Monday, November 23, 2009

Thanksgiving Program

Today was Brice's Thanksgiving Program at school. They have been practicing since school started in September so he was so excited to finally perform all of the songs. Around the house and in the car, he would belt them out but once he got on stage, he was much more reserved. He spotted us on his walk in and then proceeded to look the other direction the whole time! Every now and then he would cut his eyes over to make sure we were watching. He loved having Anna there and said he saw her smiling during the program. I didn't take any pictures during the Feast as it was very crowded, I had a stroller and Brice was so hungry he couldn't follow simple directions! (Not sure who he gets this from...hmmmm???)Brice's class was the cornucopia, Brice the pumpkin.

Luke and Avery were the corn. As you can see Luke was happy, Avery, not so much!

Brice told us this morning before I took him to school that we might not be able to see him because, "there is a lot of material on my head and my costume"!

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Anonymous said...

Brice was the best singing pumpkin ever! I enjoyed getting to see his classroom and meet his friends and teacher. Especially when he whispered to me "that's Suzanne. She's a Gator fan" then rolled his eyes. Love, Nana