Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Is That...???

Yes, that is SNOW, again in Georgia. I am pretty sure the last time I checked my zip code was 30542. What in the world is going on? Today we woke to a wintry mix, as the meteorologists call it. And at that point, I figured out that school was canceled, which it is again tomorrow..bah humbug! So, what did we do today? Because we couldn't go out and play in it. Both kids have had a bad cough and then Anna started running a fever this afternoon. Oh, spring, where are you? Seriously. Because this momma is about to go insane. Today we...

took pictures of the snow (which started falling about 8am and didn't stop until around 3 or 4), again.
built a triceratops out of foam puzzle pieces.
We went on an excavating marathon last week. We excavated a brachiosaurus, a triceratops, a T-rex, and Justin got to do the stegosaurus on Sunday when I worked. But here are some pictures of the process.
Break apart plaster by chipping away.
Once you can get bones out of the rock hard plaster, soak them to make it easier to clean them.
Wear an apron during the process or risk staining your nice clothes!
Once all the pieces are out, break and cut your fingers up trying to put the dang thing together.
And that is what we've been up to in this wintry mix of rain, cold, wind, and snow.

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Katie and Dave said...

How on earth do you keep Anna out of all those pieces. I think that would be a DISASTER at my house. I currently can't keep Charlie out of ANYTHING
Hope it warms up soon so we can all end our cabin fever!