Friday, March 19, 2010

15 Month/5 Year Check-ups

Today both kids had well visits at the pediatrician. Mostly good news. Only bad news was Brice had to get his finger pricked and Anna got two her arms! As for the stats...

Brice is 48.5 pounds which puts him in the 87% for weight and 46.5 inches tall which puts him in the 96% for height. He did very well but at one point told me that "this place isn't fun at all, when are we leaving?". I think this was right after they pricked his finger and then squeezed it to death as well as telling him that he had to pee in a cup. For those of you who don't know Brice very well, there is no way in h.e. double hockey sticks that he would even pee at the doctor's office, much less in a cup! He will only uses ONE bathroom in our house if that tells you anything! Overall, Brice is the easiest kid and checked out just fine which was no surprise. May I just say (while I simultaneously knock on wood) that the last time Brice was at the doctor's office was for his four year old check-up!And our little Anna is just that...little. She weighed in at 20 lbs. 12.5ounces which is the 17% and measured up at 31.25 inches which puts her at 73%. We are supposed to feed her fatty foods meaning cheeses and butter on veggies, etc. and lots of snacks. Her murmur is still loud. Dr. J described it as "a washing machine". We go back to see the cardiologist the end of June. She "performed" well too with her necklaces and shoes on with just her diaper. I wish I would've had my camera. Then came her two shots, MMR and chicken pox, which Brice promptly plugged his ears for! She did find immediate comfort with her paci and Carly-bunny. Justin and I are so thankful for our healthy children and know just how different things could be. Although we do think about Anna's heart, we know that she is flourishing and Brice is as well. So many families are going through much worse with their kids right now. It was nice for me to walk out of that office with healthy stats on both kids, band-aids on little bit's arms and stickers in Brice's hands.

Below is a picture of her nose which now looks worse than her forehead, something I didn't anticipate.
The weather this weekend is supposed to be beautiful and I am so looking forward to it. I have been willing spring to come out and have some pictures to prove it. I will try and post again tomorrow as I have to work on Sunday.

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