Monday, October 3, 2011


We are all on the mend, thank goodness!!  Brice and Anna were back to themselves within two days of antibiotics and Kyle and I are also feeling much better.  Kyle did end up with an ear infection so he has been on antibiotics since Friday afternoon.  (Side note:  I survived the grocery store with all three kiddos by myself including a stop at the pharmacy and Brice driving the cart (this is the most nerve wracking part!))  So, yes, Kyle still has a stuffy nose and it frustrates him and then he has a cough which I don't like hearing but...all in all we were able to enjoy the beautiful weather this weekend at Brice's baseball game.  Hoping the weather sticks around because he has three games this week.  We were also able to catch up on some sleep even though I do not look like it in these pictures...

Kyle's favorite place to be...up on my shoulder all wrapped up.
I didn't realize he was smiling until I uploaded this picture...little cutie!  And, here is a comparison of our three kids that I put on Facebook (so most of you have seen it)!

 Brice at 8 weeks
 Anna at 12 weeks (different picture from Facebook but from same album)
Kyle at 8 weeks.

Now, Justin has been claiming that Kyle doesn't look like him like the other two do...I am making my case now that he looks MORE like Justin than the other two!  What the heck?  I put a lot of work into these three and they all came out looking like him!  Although, I think I added the "cute". :)  Pretty sure Kyle is going to be the blondest like....JUSTIN!  Oh well, I wouldn't trade any of them for the world.


Taryn said...

I agree... Kyle looks JUST like Justin for sure! I've always seen a lot of you in Anna though! Beautiful family... glad ya'll are feeling better. Will I see you soon at ZRMF??

Kelly said...

I have to agree Jen...Kyle looks more and more like Justin everytime I see him. It's like you have Justin propped up on your shoulder in that pic. Ha! But then again, I also think that Brice looks more and more like you the older he gets too. All three of them are gorgeous/very handsome though if I must say.