Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Some Kind of ONEderful!

Today is the day, the day our baby turned ONE!!  Happy, happy Birthday, Kyle!  What a truly wonderful year it has been.  Kyle has completed our family so well with his happy, sweet self.  He is not yet walking but will take two and three steps at a time before either lunging forward or crashing down to his backside!  He LOVES to play on our master bed and has earned the nickname "Timber" because he will stand up and then purposely throw himself forward or even backward.  This little guy is not afraid of much, especially being physical.  He has even stood his ground with Anna a couple of times when he wanted something that she was trying to take from him.  He has randomly said the words, "That (dat)" and "This (dis)" and he even said "uh-oh" yesterday at the appropriate time when his cup fell off his tray.  I am waiting for when he starts "throwing" it off the tray and then saying uh-oh....oh what fun that is.

Today has been bittersweet as I expected.  The kids and I went into his room this morning and had to wake him up!  We videoed him while singing Happy Birthday to him and he wasn't too keen on it since he was so sleepy.  We were supposed to do pictures today but the weather was nasty when we woke up so I didn't want to take a chance, we will try tomorrow.  Brice and Anna are excited for his party but I know Brice has been a little bummed that his first year is over.  I know Kyle is still a baby right now but come Christmas he will be a toddler for sure, trying to keep up with Brice and Anna.  And, of course that is what I want for him.

He loves to sing and dance for sure.  He is always swaying in his carseat and will crawl over to the TV and stand at it and sway back and forth when there is music on.  He knows he's cute too and will look at you and grin.  He is still our most snuggly baby, resting his head on your shoulder when he is sleepy or just kicking back and relaxing if sitting on your lap.  He loves to be held and I oblige, willingly because I know too well, it will soon be that I can't pick him up any more.

So, while I have been reliving his delivery last year on this day, I am also so thankful for our sweet baby boy who has captured all of our hearts with his little grin and funny faces!!!  Thank you Kyle for all that you are, you truly are Some Kind of ONEderful!!!

 Justin had to travel on Kyle's birthday so we gave him his present on Sunday.
 He knew just what to do because he is always sitting in Anna's chair! 
 Bear crawling or standing and trying to take steps are his favorite ways of getting around.
 Here's his funny face!  He usually squints his eyes all the way closed though.
 Justin returned home in time for dinner and to see the birthday boy.  He asked if I got Kyle a cake and I didn't so we took him to a frozen yogurt place, Swirlin' Twirlin'.  Kind of like TCBY but better!  Kyle loves it!
 We will save the cake for Sunday when we have his party.

And, this is what I will miss about having a tiny baby; someone who looks up at you, depending on you for their every need.  I know there will be times when he "wants his mama" so to speak but all too soon, it won't be cool for him to look at me like that...I am hoping to get a few more years of this look. ;)


Katie and Dave said...

ooooh this made me weepy. SO SO SO bittersweet. I can still smell that newborn smell and that feeling of a teenie weenie snuggling on you- but yet is seems so long ago. And yet I love every second of those first steps and giggles and words and one year olds.
Happy Birthday Kyle! Enjoy it momma! I feel your joy and pain.

Rachel @ Moments With My Miracles said...

Happy Birthday Kyle!!!

Kelly said...

Too cute! I hope he had a GREAT birthday. Sounds like he did. Can't wait to celebrate with him this weekend.

Nicole said...

This makes me both happy and sad. I know where you are coming from. I love watching Tripp grow, but know that at 2, he's getting even closer to the age when he'll want more independence from mommy. Right now, I too like to soak up every moment with him because at this point he still loves to be held. So, I do it willingly, even though I'm almost 32 weeks pregnant.

Nicole said...

And, that picture of you and Kyle is precious! Those first meetings are some of the most special moments in life.