Friday, September 27, 2013

This Boy and Baseball

A little boy walks in his Daddy's home office and says, "You want to play baseball outside with Kyle?" while holding a baseball.  Daddy's heart melts and breaks a little too because it is raining outside and so they can't go out right then.  This boy just wants to play baseball, anywhere, anytime but not with just anyone.  Brice and Daddy are the first choices.  And, when it is feasible, this is what it looks like...

 No, Kyle is not a lefty after all but he thinks the glove should go on his right hand so...we don't argue, yet.

This little dude loves him some sports.  Now when we arrive at the ball field for Brice's game, he gets excited and says, "There it is!".  He can't wait to watch Brice play and see Justin out on the field.

 Yes, we got him a Mariners jersey and he not only wears it for games but every other day...In fact the pictures in this post are of him in the only two shirts he ever wants to wear.  It's kind of like Anna in this shirt!
I'll admit, I don't have the energy or the time to fight with him.  I'm sure his teachers at school are wondering why he is always in the same clothes!  The day he can actually put on a uniform and play is going to be awesome...however, I have a feeling those clothes will NEVER come off of him either.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Big Boy!

School started on Tuesday, the 3rd for Anna and Kyle.  On the 4th, he decided that underwear were a good idea...and so I went with it.  Is there ever a good time to potty train?  No.  Especially when it's your third kid who is in the car all the time going and doing every day?  Definitely no.  So, I couldn't say no to him.  I knew I would never get a three day stretch of hanging out at home with him to "train" him.  He didn't need three days though.  He needed ONE.  Big Boy had it down from the minute I put those underwear on his rump.  Of course, I took him every couple of hours the first day to be sure I knew when his "schedule" but there was no "not going anywhere".  I just pack extras everywhere I go and we go and do and he has rocked it!  He is hesitant about #2 and we haven't quite mastered exactly THE time is.  He hasn't had an accident but we sit on the potty about five-ten times before it actually happens.  It kind of makes my heart go pitter-patter at the thought of no diapers.  I mean, he still needs them at night but...the end is in sight!

He doesn't look too thrilled I know...he did not want that camera in front of his face.  Sorry, kid, every mother does it.  It's part of being two!  And, now, I guess it's time we got him a regular bed, huh?  Just cleaned out the changing table this morning so I'm getting there.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

School Kids In The House!!

Today was the day.  The first day all three kids were in school.  Very weird, very nice, but very weird. 

It is just so hard for me to believe that Anna is in Pre-K and that this time next year she will be in Kindergarten.  Ugh.  I don't know why but I just feel as though she was just born.  Maybe because of the age differences between Brice and Anna, I felt as though she would never be this old.  She has really blossomed and is just the best little mommy/big sister.  She has Kyle's best interest at heart 98% of the time.  She is at the point where she wants to know how to read so badly and asks me to quiz her on math problems.  She wants to be "as smart as Brice" but doesn't realize that the things she wants to know, he didn't know at her age!

And, then there is Kyle.  I know I don't have to send him to school.  So, I can't really be sad about him crying or being "alone" while at school.  And, let's just say it's not school for him but for me.  I mean, it is called MMO-MOTHER"S Morning Out.  He thinks he is big stuff with his new lunch box and his school bag.  But, oh buddy was he glad to see his Mommy when I got there to pick him up today.

The morning started out busy.  All members of the family have now had a haircut in the past week.  Today 4/5 of us had one.  Brice went before school, Justin took him and then I got up and got Anna and Kyle ready to take Kyle for his.  I had mine later while they were at school... Anyway, busy morning but Anna was as cute as she could be getting herself up and dressed and didn't want any help.  I dressed Kyle and then we came down for some breakfast before running out the door.

 See Shaggy Boy's hair...almost eight weeks of growth right there.
So, after breakfast, Anna wanted to pack her own school bag up and this means putting her lunch box in the bag which then means that Kyle saw his Lightning McQueen lunchbox (more on this obsession another time) and that meant that he MUST hold onto "Queen"!!

Shirt as well as lunchbox all the while talking, talking, talking.  He never stops talking!!  So, after his haircut was done, I took pictures of the two of them.

 School is about two minutes from here so I wasn't going home for pictures and then back again!
Once we arrived at school, they both wanted to be unbuckled even though Kyle had no idea what this meant for him!  He was still intent on holding his school bag.  I prepped him a little about what was about to happen and knew where he was going and that there was a Thomas the Train to play with but he had no idea that Mommy wasn't coming along.  Poor dude.  He was plucked from the car and Anna was awesome and asked to walk with him to his teachers and then she would go to her class.  I teared up a little when I watched them walk away holding my baby...

When I returned 3.5 hours later, Kyle was very sleepy and emotional.  He cried as the teacher put him in my arms and said, "Get Anna, go bye-bye".  And, so we did.  Anna had a great day and told me all about what they did (she just seems so old all of a sudden).  She was assigned the task of the door holder today and was proud of herself for that.  All in all, a good day.  Now, come Thursday, when Kyle goes back, may be a whole new ball game!!

So proud of my babies and thankful for some "me" time...hoping to get lots of things done during those two mornings without Kyle but we know how it works when you plan things.