. I guess I did convince Brice to be one last season so I shouldn't complain. However, the Cubs are one of the Cardinals biggest rivals, so...
But, seeing Kyle's enthusiasm and excitement and super cuteness in a baseball uniform at this age never gets old! This kid would play baseball all day everyday if possible. Unfortunately, we cannot seem to get his season started due to all the rain. Justin decided to add a "scrimmage" to the beginning of their season because all of the little boys kept wearing their uniforms to practice! They weren't supposed to start until after spring break but with the additional game, they played right before spring break.

 Snack time and listening to his daddy/coach talk about him before receiving the first game ball of the season.

High Five for Kyle and the Cubbies!!

Friday, April 24, 2015

Phone Dump of Random Days

Here are a bunch of random pictures off of my phone from January through March, for the most part. I do take so many pictures with my phone of the kids being silly or funny or just use my phone as an easy way to document. I am also on Instagram and love posting pictures to that site.

 He gets very bored in carpool line, so I let him unbuckle and play hide and seek.

 Dress up time with friends.

 Muffins with Mom at Kyle's school...right before I got the stomach bug for the 2nd time. Ugh.
 Kyle wanted a faux hawk after getting his haircut.
 Anna dressed as a Cindy Lou Who...Dr. Seuss's birthday celebration.
 Next two pictures are ones I took because Justin was out of town and Kyle wanted me to "send these to Daddy"...

 Bike riding in the cul-de-sac. We had a couple of gorgeous days in March.
 I told him it was time for bed and then he started using this play blower to shoot me.

 Kyle will try any sport and loves to be outside.
 I am trying to win tickets to see Taylor Swift with Anna. Took this picture as part of the contest.
 Brice reading to Kyle.

My dress up girl. Above, she was a queen. Below, I took her to see the new Cinderella movie (which is fabulous) and she wanted to dress like she was going to the ball. I was told I didn't look nice enough even though I had on one of my nicer shirts.

 More sports, in a baseball uniform, even though he didn't have a game on this day.
 Kyle's games technically didn't start until after spring break but when your older brother has two games a week, you want to wear your own uniform. Since it was nice out on this day, he dressed as if he had a game and we headed outside for a practice game. He packs his own bat bag up and tells me exactly where the dugout is and everything. Very organized.
 And, I am not sure what is going on here but he had fun doing it!
As you can see, most of the picture are of Kyle because he still thinks it's fun for me to take his picture most of the time. And, then of course he is home with me more than the other two. My goal is to be caught up on blogging before the end of this month. I think I might make it, we'll see!