Tuesday, October 18, 2011

In Other News

I think about things to write almost daily and then never get around to it, mainly because I am so sleepy and would rather just stare into oblivion at the TV.  Plus, now that our basement is finished, I find myself down there most nights so that I can actually see Justin on a daily basis! 

Things are going very well here.  Breastfeeding is going better than I could have imagined and I am thankful for that.  We are headed to Disney World the beginning of December so I will probably stop at that point which I feel like I will be more than ready to stop.  There are days when I'm about to call it quits just because I feel like I am tethered to a couch or chair.  Although, I have become quite efficient at pouring milk or making a snack while feeding Kyle!  And, then there are moments when I sit in Kyle's room feeding him and think about this precious gift God has given me and that I am able to keep him alive with my own body.  Crazy, really, when you think about it.  I have a handful of friends from different walks of life who delivered their babies right around the time I had Kyle and they have all been such a wonderful support. It's been nice to be able to bounce my thoughts off of them, even though I am running up the texting bill like there is no tomorrow.  Sorry, Justin!  Sometimes, I feel as though Kyle is my first baby and I don't know what I'm doing.  I think that is mainly because I am so tired and all I want is for him to sleep more than an 8 hour stretch.  I am constantly trying to figure out in my mind how I should work the logistics of the day so that maybe he will sleep all through the night.  I know he is still so young though and he is growing rapidly so that only adds up to mean that he is not ready to sleep all night!  Like Justin keeps telling me, "It's our 3rd, we know it gets better and easier." to which I usually respond, "I know, but I'm just ready.".

In other news, I resigned from Northside yesterday.  Totally weird for me to "quit" something.  Everything else in my life has just ended and I've gone on to the next stage of my life.  This was me ending it.  I will say though that I am at peace with my decision as of right now and the only part I feel bad about is that I won't be contributing to the family financially anymore.  I am so blessed to have the option to stay home and know that many women would love to have the choice.  In fact, the more people I tell, the more are happy for me and tell me "good for you" or "that's great".  Even the manager at work said she was happy for me when I called her to let her know I would be staying home.  I guess I thought I would be met with "What about your degree?" and "What if something happened?" but, I will keep my license current and feel as though I did not burn any bridges by leaving when I did.

Brice and Anna have been out of school on Fall Break and it was kind of nice having them home until this afternoon when I felt like Brice was my shadow all day.  I finally called one of his classmates to come over and play for about an hour and a half and I am so glad I did!  We didn't do much over the break, just a few things.  We went to see my mom at work and then the kids stayed with my parents on Saturday night which is always so nice to have a mini-break.  I actually got to watch the Georgia/Vanderbilt game!  And, Brice and I have started reading the 3rd Harry Potter book.  Not sure how we are going to get through it now that he goes back to school tomorrow but we shall see!  We are enjoying the weather around here, nice and cool in the mornings and then pleasantly warm by afternoon.  So welcomed after the scorcher of a summer we had. 

That is what has been going on around here.  Kyle gets cuter everyday and is smiling all the time.  He adores Brice and is always staring at Anna as if he were thinking, "why is she so loud?".  I have found him flipped onto his back a couple times now so the rolling is coming.  Can't wait to watch him grow!


Nicole said...

You will definitely be missed at Northside. I'm so happy for you. No more working Christmases! :)

Rachel @ Moments With My Miracles said...

Congrats on getting to be a stay at home mama! I know you are thankful for that! Sounds like things are going great with y'all.

Janna said...

Will miss you terribly.....and i am soooo jealous. Enjoy your babies :)