Sunday, December 26, 2010

A Successful Christmas!

 Our Successful Christmas included visiting the Charlotte crew

 a new raincoat and purse, and a new basketball
 magnetic dress-up dolls
 setting out milk and cookies for the big guy, which he did eat and even spilled a little reindeer food on his way back up the chimney
 new slippers
 and a robe to go with the slippers
 the "colossal" art set from Santa
 Brice's favorite gift, his tackle box from Justin and I.  Really from Justin as he did all the shopping and purchasing for this.
 new boots from Santa that are lined with reindeer fur...Brice truly believes this and I think this is my favorite memory from this Christmas.
 Anna sporting her new shirt, bow and socks.
 Anna and Jack really love each other!
 We bought Brice a Wii for Christmas and Aunt Kelly and Uncle Greg pulled through big time with the SuperMario Kart.
 Here is Brice opening his microscope.  He has seriously been asking for this since June.  He was very excited to get it and has been using it on and off throughout today.
 Anna finally got the hang of opening her own gifts!  She did her last three all by herself including taking the top off the box and pulling out the surprise inside.
 Inside this one was pretty necklaces.
 And, the whole group successfully pulled off keeping these pictures a secret from Larry and Robin.  We had them taken in October and none of us slipped up ONCE!  They are of all three grandkids and were the top thing on their list.  Kelly and I are very proud of ourselves for pulling it off after countless emails and a few secret exchanges as well.
And, most importantly, let us not to forget to thank God for giving all of us the best gift of all, a baby boy named Jesus who grew to take care of others and lead like no other.  A man who died for all of our sakes and will some day return to us.  Happy Birthday, Jesus!!!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Our House at Christmas

I saw on another blog that she did a tour of her house at Christmas time and I thought it was a neat idea.  The main reason I wanted to post these pictures though is because we will be traveling to Charlotte and my grandparents will be there and this way I can show them pictures of my house!

 This was my Christmas gift from Justin last year, I love it!  It plays "Oh, Christmas Tree"

 These little houses were made by my Great Aunt Norma, who is sadly no longer with us.  She was so talented in many areas.  Next year, I need to add some snow.
 Our past Christmas cards under the glass of our coffee table.  Anna has really enjoyed looking at them this year, especially the first one of Brice as a baby.


Friday, December 17, 2010

2-Year Stats

Anna had her 2-year check-up today and everything looks good.  Her weight is 25 lbs, 6oz. (35%) and her height is 36.25 inches (96%).  Don't be jealous, ladies, it will get you no where!  This makes her BMI 0%!!!  What?!  Anyway, the doctor was pleased with her growth and we can put her on 2% milk now instead of whole.  Nothing too exciting.  Had to get her finger pricked for a hemoglobin level and then two shots, ugh.  They are always changing the vaccines and now have a new and improved Prevnar out there.  So, lucky Anna was the recipient and not too happy about it!  She was however very pleased with her Santa and Belle stickers.

I just got home from Brice's school party and it was so fun remembering the last day before Christmas break.  They made four different crafts and then got to eat sugar cookies and chips.  Very exciting.  We are looking forward to the holiday break, including some sleeping in.  That is about it, just wanted to let everyone in on Anna's 2-Year Stats!

Just for fun, Brice was 30 lbs and 37.25 inches at two, which put him at 100% in both categories!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Happy Birthday, Anna and Dad!!

December 13th, 2008
 December 13th, 2009
 December 13th, 2010
It's hard to believe that our little girl is two years old today.  She has changed so much over the past year becoming quite the little girl who has so much spirit in her.  I hope to always remember her at this age because she is so sweet and funny.  When she runs she kicks her feet out a little bit and will run at you as fast as she can and throw herself into you.  She calls herself  "Nee" and if you say "Say Anna", she will respond with "Claire"!  She likes to do things herself and will often say, "Nee, do it".  She loves books and will bring you book after book to read even if she doesn't want every word read.  Her common response if I ask her to do something comes out sounding like "Ahh-K!".  She still sleeps with Carly-bunny of course along with her baby dolls, a Mickey figurine, a new book and she likes to have everything just so when her bed time arrives.  As of late, she has been sleeping in her shoes for naps and we have finally convinced her to NOT wear her shoes to bed.  She has a favorite shirt, "ba-shirt", ballerina shirt that she wears literally everyday unless there is a special occasion.  She enjoys calling people on the phone only to have them talk or sing to her!  She does know all her colors and shapes.  WILL NOT count for me, which drives me nuts.  Will sing a little of the ABC's and also loves Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star, Itsy Bitsy Spider and Jingle Bells.  Enjoys going to school now.  As far as potty training, we are going to give it a shot after the holidays are over.  She will sit on the potty but has yet to produce anything.  I figure with us traveling there is no reason to start now.  She adores Justin but is still quite the momma's girl as well.  She likes for Brice to pick her up too which only lasts about two seconds!  Our little Anna, who has taught us so much about being grateful for life everyday and how much fun life is!  She is truly such a sweet little firecracker and we can't wait for more birthdays to come!
Also, let me say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my DAD as well.  Last year, he told us the best gift he ever got was Anna so I am so glad that they share a birthday and will always have that special bond.  Dad, I hope you know how much I love you and even though you don't like to celebrate your birthdays (e.g. you went to the dentist today to get a crown :() you should celebrate what a wonderful person you are!!!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Whoo, Whoo, Anna is Twooo!

Tomorrow is Anna's actual birthday, the 13th and I will post again then but wanted to post some pictures of her Owl Birthday Party.  We had a busy day including basketball, the birthday party and then a Christmas Concert.  Anna loved her party and had a great time.  So thankful that we had so much family here to help celebrate and that were understanding about me setting up late since we had Brice's game first!

Friday, December 10, 2010

"Must Be Santa, Santa Claus"

 We hadn't even seen Santa yet, she just didn't want her picture taken!
 She and I were at the mall earlier this week and I showed her Santa, and she just kept asking for Santa to hold her, "Pup, Santa", (Up, Santa) but when the time came...
 She must have been thinking, "Keep this crazy, scary man away!!!"

 It Must Be Santa because after we got home, I was able to get a couple cute shots of them!