Saturday, September 29, 2012

14 Months: Vocabulary Explosion

Normally, I wouldn't do a post for a fourteen month "birthday" but Kyle has just been so much fun,especially these last few weeks.  Now that he has completely mastered walking, with shoes on as well, his mind has turned to words!!  His little vocabulary has just exploded in the past two weeks.  Last week he said five new words in one day!  He won't always repeat them on demand but it's like he will try a new one out and then store it away for another day.

His words include:  car, shoes, trees, sky, cup, up, stinky (tink-tee), bus, bike, bye-bye, bat, outside (ow-sigh), cracker and then the ones he already said mama, dada, Brice (Bice), Anna, ball

He also knows several animal sounds: cat, dog (his favorite), sheep, cow, duck and not an animal but will say tick-tock when asked what a clock "says".

So proud of our little dude.  Also, I need to video this but when Justin asks him to give him a hug, he will go to him with arms wide open, and wrap them around his neck and bury his head in Justin's shoulder.  It's so sweet and cute!

Little booger was acting all pitiful one afternoon, so I got him up out of his crib, thinking he didn't feel good.  Two seconds later after he was on my lap and watching cartoons, he was giggling.  I took a couple of pictures with my phone and then put him back to bed!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Event Free

Although we have not had any big events around here, we have definitely had enough going on to keep us busy.  I  know you all know what we are up to on a daily basis (school, baseball, ballet, keeping up with Kyle so he doesn't kill himself, negotiating with Anna on her clothing choices, Cub scouts), here are a few pictures that I have taken over the past couple of weeks.  The weather is starting to cool off in the mornings and evenings and the kids LOVE it!

 Yes, I had to hide the chairs in the pantry because he kept trying to climb up in them while I was trying to make dinner.  And, then, he found them in the pantry...

 Kyle loves to walk all around the ballpark, especially to see Justin and Brice.  He decided to just have a seat here so he could watch the big boys.
 Above, there are requirements for Anna to go the baseball games if she is going to play on the playground, socks and shoes!!  And, she had to have her hair done too.

And, it seems the "event" of this week is snot, lots of snot...Justin says it's allergies we all have, I say it's colds.  Either way, I am ready for it all to exit this house.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Three Days for Three Years

This year Anna is going to school three days a week.  Her first day was last Tuesday.  She did so well, no tears, no apprehension.  She will go Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday this year and I was a little surprised how well she did last week with the back-to-back-to-back days plus ballet on Friday.  Justin and I both expected her to be absolutely whipped but she was good!  A little ball of energy, that girl!  She knows almost everyone in her class from last year so I think she was excited to get to see her little friends.  She also knows the asst. teacher very well since she was her teacher last year.  The preschool has a new building with brand new everything so I am hoping they continue walking them to their classrooms for one more week.  Her class is the "M&M's" and I think she is just about the cutest M&M I've ever seen!  These are all from the very first day with her new sparkle Hello Kitty lunch box, new dress and new shoes.

Let's just say that a uniform would be very beneficial for Anna...we are going to have to start picking out her outfit the night before, at three years old, Lord help me!!!!

Oh, and yes, Kyle senses that the other two are not around and while I can tell he is looking for them, he also is loving having my undivided attention.  And, he loves going in their rooms and checking it out without any one yelling at him to "Get out, Kyle, Mom, he's touching my stuff!!".  I just let him explore and then put it back when he's done.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Here is Kyle walking and throwing and so proud of himself.  The child is ob-sessed with playing Ball.  He would do it all day and if he sees one as we are coming downstairs from a nap, he will practically jump out of my arms to get to it!  And, usually as he picks one up, he says, "ba-uh" over and over again.  Sorry there are three separate videos, I wish there was a way to connect them all.  Upon viewing these, I noticed how much better at walking Kyle has become in just the past week!  Such an amazing thing to me that 13 months ago, he was just a tiny little thing who could barely lift his head and now he is practically running.  I will be back next post with an update on Anna's first week of school and how much Kyle is enjoying having Mommy to himself!