Friday, August 30, 2013

Triathlon and the Zoo

Last weekend Brice competed in his second triathlon.  It is the same one he did last year at this time only this year he was moved up an age group to the 8 & 9 year olds.  We don't really make him "train" for this, just let it be fun.  He placed 4th, again.  The dude wasn't so good at the transition part...but whatever.

Hanging with his buddy Ethan before it started.
Grandad and Kyle looking for Brice.
Ready to "dive".  Brice is NOT a good diver, like his mother.  Sorry, kid.
The thing is though, once he is in, the kid can swim! The swim leg was 87 yards.
Our neighborhood is so hilly.  He had to run up a hill before even getting on it to ride up the rest of the hill.  The picture below is him coming back down after his 2 mile bike ride.

And lastly, the run was 3/4 of a mile.  He was pretty thirsty by the time he crossed the finish line.  And, of course, whatever Brice does, Kyle does as well.  So, they both enjoyed some water.  Kyle loved watching Brice as usual and so did the rest of us.

And then about an hour and half later, he went to a two hour baseball practice.  I thought he would be exhausted the rest of the day but nope!  Raring to go after a shower and something to eat!  Oh to be young.

So, Tuesday I took Anna and Kyle to the zoo with one of Anna's preschool friends from last year.  Cole is also in her class this year.  We went to Open House on Thursday and school starts next Tuesday.  But, anyway, Kyle LOVED the zoo.  He would get to one animal, examine it and check it out, and then turn to me and say, "See more animals?" and wave goodbye to the animal we were at.  I know I have posted pictures on here of the zoo before but each time is so fun seeing it through the kids' eyes and excitment.

 Every time I go to the zoo, this guy is asleep.  Or, will lift his head briefly and then put it back down.  This time, he was on the lookout with the female sleeping next to him.  Anna roaring like a lion below and Kyle didn't quite get it to look AT me, just through the face hole.
 I believe this is a bongo?  Correct me if I'm wrong.
 Ring tailed lemur
 Kyle looks as though he is laying an egg!
 Here is funny Cole.  Anna always said he was funny at school.  He reminds me of Kyle, third kid, laid back, and fun/ny!

 We looked at this beauty for a while.  Kyle was impressed by it.

 Kyle was also not afraid at all of these goats.  He thought it was so fun to brush their hair.

 One of Anna's favorites, the flamingos.  Why?  Well, because they're PINK, of course!
Hope everyone has a great Labor Day weekend!!!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

More Beach Pictures

 Here we are outside Capt. Anderson's where we eat every year, with everyone!  It's so much fun and so yummy.  Thank you, Larry for treating us every year, we love this tradition.  I asked the kids to let me take their picture on the bench outside before we went in, hoping to get a good one of all of them.  As you can see, it didn't turn out that way.  But, I promised them no more pictures after this, so...what I got was what I got.

Last year, Justin came up with the idea of going to the Dollar Store and letting each of them pick out five souvenirs for the trip instead of just one thing that cost $15 each.  They love doing this...
Kyle, in true little boy fashion went for cars, and balls.  Who would've guessed??! ;)
 Night swimming has also become tradition, this time with everyone!!!
 Crazy man jumping in over and over again!

 Best. Picture. Of. The. Trip.

Anna thought it was fun to jump in backwards.
 I know you are probably thinking that I am being overprotective but the waves were huge and very strong so we made the kids keep their life jackets on, even in the surf.

My beautiful girl.

 Adventurous one.

 Below there is a PHOTOBOMB!!!  Lord, help me if I am in anyone's pictures like this!
  Little guy ready to go out in the waves, he loved it.

Airbrushed T-shirts = Tradition

This picture sums up Kyle pretty well.  Always ready to do something fun and crazy!
This was on our last night there.  It was such a fun trip and we can't wait to go back.  School has started for Brice so I feel like this trip was forever ago and as you can tell from the blog we came back to Kyle's party and life!  Hope you enjoyed the pictures.  I am sure I will be posting pictures of Kyle on his first day of  "school" after Labor Day.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Annual Beach Trip

This year was no different, Panama City Beach, FL, stayed at Edgewater Resort (for their pool), went with Justin's family, and had a blast!!!  Okay, there was one difference...everyone LOVED every part of the beach; sand, ocean, pool.  While our boys are busy and active and boys who play hard and sleep hard, Anna Claire Reynolds is a machine that never stops.  The girl is impressive.  We had to make her stop everyday and eat, rest, take a break from constant motion.  We had so much fun with all three of the kids and I think next year will be even better because there will be no more diapers (right, Kyle??).

Anyway, you guys have seen the same type of pictures year after year but I would be remiss if I didn't post these to show how the kids have grown.  Also, while we were there, Princess Kate had her baby...I am probably becoming a little obsessed with her just like Diana.  And, I may have passed on this "love for royalty" gene to Anna.  We were in Sam's the other day and she saw a couple of magazines with the picture of Will and Kate on the front holding baby George and she said, "Look who it is Mommy, it's the prince and princess with their new baby!". Yes!!  Okay, pictures.

 This boy would wear himself out and then rest on the chairs without too much persuasion.  He also took super long naps after being in all that fresh air!

 Pa racing Brice and then Anna.  She wasn't going to be just a spectator this year.
 Bubbles on the beach one overcast day.  It was fun and something a little different after three or four days of sand, ocean and pool.  Although we couldn't get in the ocean the first few days because it was double red flag.

I will post some more pictures later this week!