Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Anna Claire Turns Six!

Our little Anna turned six last Saturday, the 13th, even though she is really not that little, 48 lbs and about 46 inches tall. I am not sure where the time is going.  Anna is still a big "Frozen" fan and wanted that to be the theme of her party. So, one day at Hobby Lobby, I got a little carried away with the decorations offered over there and had dreams of turning our house into a snowy, frozen, wintry land. She also wanted to make a snowflake ornament so we did that, along with Play-Doh Olaf's and two games, Pin the Nose on Olaf and Frozen Bingo. We didn't even have time to make our Diamond Ice bracelets but the good news is one of Anna's friends has a birthday in February and also wants it to be Frozen themed. So, I am selling all my decorations and unused craft to her!

Anna woke up on her birthday bouncing off the walls knowing it was her birthday (she has been dying to be six!) and that it was her party day as well. We gave her our gifts right after breakfast and then got to work setting up for her party which was at 1030am.

 In the above picture, Kyle mistakenly thought it was Christmas morning and we were ALL opening gifts. Poor guy.

 She has been wanting a sleeping bag so badly. She got one and she has been sleeping on her floor every night since!
After breakfast, she was crazed and couldn't wait for everyone to arrive for her party. I love that she loves her birthday because I know there may come a day when she thinks it stinks that it's 12 days before Christmas...I did not mean to do that to her, promise!

Let the party begin!
 The Food:
 Troll Balls (go ahead and laugh, everyone else did, especially the dads!) and Anna's and Hans's Sandwiches
 Elsa ready for her Coronation Day, she is always creating something lately.
Coronation Salad
 Olaf's Noses
We also had Sven's Snacks (fruit, cheese, and crackers) as well as Olaf's Arms (pretzel sticks) and Frozen Waters for drink (ginger ale with blue jello mix). I thought I had taken a picture of these but I guess the party began and I forgot!

 Snowball Ornament: super easy and cute styrofoam ball and then pinned with pearled straight pins sequins on top of punched out snowflakes. Then add a simple white ribbon to hang by. Thanks to the grandmothers and other moms who helped with this.

 Here are some of the completed Play-Doh Olaf's. They all enjoyed this activity because what kid doesn't like Play-doh??
 Below you can see all the ornaments hanging on the tree.
Here is the ornament up close.

Opening Gifts and Decorations
 December is such a busy month and I was so excited for Anna that most of her friends were able to come, friends from ballet, from Kindergarten, from Pre-K, and neighbors and family too!

 I tried to get her to do something creative for the "cake" but the girl wanted a Publix cake so, that is what we got! Her day, her cake.
 After all the friends left, we opened gifts from family. Here again, I missed having Larry's and Robin's mom there to watch her open her gifts.
She received awesome presents! My parents gave her the pajamas for her American Girl doll, Julie and then are taking her to the store to pick out pajamas of her own.

 Here she is opening Aunt Kelly's and Uncle Greg's gift which was a very chic purse and some jewelry, in the picture below she is explaining to Pa that they are just stick on earrings.
 The boys watching...and a big Happy Birthday to that guy in the middle. Thankful he is always willing to share his day with his granddaughter. And, starting next year, I am going to have them take a picture together each year. I think that will start a cute tradition.
 So, from Nana and Pa, she got a "Fancy Nancy" dress. In case you don't know Fancy Nancy, she is right up Anna's alley! Always dressed up and trying to be fancy by using French words and be so mature. Anna saw one of her friends in this dress (at the friend's Fancy Nancy birthday party) and asked for it. I think she kind of forgot about asking for it though.

And, here she is the following day in her dress which she wore to church class and then to Natalie's birthday party!
 Here are the decorations from the party, I hung snowflakes from some of the doorways and two mantles and then put icicles on the bannisters. It looked pretty "Frozen" to me!

 Anna had a great party and made sure to thank me afterwards which made me feel good about putting it all together. I had so much fun planning and executing but I will tell you, five and six year old girls are a tough crowd and I was nervous! Justin overheard one girl say that "this was the best Frozen party ever!" and she herself had a Frozen party with a two young ladies dressed as Anna and Elsa from the movie! Woot! Woot!


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