Friday, September 11, 2015

Anna Goes to Taylor Swift, Hold On...ANNA GOES TO TAYLOR SWIFT!!!!!!

This post has needed to happen for quite some time and I do apologize. I don't even remember when tickets when on sale for this concert but let me just say that Anna got her "1989" album for Christmas and locks her door like a teenage girl and rocks out to and so some tickets were in order. Oh and I may know every word as well after sneaking the CD into my car during preschool hours. Really, every song is SO GOOD! Point is, the two of us just couldn't wait for Taylor to show up in Atlanta in October and Blaire conveniently timed having a baby prior to her concert in Charlotte and so the stars aligned, Daddy got out the credit card and we had ourselves a big time!

The concert was on a Monday night and so Anna and I left on Sunday to head up to Charlotte so we could spend time with Sarah Catherine and Christian and Blaire and Josh too of course. We listened to the CD the whole way up to their house. I haven't been to a concert in quite some time and to take Anna to her first one, just the two of us, was just a very memorable experience. I think Anna just felt very grown up getting to be with just me, staying up late and of course getting to see her hero!

I had heard on the radio that Taylor Swift had bracelets passed out at the concert that lit up but had forgotten about it until we walked up to the ticket scanner. The usher hands us each a bracelet and Anna was so excited. She wanted to get to our seats right away but we had to eat first so we went and got something to eat (and shared a table with a mom and her two older girls). After we ate, we found our seats and listened to the guy opening. I can't remember his name but he sings "Riptide"...Anyway, Anna wanted nothing to do with this guy and was totally confused. So, we went and got her some Dippin' Dots. Came back to our seats and Taylor didn't come on too much longer. I was a little concerned that her new "style" may lean towards inappropriate in her concert but it was a class act all the way. Even some of her older videos I won't let Anna watch because it's just not something I feel comfortable letting Anna see. However, in concert, she is fun, energetic, and puts on quite the show. I would seriously go back every night if I could. Yes, I had just as much fun as Anna did and may be a little Taylor obsessed now too. Not even sorry about this.

During the first song, the bracelets starts lighting up, not just with one color light but multi colors and flashes to the beat of the song!!!! So, when you look out at the crowd, you see everyone's lights flashing. And so, without further ado, I give you pictures of Anna at the Taylor Swift 1989 World Tour Concert. Some pictures and videos are from my phone.

She opened with "Welcome to New York"! Complete with siren sounds going on in the background. Every song was complete with every detail.
Above, a little overwhelmed with being at her first concert. The noise was deafening!
Below, Taylor sings "How You Get the Girl" which is my favorite because I feel like it is part "old Taylor" party "new Taylor" since she has made the jump from country to pop.

And, yes, the dress lit up with tiny lights and the umbrellas did too. One of the lyrics has to do with rain and so, Taylor made it rain on stage. Of course she did!
Admiring her bracelet. Seriously, Taylor, well done, marketing genius!

At this point, Taylor walked out to the end of the "runway" so to speak. Then the runway detached from the main stage, one end of it went up at an angle and out over the floor seats. Then the runway rotated towards each side of the arena. And, I'm pretty sure at one point, she looked right at US. Ha. Kidding of course but it was so cool feeling like we were that close to her.

This is when she was playing to our side of the arena, including her hit "Love Story".
Then she rotated around to the other side of the arena. She also talked during the concert and has such poise about her for being so young. She seems to be such a great person.

The best part of the night was when Taylor left to go backstage leaving the crowd thinking she was done but not having had sung "Shake It Off". Anna was very tired at this point and I could see the tears welling in her eyes. How could she NOT sing "Shake It Off"??? I looked at Anna and said, "I know she isn't done, she can't be.", although it did seem that she was finished. She had after all, had about seven outfit changes and played guitar, piano, danced, sang for two hours! And, then she appeared in a bright green sequined outfit, came out on the runway and blew it out of the water. I had grown weary of that song but seeing her perform it and dance it was amazing. I took a couple bad pictures with my phone and then put it down because I just wanted to soak up that moment with Anna. She was grinning ear to ear and singing along, which I did video a little bit of, but it was just the icing on the cake. It was such a fun night!!!! If you can get to one of her concerts, GO!

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