Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day

For Memorial Day, Justin took Brice to see his great-grandfather's head stone. This is Larry's dad who is buried in Gainesville, one exit away from where we live. Justin said Brice wasn't sure of the whole process at first but then after cleaning up the head stone and placing the flag and a yellow flower by it, he didn't want to leave. They sat on the sidewalk and just talked. Cary, as everyone called him wasn't killed in WWII but was shot while in Germany. Thank you to him and all the others who served and are serving for our country and our freedom!!!

I think Cary would be proud of this picture, don't you??

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Post Divided-Girl/Boy

This post is a bunch of hodge podge of our daily life here in the Reynolds' household. I tried about 10 times, really, to upload a video of Anna eating some rice cereal. It did not work out, so here are some pictures and I will try again next time.

Here is my view from the kitchen sink of Anna in her exersaucer. I just love watching her in it with her little legs sticking out of the bottom of it and her little feet. Such a change from Brice. She loves to stand up in it whereas he would just kind of sink into the seat of it. Not to mention her feet are so tiny whereas his were and still are more like that of Fred Flintstone! Sorry buddy, I love your feet and toes but...

Please only look at Anna and not the disaster of a house I keep when the kids are awake!
Look at that sweet little profile of my little girl.

On Sunday afternoon, the boys, Justin, Brice and Larry headed to Turner Field to try and watch the Braves' game (it was canceled due to rain) and left Anna and I to play. She and I rolled around on the floor a bit and I tried to get some funny pictures. Here are a couple.
She is not sleeping, just getting ready for her next move.

Which would be trying to climb me!

Back to the boy for a second, this is after their first attempt at a Braves' game. Brice was just excited about his hat so I can't imagine the stories I'm going to hear after Tuesday night's game!

And here is the girl trying to sit straight up in her bouncy seat. She does this every time I put her in the seat. Sometimes, she will even hang over the side and try to eat it!
"Who you lookin' at?"

An afternoon in the life of Brice usually consists of some sort of pirate action. Today, it was playing with the figurines rather than dressing up as a pirate.
The pirates at their jungle island. I was in charge of placing them all in their "positions" on the island. Brice took care of the cannon placement and treasure box placement.

The duck is surrounded by "buoys" in order to protect from any intruders. As you can see anyone can be a pirate when you come to our house. The Lincoln Log men, the firefighters, the real safari/jungle men, and then of course, we have pirates from different parts of our world: the pirate ship, the birthday cake pirates, pirates from Nana's house, and the Lego pirates. And, like Brice tells me every morning, "Now remember Mom, we are all still pirates and this house is our ship.". Aye, aye, Captain!

They are now aboard their ship in order to sail to their next destination where they will attack and steal gold from....

...The Little People House! The Pez in front of their house are trees, yet the Little People DO NOT know that the pirates have swords and will be able to cut down the trees. You see, they think they are protected by those Pez trees! How foolish of them. And the baby inside the house is going to be "sared and need her Daddy so make sure that Daddy doesn't get hurt". Okay, got it. And, yes, he did all the arranging of Little People and Pez trees! Such a first-born OCD kid!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Birthday Season

We have entered the summer birthday season in our family. Poor Justin gets "hammered" with all of the spring/summer holidays and birthdays. Let's see, we have, from May-July the following to celebrate

Mother's Day

Uncle Greg's Birthday- May 13th

Aunt Kelly's Birthday- May 20th

Father's Day

Robin's Birthday-June 25th

My Birthday-July 2nd

Larry's Birthday-July 3rd

Aunt Blaire's Birthday-July 13th

We then have a break from birthdays until Justin's in October! So, I have changed the blog's background to celebrate all of the cake we will be eating these next couple of months! No complaints from me!
I will try to acknowledge all of these days as they come up. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO KELLY, this week! Enjoy the beautiful weather on your special day!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Sweet Potato

Here is my little sweet potato, eating sweet potatoes! She has also been eating green beans, peas, and carrots. Sometimes she enjoys it, other times, she is too distracted by something Brice is doing. She is rolling all the way over and does it effortlessly. I can hardly believe she is five months old already! I brought the exer-saucer up from the basement yesterday, cleaned it, and put her in it. She was concentrating so hard on everything, it was quite funny! She desperately wants to sit up on her own but just doesn't have the muscle strength for it yet. Overall, she is so much fun and very sweet. Although she is crying right now...already yelling at her mother like daughters do!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Who Knew? and Why Is It?

Who Knew could have so much fun with a stick, a bucket of water and a golf ball? He played with this for about 45 minutes yesterday! He "scrambled" it, "cleaned it", "shampooed" it and pretended to shoot it out of a canon. Wow, I know my mind used to be that imaginative but not any more!!!

Why Is It... that my children both look so much like their father? Granted, Anna does have my hands, feet, and...well, that's it. Other than that she looks just like Brice did at this age! What the heck, I thought she was going to be my mini-me!

It's a good thing she has pink on otherwise she may be mistaken for her brother!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Disney World

Our trip to Disney was a huge success! All three of us had such a wonderful time. We spent the majority of our time at the Magic Kingdom with one morning at Animal Kingdom for a safari ride and breakfast with Donald Duck and friends. For a little boy who is in to pirates, this was heaven; the pool had a pirate ship in it, Pirates of the Caribbean, Swiss Family Robinson and Peter Pan's Flight! We came home with three swords, a gun, a hook, a telescope, eye patch, and bag of jewels! Brice can't decide what his favorite ride was but he loved Splash Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain (both roller coasters), Pirates of the Caribbean, Peter Pan's Flight, and the Haunted Mansion. He did so well walking almost the whole time! We couldn't believe it. We had such a nice time with just him even though we all missed Anna and can't wait to take her. I do think we'll wait until she is potty trained and can walk the parks as well.

First night there we went to Magic Kingdom for the firework show and Spectro Magic Parade.

Brice's first ride at Disney World- the Teacups and there wasn't even a line! What a spoiled kid.

At Donald's breakfast with Daisy and Mickey as well!

We got home VERY late on Sunday night so he was tired all day Monday. The above picture is from Monday night at 7:15pm! He is sleeping on top of his bean bag which is on his bed!

Thank you to the Reynolds' and Ruffin's for keeping our little Tinkerbell. They are both claiming she was good as gold so...I guess that means we can plan another trip!!