Monday, February 25, 2013

January and February Pictures

Always standing on a chair, ugh.

Here are some pictures from January and February hanging around the house.  We have had an incredible amount of rain this winter.  Or maybe it just seems that way since I have three very active children that need to be run like dogs.  Thankfully, my three love each other and manage to get along most of the time.

Not sure what was going on here, I believe it was either a circus or puppet show.  Boredom, I tell you, boredom.

Aunt Kelly gave this toy to Kyle for Christmas and he loves it.  It's so cute.
And a little video of our ball obsessed boy!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Laser Tag Birthday Party

This year Brice wanted a Laser Tag birthday party and then to have two friends spend the night.  This was the first time I've had someone spend the night but he has been at someone else's house before.  Since the kids were out of school Friday I figured why not have it that afternoon and give the parents a break!  So, the boys were dropped off at our house around 2:30 and then we headed to the laser tag place.  It is dark in the actual area where they play so I don't have any pictures of that but in between games of tag, they were given tokens to play the video/arcade games on.  Anna and Kyle had a fun time too.

 Joseph, Tyler and Brice.
 Brice, Ethan and Stephen
 Kyle REALLY wanted to play with a basketball.
 Kyle loved him some skee ball...

 Score comparison after a game of tag.
 The Marauder's Map (Harry Potter) from Nana and Pa.  His two friends, Joseph and Teddy to his left have also read the books.
Anna and Kyle loved this dance game.

Happy 8th Birthday, Brice!!!  We love you so much.  Your mind never ceases to amaze me and your thoughtful personality is one of the qualities I love most about you as your Mom.  You are a typical first child leaving a lot for Anna and Kyle to live up to.  You do not like to be late!  You are pretty well rounded loving everything from riding your bike to baseball to video games to reading.  I just looked at the clock and it's official, 4:45pm, you are EIGHT!!!  Thanks for being such an awesome kid and making me a Mommy.  Love you, kid!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Change of Heart??

So, I did get a little bit more into Valentine's Day this year.  I mean, I still didn't want flowers or chocolates or anything from Justin but when my mom offered to keep the kids last night so we could go out, I jumped on it.  We seriously haven't been on a date since October I think.  How sad is that?  We just don't have a sitter or at least one that we would want to have to keep up with our crew!  I hope our views change come this summer when Kyle isn't such a threat to his own life!  So, Justin and I had a really nice dinner last night and then ran a couple of errands for our birthday boy!!!

But,  I did a few things around the house to "celebrate".  Sort of.  I found some cheap decorations at Target and did the craft one myself.  I needed a little "happy" one morning when it had been pouring rain for three days straight.  I then, I found these mailboxes and coupons all for a dollar at Target so I made those for the kids.  They thought it was fun when they saw their flag up on their mailbox.  So, you might say I've had a Change of Heart about Valentine's Day, I mean a very slight change but still a change.

 Kyle's "love letters" strewn across the floor.  Or napkins rather...  He loves this shirt, "Pu-ppy".  He says it perfectly and then today he looked at it and said "heart".  He melts me!

 This girl loves this girly girl holiday!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Christmas in February

Since we don't have enough going on February, haha...I thought I would put some of our Christmas pictures up.  This week I will be busy getting ready for Brice's party as well as making sure all the Valentines' are finished up and the house can always be cleaned.

So, Christmas in February it is!  We celebrated with my parents the week before and then headed to Charlotte to celebrate there with Aunt Blaire and Uncle Josh.  We were also able to see my grandparents which I was so so thankful for because they were able to meet Kyle for the first time.  These things mean so much regardless of how much work it was/is!  After that quick visit we headed home to celebrate Christmas Eve and Day with Justin's side of the family.  Also, very thankful that both of his grandmothers were able to join us as, let me just be honest, time is taking it's toll.  It is so hard for me to watch all of these wonderful people age so when I see the joy on their faces when the little ones are around, I would do Christmas everyday for them!

Get comfy, because here comes a photobomb...

Kyle taking Grandad his gifts.

 New clothes for Julie and an Etch-A-Sketch

Anna got some "Coke" Lip Smackers!  Yummy.  And, can't go wrong with giving Kyle any type of ball!

Anna was showing my Grandma her shirt and sleeve.  Love the smile on her face.

We were able to see Kristen, hooray!!  She moves to Seattle next month, boo!! (But happy for her, :))
 Great Grandpa love.

On to Christmas Eve and Morning...

 Kyle and Jack playing trains.  Kyle loved his ice cream!
 Santa brought Anna a "ballerina house", Prince Eric and Barbie.  She loved it!
 We recycled and used cereal boxes for gift boxes. Brice thought this was hilarious. Santa brought Brice the last two Harry Potter movies, Dumbledore's wand, and a quill.

 We gave Anna a Barbie car for her new Barbie.
 After Brice and Anna had opened their gifts, we woke Kyle up to enjoy his.
 He immediately knew what to do and climbed right in.
 Pa and three out of the five grandkids
 This was the night before when I snapped a picture.
 Jack played trains all. morning. long.  He is Mr. Thomas the Train!
And here is Strawberry Shortcake with her Stompeez on.  Crazy slippers that are actually pretty cute and they don't make noise so that's a plus!  It was a very Merry Christmas!  Now, onto the birthdays!