Monday, March 29, 2010

Best and Worst

I think all parents would agree that they look forward to bed time. The end of the day. A time to sit and relax. Maybe even talk to each other! But there are those nights when you've had a really good day with your little one and you just don't want the cuteness to end. I remember thinking this with Brice and I think it a lot with Anna: Once I put her to bed, it is another day gone. Another day of her babyhood that I probably won't remember and wish I could. Putting them to bed can be the Best, but it can also be the Worst.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Beating the Braves

Last night Brice's T-ball team put themselves into first place by Beating the Braves. Up until last night the Braves had been undefeated. To say it was exciting is an understatement. The Pirates were all half asleep during the first inning and we thought it might get ugly! But, somewhere along the way, they all woke up and starting hitting better. I can't say much for their running but the boys were very excited! Brice even had the opportunity to field a hit and throw it back into the infield. Go Brice! For those of you who weren't able to be there in person, here are some pictures.

"Baseball Ready."
Running to first.
High fives for everybody, the Braves were a very good team and played well.
Running off the field to celebrate!
Waving at Grandad and Anna (who clapped every time we cheered or clapped!)
We have another game tonight against the Tigers! Hopefully, we won't get rained out! Go Pirates!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Willing Spring

This past week, I have been willing spring to come. I know today is the first official day and it is so beautiful out. This past week we've had rain though and I told Justin, I'm going to just act like it is spring and then maybe Mother Nature will follow. I put out the Easter decorations,which Anna likes to play with.
Baked bunny cookies, thank you Mr. Pillsbury.
And wore a sunny yellow shirt on a gray day. And it worked! Today we have perfect weather and Brice and Grandad are out on a hike right now!
Happy Spring!

Friday, March 19, 2010

15 Month/5 Year Check-ups

Today both kids had well visits at the pediatrician. Mostly good news. Only bad news was Brice had to get his finger pricked and Anna got two her arms! As for the stats...

Brice is 48.5 pounds which puts him in the 87% for weight and 46.5 inches tall which puts him in the 96% for height. He did very well but at one point told me that "this place isn't fun at all, when are we leaving?". I think this was right after they pricked his finger and then squeezed it to death as well as telling him that he had to pee in a cup. For those of you who don't know Brice very well, there is no way in h.e. double hockey sticks that he would even pee at the doctor's office, much less in a cup! He will only uses ONE bathroom in our house if that tells you anything! Overall, Brice is the easiest kid and checked out just fine which was no surprise. May I just say (while I simultaneously knock on wood) that the last time Brice was at the doctor's office was for his four year old check-up!And our little Anna is just that...little. She weighed in at 20 lbs. 12.5ounces which is the 17% and measured up at 31.25 inches which puts her at 73%. We are supposed to feed her fatty foods meaning cheeses and butter on veggies, etc. and lots of snacks. Her murmur is still loud. Dr. J described it as "a washing machine". We go back to see the cardiologist the end of June. She "performed" well too with her necklaces and shoes on with just her diaper. I wish I would've had my camera. Then came her two shots, MMR and chicken pox, which Brice promptly plugged his ears for! She did find immediate comfort with her paci and Carly-bunny. Justin and I are so thankful for our healthy children and know just how different things could be. Although we do think about Anna's heart, we know that she is flourishing and Brice is as well. So many families are going through much worse with their kids right now. It was nice for me to walk out of that office with healthy stats on both kids, band-aids on little bit's arms and stickers in Brice's hands.

Below is a picture of her nose which now looks worse than her forehead, something I didn't anticipate.
The weather this weekend is supposed to be beautiful and I am so looking forward to it. I have been willing spring to come out and have some pictures to prove it. I will try and post again tomorrow as I have to work on Sunday.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Face Plant

Today, Anna did her first Face Plant. It sounded as though a rock hit the pavement when it happened. And then the tears came and we were out and about and couldn't leave so she was not in the best mood this morning. Poor thing!I would imagine this is the face you would make too! (Justin put some Neosporin on it and that is why it is so shiny!) I will try to take pictures as the bruise progresses through the colors of the rainbow.
Speaking of rainbows, Happy St. Patrick's Day to all the Irishmen out there. People always call me "Black Irish" because of my dark hair and light eyes and freckles. But, I am not. I do however like Irish names, like Claire and Erin and Ryan and Patrick and Sean. I would've named Anna "Erin Claire" but then people might have called her a little "EClaire" which she might not have liked. Not to mention I know about five Erin's and that might get really confusing. And Ryan was our boy name for Anna because it means "King" and she was due on Christmas Eve so it seemed fitting. Anyway, top of the morning to you, or afternoon or evening. Hope you find your pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Please Join Us

For a BRIDAL SHOWER honoring Blaire Ruffin!!! Soon to be Mrs. Josh Cohn.

This weekend Blaire drove into town for two of her bridal showers. On Saturday, Aunt Deb and I hosted the first one and then on Sunday two of the other bridesmaids, Jocelyn and Myra hosted the other. Blaire cleaned up on her registry plus a few bonus items while Josh spent the weekend in Vegas hopefully coming home with a full pocket as well. We had a great time planning the shower and then Aunt Deb and Kristen arrived on Friday afternoon to help prepare. There is NO WAY I could have done it without these two ladies. Not to mention, it was so fun to be able to spend the weekend with them. Also, a big thank you to Robin for keeping up with our littlest and for all of the lent dishes. I do believe a great time was had by all and I am still reaping the benefits with leftovers of the first picture below! Blaire, Kristen and Aunt Deb have all returned to Charlotte and I don't like it. Come back!!!
Holster lineage. Except Kristen.
Oh, there she is!
Me, Karla, and Myra (bridesmaids on duty!)
This picture is so Blaire. And I love it.
Anna loved having people over, especially the ladies. She turned 15 months old on Sat., I will blog about that after her pediatrician visit on Friday.

The boys went bowling while the women "jabbered". Brice came back in time to see a few people and then act silly with some gift bows and bags.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Monday, March 8, 2010

Spring Means

We have been blessed with a beautiful weekend of weather which thankfully stretched into Monday so that I was able to enjoy it too! I know that winter is not officially over but we will take the spring tease. For us Spring Means... those smudge marks that one day I will miss seeing...
...going to the lake to...
...feed the ducks...
..."quack, quack"...
Spring means...playing outside WITHOUT a jacket and hat...
...hanging out in the driveway...
...letting the wind blow through your hair...
...practicing for the egg hunts with golf balls...
...drawing with new sidewalk chalk...
...learning to play horseshoes...
...and sun worshiping...
Spring Means...enjoying the little things!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Smelly Cat

About a month ago, I bought this outfit for Anna. I thought it would be puurrrrfect for spring. Of course, we don't know where spring is so I just had to put it on her anyway. And then well, nature called and instead of it just being a cute kitten on her became smelly cat. "Smelly cat, smellllyy cat, what are they feeding you? Smelly cat, smelllly cat, it's not your fault!" Man, do I miss Friends.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Is That...???

Yes, that is SNOW, again in Georgia. I am pretty sure the last time I checked my zip code was 30542. What in the world is going on? Today we woke to a wintry mix, as the meteorologists call it. And at that point, I figured out that school was canceled, which it is again tomorrow..bah humbug! So, what did we do today? Because we couldn't go out and play in it. Both kids have had a bad cough and then Anna started running a fever this afternoon. Oh, spring, where are you? Seriously. Because this momma is about to go insane. Today we...

took pictures of the snow (which started falling about 8am and didn't stop until around 3 or 4), again.
built a triceratops out of foam puzzle pieces.
We went on an excavating marathon last week. We excavated a brachiosaurus, a triceratops, a T-rex, and Justin got to do the stegosaurus on Sunday when I worked. But here are some pictures of the process.
Break apart plaster by chipping away.
Once you can get bones out of the rock hard plaster, soak them to make it easier to clean them.
Wear an apron during the process or risk staining your nice clothes!
Once all the pieces are out, break and cut your fingers up trying to put the dang thing together.
And that is what we've been up to in this wintry mix of rain, cold, wind, and snow.