Friday, July 6, 2012

July Celebrations

Let's just say that this family takes the month of July and runs with it.  Or eats cake with it.  We have lots of celebrations this month but you can't have July Celebrations without June, right?  Justin's mom celebrates her birthday the last week of June (25th) which then leads into July and I'm up first on the birthday list, July 2nd.  Then, it's Larry's on the 3rd, followed by the Fourth of July.  Aunt Blaire sneaks hers in there mid-July (13th) and then Kyle closes it out nicely on the 31st.  Maybe we shouldn't plan our beach vacation during the month when so much cake is going to be eaten!  Anyway, here are a bunch of pictures from the past couple of weeks.  Our neighborhood had it's big fireworks display on the 30th this year, so we have been on the go!

 Here we are at the fireworks, Kyle's first show!  Larry kept the kids busy by doing something to the cars.  All I know is that Anna started waving her wand and saying, "Bibbity Bobbity Boo!" to get the cars to go away.
 Don't mess with Lady Liberty.
 As soon as the fireworks started, I got Kyle out of the stroller to cover his ears while holding him.  He wanted Justin and nothing to do with something over his ears.

 The boy loved them, pointing and "talking" to them.
 Justin and I before going out to dinner on my birthday.  He took me to Bones.  It was awesome!

 Trying to get a picture of at least two of them together.  Below, is the expression I get from Brice when he sees the camera.
 Sarcastic smile.

 My little firecracker willing to pose!
 And, here are the kids on the Fourth at our neighbors house across the street.  Here was Anna going down the slide her first time...
 By the time she was climbing out, she wasn't so terrified, got a big grin on her face and then proceeded to slide for the next THREE HOURS.  Had to pull her off to eat.  The girl wouldn't stop and was asleep by 7:10pm.  We are now resting up for the beach...

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Kelly said...

Love the dress you wore for your birthday dinner. And that slide is so cool! Why don't they make these things for adults? And Anna's hair is too cute too. Can't wait for the beach! Woke up today thinking about it. 4 more days and counting!