Saturday, November 2, 2013

Halloween Day

What a very busy day we had on Halloween Day!  Anna and Kyle's preschool had a fundraiser "trot" as well as their parties and visiting their pumpkin "patch".  It probably was just busy and stressful for me because this was the first time I had to divide myself between parties and activities.

Kyle thought he was big stuff sitting down with Anna's class.  I finally pulled him out and made him sit to the side so they could get a class pictures.  He decided to sit down next to one of the other siblings, Cate.  She is two weeks older than he is.


We then came home and Kyle took a nap while Anna got excited for Aunt Blaire, Uncle Josh and little Christian to arrive.  And, to get her complete costume on!  She couldn't wait to wear her ruby red slippers.

And, so, I give you  Dorothy, the Scream mask dude and what was supposed to be Mickey Mouse that turned into a "monster".

 This is probably my favorite picture from this Halloween!

My goodness, these three had the best time this year.  Kyle kept up very well with the other two and would say, "Come on, Mom, let's get more cankees".  He ate as he went as well!  Then, they helped Uncle Josh hand out candy which was quite fun for Brice because he was able to scare a few people!  On to Thanksgiving and our many blessings!


Nana said...

Larry, a.k.a. Pa, loved Trick or Treating too! He had a great time.


Katie and Dave said...

I DIE!!!!