Monday, June 23, 2014

Stone Mountain

My children still have plenty of energy but I have just accepted that they are going to be this way until they go back to school! This past weekend, there was no baseball. Let me say that again, NO BASEBALL!!!! So, Justin and I decided to take the kids to Stone Mountain. Somehow, Brice has never been to the Laser Show which is just crazy. Justin ordered a tray of nuggets from Chick-fil-A and then we picked up some brownies from Publix. I packed some other snacks and we were off. We also did the train and SkyLift ride. Kyle was in heaven on both and is still talking about "tone mountain" and asking where it went and if and when we can go back and why the fireworks stopped and on and on. It was a fun family night and much needed.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Summer Groove

The truth is, I am struggling and it is only week 2!  I went for a walk today and was thinking maybe we have to make it through these first two-three weeks before we all find our "summer groove" being around each other all the time.  Of course, next week, Brice has Cub Scout camp so I sure hope that doesn't put us back at square 1 the following week.  The kids seem to tap into the endless well of energy all the while my energy is being depleted at a rapid pace! 

Summer started with Anna, Kyle and I taking a trip to Charlotte for my cousin's wedding shower and my other cousin's 30th birthday celebration. We got to stay with Christian and I was so excited to go.  We skipped Anna's last day of ballet and headed up I-85.  We had a fabulous time and hopefully didn't wear out our welcome.  Kristen's shower was on Saturday and then the "birthday party" was Sunday afternoon/evening so in between these events we played and swam in the lake and visited.  It was so fun being there.  I wish Justin and Brice could have joined us but they had the All-Star's first tournament.

 Kristen, the bride to be!!!

 My Aunt Deb and my kids' Aunt Blaire, aunts are the best, aren't they??

 Big boy, Christian, already one year old!

And, my kids LOVED the lake, once we got them in it.  They were apprehensive but were both brave.

 Look at this little love...and the one below too!

Then on Memorial Day, we came home and these kids have been wearing me out! I am trying to "loosely" plan the days but I just can't seem to keep up...with their eating, with their dirt, with their sunscreen ("scunscreen" as Kyle calls it), with their laundry, with their playing and swimming and with their arguing.  I feel like I need a reset button.  I try to envision what I want each day to look like but at the same time I don't want to schedule every minute of the day because we already have swim team practice, All-Star practice, and gymnastics as part of our daily or weekly schedule.  I am thankful for the sweet moments when Anna and Kyle help each other or do Just Dance together on the Wii.  They are hilarious together and Justin and I have already decided they must go to separate colleges or they will be trouble with a capital "T"!  Brice, as usual, has been awesome with helping me unload groceries and helping Anna and Kyle with little things.  I have enjoyed having him home during the days.  So, that's where we are so far two weeks in to Summer of 2014.  Hope you are surviving too!