Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Lake Weekend

The kids have been dying to go to Nana and Pa's lake house and so we took them up this past weekend.  Brice for sure could just live there all summer, exploring the woods, catching fish and frogs and of course swimming.  We went for a boat ride when we first go there and I didn't go back for my camera like I should have.  It was Kyle's first time and he was hilarious.  He loved the feel of the wind in his hands, you know, like when you stick your arm out the open car window.  He would just lift his little arm and open his hand to feel the wind.  So cute!  I did, however, get my camera out once we got back to the dock/house.  The kids were excited to jump in the lake.  Anna wasn't so sure at first but once she understood that she wasn't going to have use her swimming skills she was all about it.

 Cookie break...
 Silly faces.

  They jumped off the dock about 20x each.

 Then Brice got brave and went off the back of the boat.

 Kyle loved the screened porch.  Outside and inside all in one, what could be better?

A little video of Anna jumping.  I wish I could have held the camera in my hands, her face was so cute every time she jumped, complete with big ear-to-ear grin!

The plan was to take Brice on a fishing "trip" on Sunday but the weather was not so lovely.  Anna hooked a fish on Saturday though!

 If this isn't a sum of Anna Reynolds' personality traits I don't know what is; messy hair, cute dress, pink shoes with a pink fishing rod.  Think Faith Hill's "Wild One"!  Click "HEAR" to listen to lyrics.

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