Monday, May 18, 2009

Birthday Season

We have entered the summer birthday season in our family. Poor Justin gets "hammered" with all of the spring/summer holidays and birthdays. Let's see, we have, from May-July the following to celebrate

Mother's Day

Uncle Greg's Birthday- May 13th

Aunt Kelly's Birthday- May 20th

Father's Day

Robin's Birthday-June 25th

My Birthday-July 2nd

Larry's Birthday-July 3rd

Aunt Blaire's Birthday-July 13th

We then have a break from birthdays until Justin's in October! So, I have changed the blog's background to celebrate all of the cake we will be eating these next couple of months! No complaints from me!
I will try to acknowledge all of these days as they come up. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO KELLY, this week! Enjoy the beautiful weather on your special day!


Jonathan said...

cough cough

Kelly said...

Thanks! I didn't see this until today. Yeah, I'm in the same situation as well except my Father-in-Law's birthday is on May 8th and my anniversary is on the 12th. Justin and I can have some whine with our cheese together :)