Monday, June 28, 2010

Hodge Podge

This post is going to consist of a lot that has happened over the past few days. We have been busy! Last week was the end of swim lessons for Anna and Brice spent the whole week at basketball camp. He absolutely LOVED it. He was very tired at the end of the day but he won two out of three awards given out to his age group! Justin was there for the "awards ceremony" and afterwards two girls from camp came up to Brice and said, "Good job, Brice" in their sing songy voice! I guess he impressed some ladies while he was showing his skills! He received awards for "Free Throw Champion" and "Knock Out Champion". We are proud of him and hope that he wants to keep playing. What a great way to expend some energy.

So, Friday, I met up with my friend Keira who has two surviving triplets, Avery and Lily at the Suwanee Fountains. Keira recently moved to Mississippi so she had a bunch of friends from Georgia there and we all had a picnic. I was the only one there who didn't have multiples! Made me very thankful as most of them were not just multiples but premature as well. I also ended up seeing a high school friend there whose blog I follow as well. It was fun to see her in the flesh rather than on blog world! There are pictures below of Anna playing at the fountains. I didn't load these pictures in the right order so this post truly is a Hodge Podge!

Then, Saturday I headed up to Dahlonega to volunteer with the Zoe Rose Memorial Foundation at a golf tournament. We had a nice time and it was beautiful up there but most of all, it was for a good cause and I know this foundation is just going to get bigger and keep helping those in need. Zoe's mom, Keira is just awesome and such a go-getter when it comes to assisting families who have had preemies and need resources. Although the foundation is really just a preemie itself right now, its going to do great and not only reach but surpass all of it's "milestones"!! Thank you, Keira for letting me be involved.

And, Sunday I worked. But, while I worked, Justin and Brice has some fun of their own. Scaly, slithering fun that is. As I am sure you saw in the first picture. Brice's friend Myles from school turned six or will on Wednesday and so he opted for a reptile birthday party. Brice had no problem touching those animals and told me that the cake was awesome with the snake in the shape of a six. I am already fearing that come February he will be requesting the same thing. I am not sure I could handle these creatures in my house, just look below...

All he needs is a Baby Bijorn and he would be right at home! Just call him the Croc Hunter!
Brice and the birthday boy.
This turtle's name is "Big Joe".

And here is Anna warming up to the fountains.

She obviously got the hang of it and in this picture walked right up to another little girl and just stared her down!
If my rear looked like this...
...I would wear ruffles too!

We obviously wore her out, she fell asleep after about five minutes in the car.
And here are a few of my girl in her "yac-et" (jacket). She had to wear it for her last day of swim lessons and then after it dried, she wanted it back on.
"Look at me, aren't I sooo cool? I can drink from a cup with one hand, in my pink jacket!"
And most importantly, today we took Anna for a visit at the cardiologist. I was very nervous for this visit, not because of her VSD but because she is 18 months old and I knew keeping her still was going to be a challenge. Well, she rose to the occasion and we did pull out all the stops to keep her still during a 12-lead EKG and an ultrasound of her heart. We had stickers, bubbles, little flashing lights and singing. We went through all the animals noises that she knew too! She did really, really well and we received really good news! Her VSD is getting even smaller and the Dr. feels as though surgery is becoming less and less likely (as in less than 5% chance)!!! We are very excited knowing that God is taking such good care of her. He did say that "we aren't out of the woods just yet" but he doesn't want to see her for another nine months. We are so thankful for our sweet, spunky girl and her big brother who takes such good care of her. We know she is going to be just fine.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Birthday Week!

I have changed the background of the blog to reflect our family birthday week. Robin celebrated her birthday on June 25th and Larry and I are next week! I like to enjoy the entire week celebrating and then we can celebrate our country on the 4th! I will post a "real post" soon. Right now I am headed to bed so that I can work tomorrow! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Abscence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

As most of you know, Brice has been at basketball camp this week. Everyday from 9-3. I think he is really enjoying it. Making new friends and learning, not to mention releasing all of his energy. I also think it has been a welcome break from his little sister. Although, she is the first thing he asks about when Justin picks him up every afternoon. He wants to know how she did at swim lessons and whether or not she cried for him. She does cry for him, first when we leave him there at the gym and then when we go to swim lessons. They luv each other! But, just as all of us love someone and want to be around that person a lot, doesn't mean that a little Abscence can't Make the Heart Grow Fonder!
Feeding her yogurt on Tuesday evening. And then, tonight we were in her room after her bath and she walked by him and he leaned over, kissed her cheek, and said, "Anna, I love you."

I love my kids!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Floater!

We have a "floater" on our hands. After four weeks of swim/float lessons, Anna has passed all her tests and is a really good floater! I have videos but she is crying in all of them and I know you probably would prefer not to listen to that. But, yesterday she went in summer clothes and today in winter clothes and she did it. The instructor put her under and she came a floatin' to the top, just like a buoy! Cindy even put Anna's coat over her face and she was able to push it away and get to the top. I'm so proud of her! Even if she wouldn't do the swim part, I think the floating is more important at her age anyway. We may try some more lessons at the end of the summer to see if she is more willing to kick her legs and move her arms. She even says the word "fwoat" now!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Not A Soldier

Brice is definitely a Type A personality. He likes to know exactly what to expect out of his day. He likes to know what time things are happening. And he thrives, as most kids do, on his routine. He totally understands the digital clock. And he is a "time" person meaning he likes to know what time it is and he also likes to be on time. Kind of like his mother. The kid could be a soldier.

So, a couple of weeks ago, Grandad called to say he would come by to take Brice swimming. He said he would get to the house around 1pm. To Brice, this means 1:00 p.m. on. the. dot. So, Brice gets his swimming suit on around noon, because, you know, he doesn't want to be late! He eats lunch and then he waits. When Brice is expecting visitors, he goes outside to wait for them, no matter the temperature outside. He comes back in because I'm sure he's about to melt like a popsicle, and reads the clock. 1:02pm.

"Mom, where is Grandad? It's 1:02, he's late"

"Brice, he said around one, not right at one o'clock. He's not a soldier. (Which actually my dad was but that is beside the point.)

"What does a soldier do?"

"Soldiers are on time everywhere, no matter what. They can't be late for anything or they get in big trouble. I'm sure Grandad is very close."

A few minutes later Grandad shows up and all is well, including the visit to the pool.

Skip ahead a few weeks. We've decided to get a few quotes for interior shutters. The first lady is set to come one afternoon at 2pm. She calls around 1:45 to say she is on her way and should be at our house soon. I hang up and Brice asks me if it is the "blinds lady". Yes, I tell him, and she is on her way. A quick look at the clock by Brice.

"Well, you know Mom, she's Not a Soldier, so she might not be here right at two."

They listen to every word.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Dad's Day

Here we are already at Father's Day when I feel like we just had Mother's Day. I find myself at the house, alone which any other day I would love...but today I feel like I should be pampering Justin just as he pampered me on Mother's Day. He took the kids up to the lake to spend some time with his dad, my awesome father-in-law. This afternoon we will head down to my parents to see my dad, who in my eyes, could never be replaced by any other person.

I think our dads today are doing so much more than dads years ago. Same goes for all the working mothers out there. But the dads, they hold so much on their shoulders and I think sometimes I forget how much pressure they may feel. Being financially responsible, taking care of their wife and all of their needs, and then of course being there for their children. I always felt that my dad was there in my life whether it was taking me to ballet or helping me with algebra or just having a good chat. He was the first one out of bed when we called to say that Brice was ready to make his entrance into the world and I know he would do anything for Blaire and me, no questions asked. We have always thought of Rod Stewart's "Forever Young" as one of our songs and the line that says, "But whatever road you choose, I'm right behind you win or lose" couldn't be more true. And now, seeing my dad play with my kids is the most wonderful sight. I love that my kids not only get to have their dad but also my dad, "Grandad"! Happy Father's Day!

And as for Larry, who grew up most of his life without his own father, has taught Justin so much and I cannot thank him enough. If it weren't for Larry, Justin would not be the father he is today and I think Justin is the best, of course! ;) So, Happy Father's Day to my wonderful father-in-law who has proved himself over and over again just how much he loves his family. He is also a wonderful "Pa"!

Justin, you are the greatest. You have known since the beginning that you wanted to have a family and you picked me to do it with. How thankful I am for that. You never hesitate when it comes to Brice and Anna, always sticking up for them and supporting them whole-heartedly. You are so proud of your kids and it shows everyday. You stayed with Anna every night in that hospital, no exceptions for your little girl. You have taught me a thing or two about just relaxing and that things don't always have to be done one way. You are a wonderful protector always looking out for their safety and a great teacher, being patient when I can't. You provide for your family in more ways than one and I believe that when Brice and Anna look back on their childhood they will realize just how blessed they are to have you as their Dad. Happy Father's Day, sweetie!!! I love you!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Measuring Up

Anna had a great check-up today! She now weighs 22lbs and 11oz (25%) and Measures Up at 33.75 inches (95%). She is the only toddler I have ever seen who doesn't have dimples on her thighs and behind! She is a lean, mean, smiling machine! She had to get two shots today and did well with them. Screamed, turned bright red and gave me a hug. Then when we got in the car she reached down and pulled her band-aids off herself! The doctor said she can tell she is strong willed. We like to call it determined!

A few things I forgot to mention in her 18 month post. Her favorite phrase is probably "uh-oh" and she loves to use it when appropriate and after she throws something on purpose. Sometimes when she says it, she reminds me of Rainman. She also likes to go to the stairs and have me hold her hand going up and she counts with me as we go up. And lastly, she has become a little lover dishing out the hugs and kisses to everyone when she wants to. I love seeing her go up to Brice and put her arm around him and lean her head into him. So cute and sweet!

FYI: Not that you can compare apples to oranges but Brice at 18months was 27lbs. 8oz (71%) and 35.5 (99%).

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Anna Goes to the CDC

My friend Keira contacted me about a month ago about speaking at the CDC regarding RSV. She informed me that up until now all guidelines for infants and children who are to receive Synagis were left up to the American Academy of Pediatrics. Now, the CDC is going to be involved. On June 24th there will be a forum open to the public for those who would like to share their story of RSV. They are especially wanting stories of those infants who were term and had an RSV experience because these are the infants who don't qualify (as of right now) for the Synagis. Turns out, I won't be able to speak because of the time frame with swim lessons and basketball camp but Keira had me write out what I would have said and she is going to read it for me! Hopefully, some policies/guidelines will change for our little ones. Below is what I wrote for Keira to read. I also attached some pictures to the email for her to show. I am not going to include them because they make me sad. :( One was of Anna in the hospital with her oxygen and then one was of her at Easter this past year with the flowers in her blue dress.

Our RSV experience came about in December of 2008. Our daughter, born Dec. 13th, 2008 was 38 weeks and 3 days and came home with us, term and healthy. Our son, who was just shy of 4 years old at the time was finishing up Christmas parties at pre-school before the holiday break. According to my mom, who accompanied my son to the party, a set of twins in his class had a horrible cough and constant, thick drainage from their noses. Three days later, my son exhibited the same symptoms with a fever as well. We took him to the pediatrician where were given antibiotics only because we had a newborn at home. We were told though that he could still hold the baby, but I, being a NICU nurse quarantined her to her room. We tried to keep my son in his room and playroom as much as possible and away from his sister. But, about four days after she woke up with thick discolored drainage from her nose and I knew then that it must be RSV. She ran a mild temperature and we took her to the pediatrician. We were told it was just a cold, which RSV is to most, and to use lots of saline drops and bulb suctioning. No RSV test was done. Over the course of the next couple of days, her eating habits declined and I noticed her color getting paler. All of this noticed, nothing could have prepared me for what would happen on the night of Dec. 29th, 2008. As I was rocking her, begging her to eat, I sensed something. She was not breathing. I had to perform CPR on her and we were then rushed to the emergency room where she was diagnosed with RSV. We later discovered that she had pneumonia and a bacterial infection in her blood stream as well. Our admitting doctor told us that because her lung tissue was weakened with the RSV, it made it easy for the pneumonia to harbor. Had I not been with her in that room, she may not be with us today. We were in the hospital for 10 days and thankfully never on the ventilator (breathing machine). After we were discharged home, we remained under house arrest until she was 10 weeks old. We did not qualify for Synagis for the future months. This was a scary awful time for us and one that I want no one to have to go through with their newborn, or child of any age. Most that I tell this story to have never even heard of RSV. Education is prevention and prevention is key when saving our children's lives.

I'll let you know what Keira learns while she is there. Also, Keira is president of the Zoe Rose Memorial Foundation (see list of blogs to left) and they are having golf tournament on June 26th. I will be volunteering at the event that day and if any of you would like to join me, send me an email or leave a comment ( Keira still needs 6 volunteers. It's for a great cause!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Twinge

Brice is bored. Bored with me. Bored with Anna. Bored with summer. He went from school four days a week with baseball at least twice a week to nothing, seriously, nothing except watching us watch his sister. Because that is what we do and kind of have to do right now. She is just at that stage where I have to keep my eyes on her at all times and it doesn't leave a lot of room for, "Hey, Mom, watch this". We've been going to the pool here and there with Anna but again, the "Watch what I can do" is put on hold because Anna is heading for someone else's pool toys.

Brice gets crabby when he is bored. Brice is also crabby when he's hot. So, we have here a not-nice combination! And when he's crabby, he is bossy. And doesn't always talk to me nicely. He also stores up a lot of unwanted energy. So, yesterday I took him to the pool, just me and him. Justin was home working while Anna napped so it worked out very nicely. Justin and I have been sensing some jealousy lately. I thought this might help out. We had a great time, swimming, diving for stuff and going down the slide (my first time!). Then we got home and I needed to fold clothes. Anna's, no less. And then Brice was really not happy.

"You never play with me. I told you you had to play "jungle" with me first and then you have to fold clothes and then you have to leave Anna in her crib until 5:00." It was 3:30 at this point and she was already awake.

I told him I was sorry and that I had to take care of both of them.

"Having a baby around is no fun." Kind of true, I guess. But, I was feeling really guilty.

And, so today we went to Monkey Joe's and the boy ran and jumped and played. I didn't even see him half the time he was moving so much. Anna stuck close to me and Brice didn't seem to mind. He told me on the way over there that is was okay if I had to keep up with Anna. After that we came home and had lunch and put Anna down. Then he told me, if I wanted, I could go work on his scrapbook. He's been dying for me to start but then when I mention working on it, he would rather have my full attention doing something else. So, today we headed to the basement and I scrapped while he worked with some modeling clay making me all different sorts of cakes. Kind of like Cake Boss! After that, his imagination was going and we pretended that he had all different kinds of factories in the basement and I was coming to visit all of them. Let's see, I went to the chocolate factory, the window factory, the grass factory, the cupcake factory, and "this will be your favorite, Mom" pink factory. He talked the entire time we were playing on and on about I don't even know what (kind of like this post is now feeling to me!) but I think he just needed some kind of outlet. He has been sweeter tonight so I am hoping that he understands that I can't entertain him every second of the day whether there is a baby in the house or not!

Some pictures unrelated to the post but of ways he's been entertaining himself. I think he will really enjoy basketball camp, not just because it's basketball but because it will get him out of the house!He is doing an "experiment" in the pictures below. He just gets a bunch of stuff and mixes it together and sees what happens. Usually, just a mess happens!

I know sibling rivalry/jealousy is normal and I should expect it but it still makes me feel bad as a mother even if it's just A Twinge.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Eighteen Months!

Tomorrow, Anna turns 18 months. I can't believe it. Really. One and a half. I don't like it at all. I mean, I love being around her right now because she is so funny and entertaining, but I don't like it because in a few months it will be over. She is just a doll right now and her little mind absorbs everything. She is a copy cat. Anything we do, once, she takes in and spits right back out! It's amazing to me. She understands just about anything we say to her. Some of her favorite things are: following Brice wherever he goes, flowers, sunglasses, shoes (fufs), necklaces ("le-da-le-da-le"~anything that has multiple syllables or she can't pronounce she does this funny thing with her tongue and that is what is sounds like!), playing outside with Brice's baseballs, blowing bubbles, climbing on anything, coloring, playing "tea" and with Carly. She also loves to pretend to talk on Justin's old blackberry, sit at my computer, and lounge on the couch with Justin, and give high fives.

I wish all of you could just spend a day with her because I could just eat her up right now and think she is the sweetest thing. Sure, she is definitely an 18 month old and has started with the temper tantrums. And, can I just tell you that it is the definition of tantrum? Brice, never once, had a tantrum. I'm not kidding. He would get mad and make a pouty face or cry but he never melted into the floor, threw his head back, and kicked his legs like this girl does. My favorite part is when she throws her head back a little too hard and it hurts and then she forgets what she's wanting and can't have and comes to me with her little lip out saying, "mama, mama" with her arms up. I could also do without the throwing of items, especially the sippy cup but all in all I am totally in love with this little girl. And that is why I don't want her to get bigger right now. We head to the pediatrician on the 17th so I'll update the stats then, as well as other funny things she says, like today she said "dude" after Justin said it. Here are a few pictures of her favorite things...

Pushing Carly around in her strollerFavorite place to hip.
She has started this new thing in the mornings when I get out of the shower she wants to sit on my vanity so we can brush our teeth together and she plays with the faucet while I get ready.
She also sticks her cute little nose forward so I can apply a little blush once I'm done with my cheeks.
Climbing up and sitting on the chair or bed. She will take a book up there with her or if the TV is on, she will scrunch down until she is snuggled in the corner.
Anna would love to be able to blow bubbles but for right now she just tastes them, yuck!
Happy 18 Months, Anna! We love you!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Mission Accomplished

Made it to the store to get Anna some new "fufs". That is what she calls shoes. Not sure if she is combining shoes and flip-flops or what but she was very pleased when I put these on her yesterday in the store. Wouldn't let me take them off. And the girl has some big feet like her brother, just not so wide. The lady told me she was measuring a 6/6.5 so maybe buy her a 7! What? Her flip flops are fives so I tried the sevens on and they were huge! I went with the 6.5. I think she truly wears a 5.5/6 so she has some room to grow. And, look below...I have had my eye on these darling sandals since the beginning of the season. They were on the clearance rack so I bought her some and was so excited when she saw them and wanted me to put them on her feet! Sandals...a must have for little girls in the summertime! At least for my little girl. So, not just one but two Missions Accomplished!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


This post is dedicated to my cousin Jonathan and his girlfriend Mollie. Without them I would have never craved this cake.

I haven't worked out since before the wedding. There, I said it. I have been so tired and have had absolutely NO Motivation. And ever since Jonathan's birthday party and those delicious red velvet cupcakes, I have been wanting more! I've never made a red velvet cake so I picked up a box of Duncan Hines and Brice and I got to work! It was good. Really good. Anna came-back-to-my-chair-about-ten-times good and with every bite said, "Mmmm".

I have a feeling that come Saturday when the cake is gone (if it lasts that long), I am going to have all the motivation I need. In the meantime though this was exactly what I needed after yesterday.
Please note the cake stand. It was my Grandma's. I may have already blogged about it once but I just love it and I can't not put a cake on it.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Drink, Please, Part II

This morning was rough. I had planned on taking the kids to the pool after Anna's swim lesson but after putting my suit on first thing morning and making breakfast, I noticed that the clouds were pretty thick. I checked and it predicted rain for the two hours that we are usually there swimming. So, I changed our plans. Anna needs some new "tennis" shoes so I thought we'll just hop on 85 after her lesson and go to the outlet for some new shoes, plus I need to return a pair of shorts that I bought for Brice. Swim lessons were rough. Anna is so mad during these lessons, and I just feel bad for her. Not to mention, when the girl is mad, the girl is loud! Gee, whiz, I felt bad for the other kids waiting because the girl can yell. Anyway, after that was over, we changed her and hopped over to 85. Immediately upon driving down the ramp, I saw brake lights. And lots of them. Then, I saw those dreaded orange signs meaning there was construction. But, oh no, there was not just construction, there was an accident, blocking all lanes. The next exit was FIVE miles away. And, we were sitting still. Having no idea when the accident happened I thought I could wait it out. Wrong. Brice starts moaning. Luckily, I had brought some granola bars with me so I fed them both one of those. The traffic was barely moving.

New plan! Get off the highway and pick up some lunch, then we can get back on after the traffic has died down. Brice is not a fan of this plan. So, I start thinking. Another place to eat? We could meet someone? Or, we could go pick up lunch and go to the park? It's overcast and not too hot. Brice could run off some steam. That's it. Brice agrees.

We arrive at Chick-fil-A. I order. Apparently, my order is complicated. 4-count nugget, 6-count nugget, a sandwich and two sweet teas. We review the order. I pay, get through the line, out to the intersection and there is only one thing of nuggets in the bag. Really? Anna is already saying, "Mmmmm". And, Brice is getting rude because he is so hungry and mad that I won't just open ten packets of ketchup for him and let him chow down in the car. I think, I'll just share my sandwich with Anna and Brice can have his six pack. The park is two minutes away for your information so he wasn't going to die by the time we got there! We arrive at the park after being in the car for over an hour in order to go five miles, get to Chick-fil-A, and to the park. Ridiculous. During this time, the sun decides to come out in full force. So, should've stuck to plan A which was go to the pool!!!! Instead, I have wasted all this time and gas trying to run a silly errand. I am so frustrated at this point. And, guess who is at the park? Not one, not two, but THREE bus loads of daycares. I kind of wanted to just dissolve into tears.

Brice did choose to wear his bright red Georgia baseball cap and for that I was thankful so I could find him in the sea of children. I get the kids out of the car, I open the nugget box to find FOUR nuggets. Oh my goodness! Brice says, "Mom, I need those nuggets, Anna can just eat some of yours." Well, yes, that is what she will have to do. We eat, quickly, because Brice wants to play and we are all hungry.

We play and it is getting hotter. Have I put a drip of sunscreen on these kids? Nope! About midway through Anna starts running off, so I go to chase her only my foot gets stuck. I look down. A big, fat wad of gum is stuck to it. I scrap it off and go pick Anna up to redirect her. When I turn around all of the daycare kids have retreated to the pavilion to eat lunch. Perfect. And then, I don't see Brice. Seriously, I don't see him anywhere. Where is he? I pick Anna up and go look for him. Maybe he is hiding. I look around every nook and cranny. No red hat. I am starting to panic a little. Justin is out of town and I can't call him to tell him that I lost Brice. I call his name. And then I see him running with his red hat from the other corner of the playground.

"Where were you?"

"I was over there in that little house in the shade. Can we go now? I'm hot."

Yes, we can go now but only if you have a stiff drink for me when we get home!!!

Of course, I did not really say this but I wanted to. The afternoon has been much better. Again, I am just still adjusting to having Brice around all day long. And, when I say around, I mean right next to me. I love the kid but wow, I can't wait for basketball camp! So, to all the mothers out there, let's all take a deep breath, say a prayer for patience, and try to enjoy our summers!!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Now That It's Over

Okay, so I admit it. I am sad the wedding is over. I have been in a funk this past week. I can't figure out if it's because the kids are now with me full time or if I'm really tired this week from the past week or if I just want to make this face all the time...
...because I'm not sure how I feel, Now That It's Over. We arrived back home Sunday and haven't stopped since. Brice and Justin had upset tummies on Sunday night and poor Brice thought throwing up once must mean he is going to be down and out for a full week. Monday, we continued to unpack and put things away with a little laundry here and there. And then we prepared for this week which meant swimming lessons. Everyday. It has made me feel a little like this...

Both the kids are doing a program called Infant Resource Swimming (ISR). I know Brice is not an infant but the whole concept is to teach kids how to swim-float-swim should they fall into a body of water. I started out wanting Anna to have it because I know she wants to do anything and everything that Brice does. And then I wanted Brice to have stroke lessons because the doggy paddle will only cut it for so long. Anna's instructor felt that Brice needed a little more refreshing on what to do in deeper water before learning the strokes. The good and the bad of being tall I guess because Brice is able to touch bottom in almost every area of our neighborhood pool. And so, the lessons are going well. Today was day 3 and Anna cried less than the other two days and Brice, that kid swam from one end of the pool to the other doing his swim-float-swim pattern. I was so proud of him!

And, I am now feeling more like myself again after a few days. Our routine came to a sudden halt just before the wedding with school ending, T-ball finishing up and all I could think about was getting through the wedding. Now that it's over and my kids are back with me-24/7, I might add-I am having to find my new normal for the summer. We have also had to cut Anna's morning nap because of the time of swim lessons so we're all adjusting to new things around here! So, now that busy May is over, we are into busy June! Swim lessons for Anna will continue through June, every day, Monday through Friday. Brice will probably have one more week and then he starts basketball camp the 21st. We are supposed to go to the beach the week of July 5th, please pray that God puts his big thumb in the oil leak and just stops it so that we can go!

Some pictures of some old and some new...

Brushing her teeth, she loves to do this.

Coloring while I make dinner. I put our travel booster seat on one of the bar stools so that Anna can be near her big brother.

And for those of you who know Anna well, know that this is the face she makes when you ask her where her nose is. Nothing new there!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Wedding!

So, she did it! Well, I should say, they did it! And it was awesome. It was definitely stressful being in another city and not knowing our way around but I did kind of like "getting to know" Charlotte a little better. And, aren't you glad I did pictures first?!

I arrived Wednesday at Blaire's to say hello to Layla and then we headed over to Josh's (which is now Blaire and Josh's) to see the newly renovated kitchen. It looks great and there is a fresh paint smell in every room of the house. After that we headed up to Aunt Deb's house to welcome Grandma and Grandpa from their flight from St. Louis. We also stayed up there because Josh's mom, Hope, and her boyfriend Paul have a new house right down the street from my aunt's and they were throwing a party to kick the week off. And I'm not talking a nice little get together, I'm talkin' a parrrr-taaayyy! All of Josh's family that were coming in from Venezuela seemed to arrive that evening and they didn't skip a beat going from air travel to social butterflies. Josh's mom made arrepas which is kind of like an American pita pocket made out of corn and they are delicious! It was a great night getting to know my new brother-in-law's family!

Thursday we ran a few errands before picking up my mom's good friend from high school, Kris, from the airport. We then headed for lunch and to check in at the hotel with a quick trip to the mall and then home to change for a matinee showing of Sex and the City 2. I wasn't thrilled with the movie but there were good parts. After that we went to Josh and Blaire's for an American style BBQ hosted by Dave, Josh's brother.

Friday was just as busy with picking up some flowers, picking up Kristen from the airport, getting our manicures and pedicures, lunch, and then helping set up the reception hall. We had about six or seven of us and we needed every set of hands and every minute! We barely made it back to our hotels to change for the Rehearsal and the dinner. All of which went very smoothly and we all enjoyed ourselves.

And then, the big day! Saturday morning we all woke up and met at Chick-fil-A for breakfast and then went to the hair salon for our up-do's. Blaire also had her make-up done and a few of the girls went shopping while waiting. We couldn't get into the church until 12:30 so that left us very pressed for time as far as getting dressed. Once we were all dressed, we did pictures and then it was time. Blaire looked so incredibly stunning and I can't wait to see the pictures the photographer captured. Josh almost lost it when she was coming down the aisle but did a good job of pulling it together for the remainder of the ceremony. After all the pictures were done at the church, the wedding party hopped on a trolley and we all rode around downtown Charlotte. I am pretty sure this was Brice's favorite part since I let him have a Dr. Pepper! We stopped a couple of places downtown to have our pictures done and then we headed to the reception site. I do believe everyone had a great time, especially the bride and groom!

And, the bad news is I did not have one candid picture taken of the four of us, of Brice and I or just Brice alone. I am so bummed about this but we just didn't have time and Brice was with the guys in another part of the church so it was a lot to coordinate.

Justin's wonderful parents came up with us to help with the kids and I am so thankful for them! Without them and Justin, I wouldn't have been such a part of this wedding. I loved helping with the details and being there for Blaire. I said a little bit of this in my toast but was crying so not so sure how well people understood me.