Tuesday, June 5, 2012

One on One Time

When Justin and I decided to have a third child, we knew the scales would tip in one direction or the other and that one of the kids may start to feel like second fiddle.  Although I thought it would be awesome for Anna to have a little sister, God knows what he is doing and He does it well.  Having a boy has given each of our kids their "place" in the family.  Brice, the oldest, who made us parents and has far exceeded all of our dreams.  Anna, our only girl and yes, middle child has no one to compete with.  She is the "meat of the sandwich" and she knows it.  She will put you in your place faster than you can blink an eye and has brought the "party" to our family.  And, then Kyle, laid back, determined to run with the big kids and yet spaced far enough from his brother in age that he will hopefully only view Brice as a friend and not a threat.  Any new baby would/will bring attention, who doesn't love a baby?, so we knew that we would have to make time for each of our kids since Kyle stole our hearts all over again.  Since summer has started, I would say that Brice and Anna have been treated quite well by Justin.

Justin took Brice to the Braves' game the first night of summer, he then took them fishing together but gave each of them their own time at the dock.  He and Brice have been trout fishing at the Buford Dam twice now and Anna got to go on a special date with her Daddy.  More on that, in a minute.

Justin told Brice to make a crazy face for this picture.

Reeling in her catch.  This is about all she does with an occasional finger tip touch of the fish.
If anyone saw my Facebook post about needing a technology class, this is where it comes in, I can't get the picture of Brice holding a bass to download from my email so... here is a picture of him with a trout.  He had a great time trout fishing and Justin said he wasn't afraid of the river water (which actually scares me a little).

Okay, so now onto this date.  Let's just say we are in trouble, big trouble when Anna actually starts dating.  She knew they were going to Cracker Barrel and Swirlin' Twirlin' (frozen yogurt with yummy toppings) together for dinner and she wanted to get ready at 9am.  I can't remember why but she needed a bath and so we went ahead and did that in the morning.  She had already picked out her dress and she slept with it the night before (because you know there are these "date fairies" who secretly don't want you going out and looking your best so they might come in and steal your pretty clothes...).  Anyway, she got dressed in her dress and then wanted her hair fixed a certain way but we had to hold off until her hair was a little bit dry.  I think she was nervous she was going to be late because she kept asking about it and was worried that she hadn't gotten her hair done.  So, it finally came time for them to leave and she and Justin came down the stairs together looking just smashing!  Justin even commented that he had never been on a date before where the girl had skinned up knees/shins.

So, off they went to Cracker Barrel where Justin must have been the perfect gentlemen.  Look how she is glowing...

Then they were on to Swirlin' Twirlin' which is such a fun place any lady would love to go there on her date.  Anna likes to get vanilla yogurt with M&M's because then it turns the yogurt into a rainbow (cue Judy Garland singing "Somewhere Over the Rainbow").

After this, it was getting close to Anna's "curfew" so I requested that she be brought home, ;).  As Justin was getting her out of the car, he asked if he could have a kiss, she said yes and instead of offering her cheek, she grabbed his chin/cheeks in her hands and pulled him forward for a kiss on the lips!!!!  What did I tell you, TROUBLE with a captial T!  Justin said there was no getting out of it.  Ha!  She did come home with some good knowledge of what guys are supposed to do on dates.  Justin treated her as well as he treats me. :)

Overall, all of the One on One Time is a success, the kids love it and so does Justin.  And, I got some time with Justin too this past weekend.  Nothing like undivided attention over a yummy dinner and Starbucks.

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Kelly said...

Too, too cute! I'm a sucker for daughter/daddy pictures and that one was so cute.