Monday, October 31, 2011


It was a very successful Halloween.  I will upload more pictures over the next few days but here are a few.  Also to come, a post on Kyle...he turned three months old today!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Phillies Win Championship

Brice's baseball team played a great season, winning 14 games straight!  They ended their season this past Tuesday night by beating the Reds to Win the Championship!!!  It was very exciting to watch the boys' own excitement.  Although, the coach promised them a trip to Dairy Queen if they did win, so I'm pretty sure they might have been more excited about eating ice cream at 8:00 at night.  Justin was able to live vicariously through Brice that night as he had never won a championship game growing up.  Kind of hard to believe with all of the sports he played!  So, needless to say I had two pumped up boys on Tuesday night.  Pictures from our evening...

 Warming up for the big game.

 Kyle and Nana, above.  Kyle and Grandma, below. 
 On deck.
 At bat.
 A little attitude from a little sister.  She was a trooper at all of his games and didn't lack for playground buddies with all the grandparents there.  Aunt Kelly and Aunt Tamie also shared some play time with Anna.  So thankful for all of their help throughout the season!
 This is how Kyle spent every game except one.  All the fresh air would knock him out most of the time.
 Although it's hard to tell, the Phillies won 8-6.  There are a couple bulbs out on the scoreboard.
 The champs!
 Kyle's first and I'm sure not last time on the field.
 Holding his trophy!
Now, hopefully, the St.Louis Cardinals can do the same tonight in Game 7 of the World Series!!!

Monday, October 24, 2011

No Denying

Justin cannot deny his children...especially this one...

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

In Other News

I think about things to write almost daily and then never get around to it, mainly because I am so sleepy and would rather just stare into oblivion at the TV.  Plus, now that our basement is finished, I find myself down there most nights so that I can actually see Justin on a daily basis! 

Things are going very well here.  Breastfeeding is going better than I could have imagined and I am thankful for that.  We are headed to Disney World the beginning of December so I will probably stop at that point which I feel like I will be more than ready to stop.  There are days when I'm about to call it quits just because I feel like I am tethered to a couch or chair.  Although, I have become quite efficient at pouring milk or making a snack while feeding Kyle!  And, then there are moments when I sit in Kyle's room feeding him and think about this precious gift God has given me and that I am able to keep him alive with my own body.  Crazy, really, when you think about it.  I have a handful of friends from different walks of life who delivered their babies right around the time I had Kyle and they have all been such a wonderful support. It's been nice to be able to bounce my thoughts off of them, even though I am running up the texting bill like there is no tomorrow.  Sorry, Justin!  Sometimes, I feel as though Kyle is my first baby and I don't know what I'm doing.  I think that is mainly because I am so tired and all I want is for him to sleep more than an 8 hour stretch.  I am constantly trying to figure out in my mind how I should work the logistics of the day so that maybe he will sleep all through the night.  I know he is still so young though and he is growing rapidly so that only adds up to mean that he is not ready to sleep all night!  Like Justin keeps telling me, "It's our 3rd, we know it gets better and easier." to which I usually respond, "I know, but I'm just ready.".

In other news, I resigned from Northside yesterday.  Totally weird for me to "quit" something.  Everything else in my life has just ended and I've gone on to the next stage of my life.  This was me ending it.  I will say though that I am at peace with my decision as of right now and the only part I feel bad about is that I won't be contributing to the family financially anymore.  I am so blessed to have the option to stay home and know that many women would love to have the choice.  In fact, the more people I tell, the more are happy for me and tell me "good for you" or "that's great".  Even the manager at work said she was happy for me when I called her to let her know I would be staying home.  I guess I thought I would be met with "What about your degree?" and "What if something happened?" but, I will keep my license current and feel as though I did not burn any bridges by leaving when I did.

Brice and Anna have been out of school on Fall Break and it was kind of nice having them home until this afternoon when I felt like Brice was my shadow all day.  I finally called one of his classmates to come over and play for about an hour and a half and I am so glad I did!  We didn't do much over the break, just a few things.  We went to see my mom at work and then the kids stayed with my parents on Saturday night which is always so nice to have a mini-break.  I actually got to watch the Georgia/Vanderbilt game!  And, Brice and I have started reading the 3rd Harry Potter book.  Not sure how we are going to get through it now that he goes back to school tomorrow but we shall see!  We are enjoying the weather around here, nice and cool in the mornings and then pleasantly warm by afternoon.  So welcomed after the scorcher of a summer we had. 

That is what has been going on around here.  Kyle gets cuter everyday and is smiling all the time.  He adores Brice and is always staring at Anna as if he were thinking, "why is she so loud?".  I have found him flipped onto his back a couple times now so the rolling is coming.  Can't wait to watch him grow!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Belated Birthday Post

Thursday was Justin's birthday and I wanted to do a post then but let's face it, I am busy!  Cleaning the kitchen alone is quite a job with all of the dishes that we go through.  And, Kyle isn't even using bottles yet!  I am trying to stay on top of things so that the house doesn't become a total bomb but most of the time it looks like that anyway.  I have also spent quite a bit of time at the doctor's office lately with sick kids and then took Kyle last week for his two month check up.  I take Anna this Wednesday to get her ears checked and make sure all is clear there, so that will be three weeks in a row that they get to see our smiling faces!  Kyle is healthy by the way, weighing 11lbs 15 ounces (48%) and is 23.75 inches long (70%).  He got his vaccines and pouted for a moment and then we were on our way.  He cries harder when in his car seat than when he got two shots so I don't know what to think about that.  If you are wanting to see him or anyone in this family, you are going to have to come to us because the crying in the car is ridiculous!  Anyway, we celebrated Justin's birthday with his usual cake that he loves.  I make it for him every year and it is gone within two days, seriously.  I think by the time Kyle gets bigger I will have to make two of them just for the boys in this house.  The kids helped me make it and Anna was so cute wishing Justin "Happy Birthday" all day.

 And to think, the sugar hadn't even been eaten yet and he is already jazzed up about it!
 Kyle taking notes!
 This cake is devil's food cake with sweetened condensed milk and caramel poured over, chocolate icing and then Reese's pieces sprinkled on top.  Sugar overload!!!

I finished his cake on Wednesday night even though his birthday was Thursday.  I wanted him to have the whole day to enjoy the cake and didn't even have a chance to take a picture of it whole!  Justin dove in on Wednesday night!  Happy Belated, Justin.  We love you!!!

Monday, October 3, 2011


We are all on the mend, thank goodness!!  Brice and Anna were back to themselves within two days of antibiotics and Kyle and I are also feeling much better.  Kyle did end up with an ear infection so he has been on antibiotics since Friday afternoon.  (Side note:  I survived the grocery store with all three kiddos by myself including a stop at the pharmacy and Brice driving the cart (this is the most nerve wracking part!))  So, yes, Kyle still has a stuffy nose and it frustrates him and then he has a cough which I don't like hearing but...all in all we were able to enjoy the beautiful weather this weekend at Brice's baseball game.  Hoping the weather sticks around because he has three games this week.  We were also able to catch up on some sleep even though I do not look like it in these pictures...

Kyle's favorite place to be...up on my shoulder all wrapped up.
I didn't realize he was smiling until I uploaded this picture...little cutie!  And, here is a comparison of our three kids that I put on Facebook (so most of you have seen it)!

 Brice at 8 weeks
 Anna at 12 weeks (different picture from Facebook but from same album)
Kyle at 8 weeks.

Now, Justin has been claiming that Kyle doesn't look like him like the other two do...I am making my case now that he looks MORE like Justin than the other two!  What the heck?  I put a lot of work into these three and they all came out looking like him!  Although, I think I added the "cute". :)  Pretty sure Kyle is going to be the blondest like....JUSTIN!  Oh well, I wouldn't trade any of them for the world.