Thursday, December 20, 2012

Princess Birthday Girl

I cannot believe I didn't even post about Anna's birthday.  I am feeling like a terrible mother!

We have been so busy with parties both birthday and Christmas as well was welcoming a new baby to the family and celebrating an early Christmas with my parents, not to mention going to a couple basketball games in between.  I know that was a run-on sentence but that is how I've felt the days have been.  I have been staying up late finishing the wrapping or cleaning up after the day.  The kids have been out of school all week and I'll admit I am in my pajamas til noon most days.  We are trying to stay out of public places to prevent any bugs that may be out there since we are going to see Natalie on Christmas.  And, I will admit, after the events in Newtown, CT, I like being able to lay eyes on my kids throughout the day. Normally, events like this do not shake me like this one has.  I hate when the event happens but usually move on, praying for those who have gone through something terrible yet somehow there are quite a few more thoughts and feelings that go into this one for me.  That could be a post on it's own.

The Princess Birthday Girl got a week long celebration!  We had her party on the 9th with a few friends from school and it was so much fun.  We decorated wands, had a "Berry Hunt" like Princess Aurora to find their favors, played Pinned the Tiara on Rapunzel, ate royal snacks and cupcakes and opened gifts.  Anna had a fabulous time and loved having her little friends here to play with.  Then, on the 12th, I took cookies to school to celebrate and that was so fun too.  She enjoyed the attention but only because Kyle stole some of it!  Anna's teacher was hugging on her while they were singing and Kyle jumped up out of my lap and ran to Anna and fell into her lap with a big hug.  She was just grinning ear to ear at being so loved.  Kyle even made it into the class photo that they take for every child's birthday!  For her actual birthday, the 13th, she had her Christmas program that morning.  My newly retired mom (yesssss!) was able to come up and keep Kyle for the day so that we could focus just on Anna.  It was so nice!!  She was very nervous for her program, licking her lips and rubbing her ear, two trademark Anna habits.  No tears though and then we had a little Christmas party in her room.  We cut it short though and stole her away to the American Girl doll store.  Just as exciting for me as for her no doubt.  She has been wanting "Julie" and didn't waiver much throughout the past months.  She was very excited when we arrived and went straight to the display of the dolls with Julie in it.  I asked her more than once if she wanted to look at any of the other dolls to make sure but she said she was sure!  So far, she has done an excellent job of caring for her doll.  I am proud of her and she has taken the role of "mommy" on very well.

Anna is a typical girl and soaks up every birthday moment.  I know in the future having a birthday so close to Christmas may diminish the excitement but this year was not that year.  If anything, I believe that it has made her more excited!  These past four years have gone by oh so quickly.  It is hard for be to grasp that she already four, especially watching Justin's sister experience everything on the same time table as we did.  I keep looking back at pictures of Anna four years ago when she was so tiny and our little Christmas baby and wondering how it all just flew past me.  I am trying to really focus on remembering those two weeks before she got sick.  Sometimes I feel as though that time didn't exist and we went from the day she came home to the 29th.  However, lots of sweet memories were made during those two weeks.  I am living a little vicariously through Kelly and little Natalie (who was born on the 16th and everyone did beautifully).

Anna LOVED all of her birthday week and remains quite the princess.  I will blog more on her little (big) personality after her check-up, which yes, I changed from the 17th to the 7th of January because I didn't want her "catching" anything between the 17th and Christmas.  OCD, a little.  Overprotective, maybe.  Loved a lot, absolutely!!

I promise to post pictures of all of this at some point.  We are headed to Charlotte to see my side of the family tomorrow and then will return for Christmas madness!  The kids are so pumped, I am having trouble containing their energy.

Thanks for reading about our birthday girl!!!  Have a very Merry Christmas!

 Practicing for "Pin the Tiara"
 Princess friends.
 Party set up.
 We had a "Berry Hunt" and the girls found their favors. 
 Not enjoying the singing!

 Kyle thought he needed to get involved.

 These pictures are from school.  I just took some chocolate chip cookies the day before her birthday to celebrate with the whole class.  She was so shy when we sang to her.  Kyle, on the other hand, kept running to her and falling into her lap to hug her!
 Here he is in on the class picture!
 ON her birthday, the 13th we went to the American Girl Doll store so she could choose her doll and have lunch.  She was a little overwhelmed but LOVED picking out Julie.
 Having lunch with Julie.

 Back at home that evening and again not liking the singing!  But, a cupcake made it all better.  I threw these together at the last minute so that we could all have a little more sugar to enjoy!

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