Saturday, July 24, 2010

Charlotte...In Pictures

We had the best time this past week for a couple of days in Charlotte. Got to spend time with ones we love a whole lot. The kids did great traveling. It is late and we are headed to the beach in the morning. Check back and I'll add some captions to these pictures soon. For now, enjoy, Charlotte, In Pictures.Anna in her life jacket for the first time. She did really well.
Below, Brice playing on the "Bud" island. He loved jumping onto this off of the dock.
Brice and Aunt Blaire getting ready for some tubing.
Blaire couldn't get a picture of us because Brice was sinking in the tube. I told him "1,2,3, pop up!" and we did.
Uncle Josh and Anna. She liked knowing where he was at all times.
Go Cardinals.

Playing with her new Minnie Mouse purse from Uncle Josh. She also got Minnie shoes.
Playing Wii.
Brice bowled, golfed and played baseball. He enjoyed golf the most.
Picking veggies in the garden.
Trying to get me to eat a hot pepper.
A flower bouquet from "Jaahh" (Josh)

"knock, knock". Anna wants in.

At the pool with Aunt Deb. Anna found these sunglasses and couldn't put them down.
Explanation on how to use a snorkel. We were at the store three days later to get Brice his own snorkel, mask and flipper set.

Monday, July 19, 2010

My Replacement

Apparently if something happened to me, everyone would just move over a seat. Anna has it all planned out to be My Replacement. She would just have to move herself over to my seat......and her babies into her seat!
Anna, Brice, and I are headed to Charlotte for a few days and then we will come home to repack and head to the beach. I'll try to keep the blog updated but if not, see you in a couple of weeks!
I (will) see you (later)!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Who Is This Kid?

Who is this big kid who lives with me? This awesome kid who will be starting kindergarten in three weeks! This kid who is up every morning by 6:30 and dressed by 6:35. This kid who asks me a million questions a day and follows my every step. This kid that I feel like I just brought home from the hospital. The one who is standing next to me right now asking me if I want him to tell me how to play a game he has just made up. I swear sometimes I can't remember all the years leading up to this fall and it makes me wonder Who Is this Kid and who will he become? I can't wait to watch it all happen.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

So Far Today...

...Brice has gotten in trouble for slithering across the carpet like a snake (because Justin says he'll ruin the carpet), attempting to "try" shaving cream and then almost putting a flower in his mouth. Seriously, we've had the "if it's not food, then don't put it in your mouth" conversation about a million times. He has since shaped up and had a good day at camp.

Then, we had breakfast like this...

...and Anna and I went shopping, without the hat. That has been what we've done So Far Today. Hopefully, this afternoon I will get the bathrooms cleaned and then read some library books.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Birthday Dance

The birthday girl requested more videos and pictures of the kids. Well, here are my kids and after Blaire sees this video she is probably going to change her mind about us coming to stay with her in her beautiful new house!

Happy Birthday, Blaire!!!!! I love you and love having you as my sister. So many sisters I know are so much alike that they are competitive and I am so thankful that we never had this. Like Mom always said, she got a black and white, a day and night! We are opposite in many ways except for our memories together. Hope you have an awesome day and enjoy the kids in their Birthday Dance!

Friday, July 9, 2010

The Zoo

This post is pretty self explanatory. On Wednesday we went to the zoo. Brice has been asking to go for a while now so I convinced my mom to come sweat with us and the stinky animals! The flamingos were the smelliest. We had a nice time and there is actually more shade there than I remember. We were out of there by 12:15pm when it was really heating up. Had a fun time and appreciate my mom going with us so I had an extra set of hands!
Warthogs...very hot and sleepy.
Two meerkats.

A thirsty giraffe.
Brice, Grandma and Willie B.
This dudes arms just fascinated me. Looks like he's been pumping iron.

Looking at the Sun Bears.
They are new to Zoo Atlanta by three weeks. They got them from the zoo is Columbus, Ohio.

Looking at the bears from a different window.
Anna had so much fun just running on the paths.
And as for Brice's favorite, the panda bears.

My little joey.

I am thinking this zebra is enjoying the zoo life, looks like he/she has been eating too much.
On the "choo choo".
Brice is now acting like all the different animals we saw. Soon, I may start charging!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

When You Wake a Sleeping Baby... better be prepared to give her whatever snack she wants (especially when it's what her big brother has) even if it is 5pm and you are about to give her dinner. I forgot how ugly it can get when you wake a kid up. Gahhhhh......leeee! The girl wouldn't even let me near her!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Fourth of July Weekend!

We had a wonderful time celebrating birthdays and the Fourth of July this past weekend. On Saturday we had the Reynolds crew up to our house. This was actually Larry's birthday and the day that our neighborhood set their fireworks off. Kelly and Greg were able to make it too which made me so happy because I hadn't seen Jack since I took care of him in the hospital. He is doing really well and is actually cutting his first tooth. He is way ahead of himself, I guess he'll want to head to kindergarten when he is still four! Anyway, Brice helped Justin out in the yard all morning on Saturday while Anna and I went to the grocery store for all the fixin's! Everyone came over about four-thirty/five for the fun to begin.

I tried to get a cute picture of the kids together this year but couldn't. Oh well.Anna was being silly though in her festive dress. Side note: I bought this dress at the end of last season at Kohl's for $1.80!!!! This is probably the best deal I've ever found as I am not a bargain hunter!
She is actually making this face for the camera, not crying!
Nothing says Fourth of July like a little TNT, burger buns and red and blue plates!
Anna got a new baby bottle to feed her babies. She makes a slurping sound when she puts it up to her mouth. Little momma.
Having Jack around was heaven for Anna. A real baby!! She wanted to know where he was at all times and was very interested in what he was up to!
And here is the cake Brice designed all by himself. It's red velvet for the holiday complete with a flag mad of icing on top!
Uncle Justin and Jack. This was the first time that Justin held Jack!
Brice is the sweetest and loves to make cards for everyone for their birthday. Happy Birthday, Pa! Love, Brice.
We got down to the fireworks spot very early. Justin was worried that someone would move our chairs. Not so much! Brice had fun though hanging out and getting ready.

Anna was really not in the mood to have her picture taken. It was already past her bedtime.
So, the fireworks were a hit with both kids. Anna kept saying "wow" and "boom"! Both kids were still awake at the end and crashed pretty hard.

I worked the actual holiday so when I got home we allowed Brice to get out of bed after putting them both down so he could do some sparklers. What a great weekend we had celebrating our country and independence!!!! HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY WEEKEND!!!