Saturday, December 31, 2016

New York City!!

Last Christmas (2014), we gave Brice a trip to New York City. Well, we weren't able to actually take the trip until the summer time! There are several reasons for this but I would have to say the biggest reason is: baseball. So, we decided we would be able to squeeze it in over the 4th of July which meant, I would get to be in NYC for my birthday!! Awesome.

My parents were kind enough to take Anna and Kyle and have their own kind of fun up at my sister's house on the lake. In the end, all five of us had a fabulous 4th of July! My birthday, the 2nd was on a Thursday so that was the day we headed up there. We hit the ground running even though we had a super early flight which meant being up super early. Our hotel was about a block from Times Square so we headed there first, walked through the Toys R Us and then went to Central Park and over to The Met.

 He enjoyed the Egyptian period the most, which of course I think is the most creepy but, I was glad he got something out of it and we were there for quite some time.

For my birthday I wanted a NY pizza and a beer and so we found a restaurant that was in kind of a creepy part of town and we couldn't see the restaurant without going in and up some stairs. We were nervous going up those stairs but it turned out to be a very small place that was very delicious. After dinner, we headed to The Empire State Building. I can't say this was Brice's favorite as the height got to him. I love being atop there though and being able to look out on the whole city. Even though there are always lots of people up there, it seems so quiet compared to the busy streets.

On the 3rd, we had tickets to Statue of Liberty and I think Brice enjoyed this the most. We got up early and headed to Battery Park to take the ferry. It was a beautiful day without a cloud in the sky and there is such a beautiful, patriotic feeling I get when approaching Lady Liberty.
View of the new Freedom Tower from the ferry.

We also went to Ellis Island which I think any of us should appreciate. I mean, this is where our ancestors entered America!! It is so hard for me to imagine what it had been like on a boat coming across rough waters and battling sicknesses. And then to get off at Ellis Island would have meant being so close, yet so far away with the lines and paperwork.

 We tried to hit all of the highlights, Financial District, World Trade Center Memorial (very emotional but very important for those who were not alive during that time to see), Grand Central Station. It was great being there over the 4th because everything was very patriotic! For the 4th, we went on quite the adventure and walked across the Brooklyn Bridge to watch the fireworks explode over the city. It was extremely crowded, so much so, that they shut down the park area and were not allowing any more people to enter. While this sounds like a good thing, Justin had left the boundaries of the park to find food and was almost not able to get back in! So, we watched the Macy's Firework display from Brooklyn and then, yes, had to walk back over the bridge and quite a ways before we were able to find a taxi. Our dogs were barking to say the least!

The World Trade Center museum is quite impressive. I had messaged back and forth with a childhood friend about visiting this beforehand. She has lived in NYC for some time now. If I remember correctly, she told me that she cannot bring herself to go into this museum. Having lived there during 9/11, I can only imagine. The museum is not just a museum but quite like Pearl Harbor, it is where these people lived their last moments here on earth. Several of the visitors were crying. They did a beautiful job with the displays but after an hour of being there, even Brice, who did not live through 9/11, wanted to leave. There is something about it that makes you feel as though you are invading loved one's grieving space. At the same time, I feel as though all Americans who were not alive during 9/11 should visit this museum.
 The new Freedom Tower.

 Grand Central Station below.

 Once were settled in the Brooklyn Bridge park, this was our view of the bridge and the Empire State Building. Below, is a picture of it that night, lit up in red, white and blue.

 Waiting around for fireworks...
 God Bless America!!!

Happy 4th of July, 2015!!!
This was a great trip to take a kid Brice's age on (10 at the time). We have now told Anna that we would take her when she turns 10. I do hope this actually happens because I would love to visit NYC at Christmastime and go see the Rockettes! While Brice's trip catered to the boy interests of the city, Anna's will definitely be a trip in girl version!

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