Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Summer of the Past

As we officially close out summer time with Anna starting school next Tuesday and the football season upon us, I thought I would post about how much the summer has reminded me of my past.  People and places were revisited and feelings of being a girl again have come to the surface. 

The biggest of these is of course the loss of my dance teacher, Peter.  Not only did I have to say good-bye to him but also the studio.  It closed the end of July after an estate sale of everything in the building from paper clips to production sets from the Royal Winnipeg Ballet where Peter danced long ago.  To say this brings sadness is an understatement.  I have driven by the studio only once since the doors were closed and locked and the sign taken down.  It just made my heart ache.  I have decided though that I would rather the studio close in good graces and name like it did rather than being taken over by someone who did not know how to take care of it like he did.  I took the kids to the studio during the estate sale to see the rooms just one more time.  I explained to them why I was going and what we were going to do while we were there.  That, mainly, I just wanted to BE there one more time and say my good-byes.  Brice, in his sweet manner, said, "Aren't you sad, Mom?"....which brought tears to my eyes immediately.  After walking around the studio, seeing everything taken down and Peter's life work strewn all over the place, Anna grew impatient wondering when we were going to leave.  "Have you said good-bye yet, Mom?", she asked.  One day, I know she will understand but for now it shows me the difference in my two kids' personalities.  I purchased two very old books from the studio (one is Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and the other is just a general ballet book) and then convinced Justin to go back for a seated chest that Peter built.  I remember it being in the dressing room and in one of the studios holding stuffed animals and props that the little girls used during class.

 These are of Studio 2, as it was known.  The biggest floor and where I did most of my dancing.  The marley flooring had already been pulled up and sold along with the barres from some of the walls.
 Outside of the studio from Buford Hwy.
Peter's office and where the teachers could go to get away from us!

Having Anna start ballet coinciding with this has just been wonderful for my heart.  She is enjoying her Friday classes and while I know that she may not carry through all the years with dancing, it's been fun making memories with her, even if it's more for me right now.

And so, this brings us to other memories one of which includes Anna as well.  American Girl Dolls.  These dolls were first introduced in the mid-80's and I was a little old to have one but nevertheless, I got hold of a catalog and had to have one!  I saved my own money and was so excited to receive "Molly McIntyre" in the mail.  Some things have changed with the dolls, but they are still the same quality as when I was young.  They have added dolls to the collection and also "retired" dolls.  I am pretty sure Molly will be the next to be retired as she was one of the original three and the other two are no longer available.  I STILL get the catalogs in the mail (this company is no fool!) and Anna loves looking at it.  I told her that she could see my Molly doll and the girl fell in love.  Poor Molly smells very musty along with her clothes.  She could use a "bath" and maybe a little hair conditioning but Anna doesn't care!  We have changed her clothes and hair almost daily over the course of the summer and she knows how much I love Molly and that it is important to take care of her.  My plan is to take her to the American Girl Doll store for her birthday this year and get her her own doll.

And, last but not least, I have been able to see some of my high school friends this summer and their kids!  It is so fun to me that we are still connected.  It is the top benefit of Facebook if you ask me!  While we all still send Christmas cards to each other, it is so nice to watch our children grow on a day to day basis as well as be a support during rough times and good times.

 Kyle and Amelia (Sarah's youngest of 2)
 Kyle and Avery (Carey's youngest of 4!!)
 Look at Kyle trying to take Anna's headband off!

As you can see, Kyle didn't want to be in the picture which was making Meghan and I both laugh.  Meghan has a little girl Anna's age who wasn't able to come on the trip and now Meghan has twins (Hunter, little girl and Mason, little boy)

With all these girls, I used to have the best times!  Hard to believe we are all grown up with children of our own.  One with four kids, one with twins and all of us with at least one boy and one girl each.  How blessed we all are and how awesome it was to see them to relive old times and make new memories!  And, yes, they all look the same, if not better than they did in high school.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Our Triathlete-In Pictures

Let's face it...we are busy...the blog is just not the priority!  School, baseball, ballet, training for the triathlon and let's not forget keeping up with the new walker who LOVES to sneak over to the stairs which means I cannot finish one dang task!

So,  Brice really persevered and did great on this triathlon. The swim was 62 yards, bike was 1.58 miles and the run was 1/2 mile.  He completed the whole thing in 16:05.  He didn't get in the pool until this past Tuesday which means minimal training.  The point of him doing this was just to have fun and build his confidence that he could finish something like this!  We are so, so proud of him!!!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Boy-Girl Tally

Wow.  This past week has held quite a bit!  I feel as though Kyle's party was two weeks ago.  I honestly don't remember what we did on Monday and Tuesday but it was something.  Oh yes, I know there was a hair cut in there for Brice along with some other errands...  Wednesday, we went to the Georgia Aquarium with Nana and Jack.  All the kids had a great time and were VERY tired on the way home.  We actually ended up staying four hours which I didn't think would happen but after we paid an arm and a leg for parking, tickets, and food, I was getting our money's worth!!  I honestly think that Brice would live there if he could.  That kid just eats up any information about sea life.

Thursday was the last trip of the summer to the grocery store with all three kids in two. It was also Open House for school and so we headed over to check out Brice's second grade classroom.  Seriously...second grade, what in the world?  He has a new teacher so he was apprehensive that she would know anything about how to teach!  So skeptical.  But she is very nice and I think she will be able to get the job done.  Friday was the first day of school and no one seems to be able to figure out why we started on a Friday.  Brice's explanation is the best to me, "Because Mom, we got out on a Thursday last year."  Okay, makes about as much sense as any other reason.  Friday was also the first day of Anna's ballet classes.  Instead of camp, these are regular Friday classes and she refers to them as "the ones I signed up for" instead of "ballet camp".  She had a different teacher than camp a couple weeks ago so she was a little apprehensive but had a big grin on her face when I waved from the window.

This past weekend we have been to two birthday parties and Anna wore her little self out both days.  They were both parties for little boys so there were lots of kids at both that were running around and playing and Anna, being surrounded by boys at home had no trouble playing right alongside the sword fights.  I, too, am worn out by the weekend!

Poor little Kyle is in need of a good sleep routine so that is our goal this week.  There are other goals I have for myself and the family to get back into the school routine and as they say there is no time like the present.  Family dinners, good sleep routines, workout, read a book myself!, clean out the kids' closets and pack up little boy clothes.  Go through Anna's baby clothes because, guess what???  I AM GOING TO BE AN AUNT AGAIN AND IT'S A GIRL!!!  Yes, Kelly is expecting a sweet little lady in December, December 17th to be exact which was the day I was supposed to have Anna!  So, since they are due the exact same time of year, I have been trying to find some things for her to wear.  We are all very excited and this will bring the Reynolds side boy-girl tally to 3-2!  So thankful Anna will have a girl cousin to love on.

Also, I want to acknowledge a big birthday we had in the family this past Wednesday.  My sweet Grandpa turned 90 August 8th.  To me, this is just amazing.  To think about all that he has experienced and witnessed in his lifetime is just remarkable.  Grandpa, I am so proud to say that you are MY Grandpa and have created quite a family filled with love and tradition.  Thank you for setting the example you have for all of us with your work ethic, appreciation for a dollar, love for card games and billiards and mostly, the desire to always take care of the ones you love, especially Grandma.  We love you, Grandpa!!  Hope to see you soon!

 Playing with his new piano.

 This was really cool watching the diver clean the tank.
 Someone is tired because he doesn't want to nap in the morning anymore...


 Now he wants to sleep...Got to get this boy on a better schedule.
 Being silly, acting like he is going to sprint to the bus.

"Stop taking pictures mom!"

Monday, August 6, 2012

Kyle's Party and Check-Up

This morning we went for Kyle's check-up and he is healthy, healthy.  Weighed in at 23 lbs. 15 ounces (66%) and is 32 inches long (95%).  Nothing else really to report.  Got two vaccines and you can all guess what that reaction was like...after that we were on our way and he held his stickers the whole way home.  They attached two stickers to a tongue depressor and he held them that way.  Brice was 24 lbs 3 ounces and 31.75 inches at one year, so just about the same.  Anna was 19lbs and 30.5 inches at one year, shrimp!  I am very thankful to have three healthy children even though they are loud and wild at times.

Speaking of loud, we had 21 people in our house yesterday to celebrate the birthday boy.  It was great and Kyle enjoyed every minute of it.  I think everyone who wanted to got a chance to hold him or play with him.  We had BBQ catered and it was, yuuummmm-y!  Kyle has enjoyed all of his gifts as have Brice and Anna!  When it is their birthdays, I am going to make sure Kyle plays with all of their new stuff.  Gee whiz, poor little brother.

My big helper with his to-do list...

Loved opening gifts!
This boy is ALL boy...trucks and balls.

Happy Birthday to Kyle until next year!!