Monday, January 16, 2017

Kyle Turns Four

Kyle is about to be 5.5 but I have to blog about when he turned four (7/31/15). We were at the beach so I planned to have a little party there, Lightning McQueen style. I ordered the cake from the beach Publix and everything. He just loved it! He thought it was just the best to celebrate his birthday at. the. beach. Our kids are not short on being spoiled on their birthdays. Brice and Kyle have now celebrated one at the beach and Anna turned five while at Disney World. Rotten kids!

The rest of these pictures were taken with my camera so the quality is a little better. Kyle was a fun four year old. He is always up for a good time and loved celebrating himself! Ha. He is a lot like Brice though and likes to celebrate with those he is closest too, his family.

Now that I look back on these pictures as I post them, I realize this was the last year of that baby face and chubbiness. He still has some pretty kissable cheeks but man I will miss that "chubb"! Happy 4th Birthday, Kyle! So happy you were able to be at the beach on your birthday!

Monday, January 9, 2017

July 2015

So, June was all about Taylor Swift and some baseball. I already blogged about the first few days of July too which was NYC with Brice. In mid July we headed back to Charlotte (had gone the end of May for the arrival of Miss Sarah Catherine) for Sarah Catherine's baptism and some fun on the lake.

Also, Anna caught sight of the previous post with her as Taylor Swift and was completely embarrassed and made me delete it. Stood over my shoulder until she saw the word "Delete"...

 Hanging around in Jonathan's room as we used to always do as kids. Since last summer, this bar has been taken down. ;(

 I took this picture for Aunt Deb. She let us stay in her house so I knew she would enjoy seeing them eating breakfast there!

Lake fun!

 Grandad is in on the action!

This is the first time they have ever all been on a tube together. Of course, they all loved it but I think Brice and Anna could have had the boat go a little faster. ;)

Monday, January 2, 2017

Random Summer Happenings

Let me start off this post by saying Happy New Year 2017!!! I will still be blogging the last half of 2015...oh well. I am bound and determined to catch back up. Although, this has been easy while we have been at the beach and our schedules have been "quiet".

So, along with events throughout summer 2015, we also just had days to hang out. We also went to a lot of baseball always.

The biggest happening for Kyle that summer was just prior to his fourth birthday, he learned to ride his bike without training wheels!!! It took him about fifteen minutes to figure it out and then he was off. I attribute this to the use of a balance bike or strider just like Anna used before learning to ride a bike.

We always try to go to the neighborhood pool as much as possible...
 ...and use pretzel sticks as cigars.

When at baseball games, all Anna and Kyle care about is the playground situation. If it has a good playground, then they are okay with going. Obviously, this makes it difficult for me to see all of the game if the playground is out of the area of the field Brice is on. But, with some awesome help from grandparents, we try to rotate who takes them to play.

 Random day at the mall and then of course dress up time for Anna and me.
 Yes, this is my wedding veil and an old dance costume. We were having a tea party.

 Above is what happens when you eat blue Ring Pops. They know they get one per game. And, below is Kyle's poor face after slamming into the bleachers at one of the games. He was trying to clean up empty Coke bottles underneath and stood up and started running before looking. I was so glad his eye was okay. This picture was actually from the next day. The day it happened, it looked awful!

Anna did a tennis camp for the second summer in a row. She seemed to really enjoy it but for summer 2016, she opted out because the sessions were an hour longer than these and "it's hot"...

Another random summer day where we met friends to play in some fountains. The old married couple shrieked and giggled the whole time.

And, last but certainly not least, Brice's All Star team made it to state this summer. This place was oh so hot, I don't even remember where exactly we were except south Georgia near The Little White House. Brice's team did very well and I was excited for them to be able to compete in the state tournament for the second summer in a row.