Wednesday, August 31, 2011

1 Month Old!!

Kyle is One Month today and just the best little baby.  He really has been so easy and so laid back so far.  He has even gifted us with a couple of nights of good sleep going about 6-7 hours between feedings two nights in a row.  He is breastfeeding very well and I'm anxious to go to the pediatrician next Tuesday and see how much he weighs.  The kids both adore him and can't stay out of his face!  He has started smiling back at us which is just the sweetest but we have yet to capture it on camera.  I will definitely post a picture when I capture it.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Reasons I am Spoiled-#2 Push Present

After the birth of each of our children, Justin has done very well with Push Presents (whether I pushed 3 hours, 3 times or 30 minutes!).  I have received a necklace for each baby a diamond cross for Brice, a tourlamine stone for Anna (her birthstone), and now this necklace for Kyle.  Justin wasn't quite sure if he should buy something ruby (which is Kyle's birthstone) or the birthstone for August since he was scheduled to arrive on August 1st.  I just love this necklace.  Not sure if you can tell from the picture but it is gold with pink stones.  Very summery for our summer baby.  The plan is for the boys to give their necklace to their wife, if she wants it, and then for Anna to wear hers.  I did not ask for any of these and was totally shocked when Justin gave me Brice's.  I was also surprised to receive one after Anna because she was born so close to Christmas and Justin always does well with Christmas gifts.  He does well with all jewelry I must say.  I have never picked something specific out with him.  I can give two or three hints if there is something I want and then he delivers, spectacularly!  So, again, I am spoiled.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Reasons I am Spoiled-#1 The Basement

I'll admit it.  I am spoiled rotten.  Justin works so very hard for our family and I reap most of the benefits.  We just had our basement finished and it looks amazing.  Justin designed the layout and picked out most of the "accessories" as well.  I did help with the granite, tile, and fixtures but he has done most of the leg work.  I am so excited to enjoy the football season this year from our new couch and TV.  I will post the other reasons I am spoiled soon.  Seriously, though, sometimes I don't think I deserve this life I live.  It kind of makes me feel guilty sometimes.  Very, very blessed.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Faking It

Here is Kyle in the bassinet I have used for all three of my babies.  Except, I've hardly used it for Kyle.  The truth is, I cannot sleep with my babies in the same room as me.  And, I don't think they sleep as well in the same room either.  So, for these pictures, we are Faking It!  That's right.  I have pictures of Brice and Anna in this same bassinet that my parents gave to us when I was pregnant with Brice and I couldn't not have pictures of Kyle in it as well.  After all, there is something so sweet and innocent and fresh and new about a little bitty thing in a white bassinet.  During my nesting phase with all three of them, this was one of my favorite things to set up and dream about.  A sweet little babe snoozing away all snug and cozy.  Of course, Anna was brought back into our room after her stay at CHOA and slept in the bassinet again.  In fact, when she was the age that Kyle is now, we were still in the ICU.  I thought about this the other night while rocking Kyle and teared up immediately at the thought of how tiny she was when she was so sick.  It is still amazing to me what her body went through and came out so strong.

Back to this baby though!  Kyle is doing really well.  He means business when he is hungry and has a nice loud cry to let us all know.  At the same time though when he has a tummy ache or is refluxing, his cry is just pitiful.  He has gone a couple of long stretches for me at night and I wake up at 2am feeling like I just got 8 hours sleep when all it's been is 4 hours but hey, I'll take it.  There are also nights when he is up like clockwork every 2-3 hours.  Ugh.  I have fallen asleep in the glider a few times and woken up to him fast asleep in my arms as well!  He loves to be snuggled or swaddled when he's ready to go to sleep.  I am learning his cues as to when he's ready for a nap and I wrap him up and rock him and try to cherish these moments with him. 

The other night I laid down in bed and started to say my prayers and I usually start my prayer with a "Thank you for this day and everything it taught me..." so I did the same this night and then I prayed that I would remember these days because they are so fleeting.  As much as I want Kyle to be sleeping through the night and for me not to be so grumpy, I know I will wish I could remember each of these days when my babies were tiny and the weight of them on my chest as they slept was the best feeling in the world. I try to enjoy Kyle in the middle of the night when it's just the two of us and I don't have one of the other two asking me questions or singing me songs or...

So, the bassinet days are over already and Kyle is a big boy sleeping in his crib.  Like this...

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Since We've Been Home

For the most part, things are as to be expected around here.  I am half naked every three to four hours, the kids are running around wild, pulling every toy out of the cabinets and only needing something to eat or drink when I sit down to feed Kyle!  Anna has learned how to take herself potty for which I am very thankful.  I feel really good physically but have had a few of my pre-pregnancy headaches which are real doozies.  I can't tell if they are hormonal or from the weather or just general stress as Justin has had a few headaches as well.  He is super stressed to say the least trying to finish up the basement details which should be completed in a couple of weeks and trying to find me a car that will fit all three kiddos.  He has been busting his rear since May really with house stuff not to mention he has a full time job and is trying to keep me sane with the kids. 

Monday was a huge relief when Brice RAN to the bus for the first day of school.  I was so glad there were no tears or anxiety.  Brice is also playing fall ball and had his first practice this past Saturday.  Anna is really sweet until Brice comes along and gets her going and she then becomes a crazy woman.  She and I have watched movies, read books, played tea, cleaned the bathrooms, gone to Publix-at 7:45am one morning, and napped together.  She is enjoying her time without Brice around and I am thankful to have it before she returns to preschool Sept. 6th. 

Tonight is the first night Since We've Been Home that we haven't had a meal delivered.  All I can say is that we have some seriously awesome neighbors who know how to cook!  I have written down all the meals that have been delivered and will try to duplicate some for some new menu options.  So, I think that just about sums up what's been going on around here.  Here are some pictures...

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Every Step of the Way, I Prayed

Saturday, July 30th, two days until my scheduled C-section, I woke up in a good mood for the first time in a long time! I showered, got the kids dressed and off we went to collect the rest of Brice's school supplies and to Publix to fill the fridge.  Justin, on the other hand was grumpy, so we left him on the couch to himself.  The next day my aunt would be arriving to help with the kids while I went in for Kyle's delivery and I was so excited to have her there to distract me from Monday's events.

That night, Justin made us tacos for dinner.  We put the kids to bed and he went out for some adult beverages for himself and a Cherry Coke for me.  I had been having my usual contractions all day but they were the ones I'd been having for weeks.  Not painful. Not regular.  Just a little annoying.  I sat on the couch and watched "Catch Me if You Can".

Saturday, July 30th 8:45pm- a real contraction, I thought.  I glanced at the clock just in case another one came.  This one was lower in my abdomen, the kind only ladies know about.  Sure enough about 11 minutes later I had another one.  And, so they continued sometimes six minutes apart, some times up to 11 minutes apart.  At about 9:20pm, I said something to Justin.  He'd had a drink and was enjoying his "buzz".  Since he hadn't been in the best of moods, I wanted him to enjoy it, plus, I wasn't sure if the contractions would continue or not.  So, his "buzz" had worn off and I told him I'd had about six or seven contractions that were timeable.  I asked him if he wanted to have his parents just come up and spend the night in case it turned into something real and we needed to get to the hospital fast.  I knew Robin would be in the car in one hot second!  I was afraid they would get all the way up here and then everything would stop.  Justin was calm but at the same time wouldn't allow me to get up off the couch!  So, I just laid there watching the movie and timing the contractions.  They weren't bad enough that I had to breath through them, just a little uncomfortable.  Justin asked what I would need for the hospital and we both agreed that we should at least head to the hospital just to see if it was for real or not.

I called my parents to give them a heads up and let them know what was going on.  They agreed I was doing the right thing and that even if I got sent back home, no big deal.  At one of my last appointments, I told the doctor I was very anxious about having another delivery like Anna's.  She told me to not be shy and just come on in if I suspected something.  The entire pregnancy, especially at the end, I prayed that I would know if the labor was real or not.  With my other two, labor began with my water breaking.  I needed a clear sign like that again and luckily I did realize when something was different.

The Reynolds arrived around 10:15pm.  We woke Brice (his request) to let him know what was going on.  I was fine and calm the whole way down except I was shaking.  Justin said I did this with Anna but I don't remember half of the 1.5 hours with her so...We were on our way and I called the hospital to let them know I was coming.  When we arrived, they were having to clean a room for me.  I sat in the waiting area contracting and chatting with my parents for a good 30/40 minutes.  I prayed little Kyle was okay in there and that no harm was being done.

They got me to a room and checked me. 2-3cm, completely effaced and contracting every two minutes.  So, guess what?  I was staying.  The same doctor that I had seen about feeling anxious was on and came in to see me.  We told her that we would love to try and have a regular delivery but if at any point she felt uncomfortable to take me to the OR.  The nurse started my IV and got blood work so I could get an epidural whenever I was ready.  About 1:30am, I decided to go ahead and get the epidural.  I was only 4cm and not in a whole lot of pain but I wanted to have the epidural in, in case problems arose and we needed to make a run to the OR for a C-section.  There was no way I was missing out by being knocked out for my last baby.

The epidural was so strong.  I got an immediate headache, felt nauseous, and couldn't feel ANYTHING below my waist.  I tried to sleep, but instead prayed.  I kept a close eye on Kyle's heart rate.  I couldn't help myself.  I prayed he would tolerate all of this, I prayed that the epidural would quit having so many side effects, and that it wouldn't slow my progression down.  I prayed that he wouldn't poop before delivery ( not good), I prayed that his cord wasn't around his neck.

At 5am the doctor came in to check me again...4cm.  What?!  You've got to be kidding me.  I felt a little deflated.  Did I do myself a disservice by getting the epidural when I did?  I couldn't think like that though.  I was trying to make the best decisions to have the best delivery possible.

The sun rose and the day shift staff arrived, including one awesome labor and delivery nurse.  I would not have had the experience I did without her.  I truly believe she helped make it all happen for us.  She was awesome.  Turning me every hour, propping my legs up so that Kyle could make his way down, getting me ice chips.  By the way, I was ravenous the entire labor.  My ice chip diet hardly did the trick.

Sunday, July 31st 10am.  Doctor arrives again and decides to break my water.  A big step in my book.  We now enter a new phase. Will Kyle tolerate not having a nice cushy area when I have these contractions?  Will I deliver before a fever sets in and then we have infection risks?  I am STILL 4-5cm.

11:30am- I call the nurse in because I'm feeling more pressure.  She checks me and I pray that something has happened because if I'm still 4-5, there might be some words said. 8cm!!!  Yahoo, progress!

12pm-Please come back awesome nurse, something is going on...10cm!!  We did it. (I'm not sure at what point this occurred but I was in major pain having to really breath through each contraction.  They were coming every two minutes with so much pressure and Justin was awesome helping me breath through them and relax on my "down time".)  So now, Kyle is still very high and I feel as though I'm in labor with Brice again.  I pray that he makes his way down.  The doctor and I have decided that we are not going to push for 3 hours like I did with Brice because it does no one any good.  I push a few times and the nurse says, he is still high, you need to let him come down on his own.  But what if he isn't going to fit?  She puts me straight up in the bed with my legs almost underneath me Indian style.  Justin describes it as very zen-like.

I sleep a little and pray a little because I'm reaching my breaking point.  How much longer will this go on?  How much longer can Kyle tolerate this?  Or me for that matter?

1:30pm-I call the nurse back in.  I need to know the plan, how much longer they are going to let me do this.  How much time do we give him to drop?  The nurse walks in and without two words out of my mouth, she says, you're done, aren't you?  She knew.  Another reason she was so awesome.  She said, Okay, let's try pushing again.  I pushed through maybe three contractions and then she said, please don't push anymore, I need to get the doctor.  The doctor was called, twice, much to Justin's annoyance, and I pushed twice.  The doctor then told me to stop pushing so she could get her "garb" on.  At this point, she was having to hold Kyle in!  I pushed one more time to get his shoulders out and out he came at 1:58pm.

He cried immediately and they put him up on my chest.  I suctioned him myself and then they took him to the table to check him out.  It was worth every minute of those 17/18 hours.  I did it.  I had a regular delivery with pain medication!  It was stressful no doubt, a mental game at times.  But, Every Step of the Way, I Prayed.  And, I got just what I prayed for...

 Above, right before pushing...I told myself I'd look good for this delivery and so I put on make-up just before!  Below, suctioning his mouth and nose.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Kyle's Arrival

As you all know, Kyle is here!!  He is now almost a week old and I can't believe it.  He has been such a little blessing to our family.  I will eventually write the chain of events for all of you who don't know the story.  It was my longest labor yet but at the same time, the delivery I have always dreamed of.  That probably sounds crazy to some of you but it's true.  Right now we are adjusting to having three kiddos, getting ready for school to start for Brice on Monday and enjoying our last newborn.  For now and for those of you who don't follow me on Facebook, here are a few pictures and his stats.

Kyle Patrick Reynolds
July 31st 1:58 pm
7lbs 12 oz (yes, I guessed right!) 21 inches