Saturday, August 25, 2012

Our Triathlete-In Pictures

Let's face it...we are busy...the blog is just not the priority!  School, baseball, ballet, training for the triathlon and let's not forget keeping up with the new walker who LOVES to sneak over to the stairs which means I cannot finish one dang task!

So,  Brice really persevered and did great on this triathlon. The swim was 62 yards, bike was 1.58 miles and the run was 1/2 mile.  He completed the whole thing in 16:05.  He didn't get in the pool until this past Tuesday which means minimal training.  The point of him doing this was just to have fun and build his confidence that he could finish something like this!  We are so, so proud of him!!!


Pa / Larry said...

Not only participating, but finishing as strongly as Brice did is an awesome achievement! I am so proud of him, and he should be very proud of what he accomplished. I don't think there is anything he can't do.

Kelly said...

This is so neat! And Brice is smiling as he's running. He's like "no sweat, this is easy."