Sunday, August 12, 2012

Boy-Girl Tally

Wow.  This past week has held quite a bit!  I feel as though Kyle's party was two weeks ago.  I honestly don't remember what we did on Monday and Tuesday but it was something.  Oh yes, I know there was a hair cut in there for Brice along with some other errands...  Wednesday, we went to the Georgia Aquarium with Nana and Jack.  All the kids had a great time and were VERY tired on the way home.  We actually ended up staying four hours which I didn't think would happen but after we paid an arm and a leg for parking, tickets, and food, I was getting our money's worth!!  I honestly think that Brice would live there if he could.  That kid just eats up any information about sea life.

Thursday was the last trip of the summer to the grocery store with all three kids in two. It was also Open House for school and so we headed over to check out Brice's second grade classroom.  Seriously...second grade, what in the world?  He has a new teacher so he was apprehensive that she would know anything about how to teach!  So skeptical.  But she is very nice and I think she will be able to get the job done.  Friday was the first day of school and no one seems to be able to figure out why we started on a Friday.  Brice's explanation is the best to me, "Because Mom, we got out on a Thursday last year."  Okay, makes about as much sense as any other reason.  Friday was also the first day of Anna's ballet classes.  Instead of camp, these are regular Friday classes and she refers to them as "the ones I signed up for" instead of "ballet camp".  She had a different teacher than camp a couple weeks ago so she was a little apprehensive but had a big grin on her face when I waved from the window.

This past weekend we have been to two birthday parties and Anna wore her little self out both days.  They were both parties for little boys so there were lots of kids at both that were running around and playing and Anna, being surrounded by boys at home had no trouble playing right alongside the sword fights.  I, too, am worn out by the weekend!

Poor little Kyle is in need of a good sleep routine so that is our goal this week.  There are other goals I have for myself and the family to get back into the school routine and as they say there is no time like the present.  Family dinners, good sleep routines, workout, read a book myself!, clean out the kids' closets and pack up little boy clothes.  Go through Anna's baby clothes because, guess what???  I AM GOING TO BE AN AUNT AGAIN AND IT'S A GIRL!!!  Yes, Kelly is expecting a sweet little lady in December, December 17th to be exact which was the day I was supposed to have Anna!  So, since they are due the exact same time of year, I have been trying to find some things for her to wear.  We are all very excited and this will bring the Reynolds side boy-girl tally to 3-2!  So thankful Anna will have a girl cousin to love on.

Also, I want to acknowledge a big birthday we had in the family this past Wednesday.  My sweet Grandpa turned 90 August 8th.  To me, this is just amazing.  To think about all that he has experienced and witnessed in his lifetime is just remarkable.  Grandpa, I am so proud to say that you are MY Grandpa and have created quite a family filled with love and tradition.  Thank you for setting the example you have for all of us with your work ethic, appreciation for a dollar, love for card games and billiards and mostly, the desire to always take care of the ones you love, especially Grandma.  We love you, Grandpa!!  Hope to see you soon!

 Playing with his new piano.

 This was really cool watching the diver clean the tank.
 Someone is tired because he doesn't want to nap in the morning anymore...


 Now he wants to sleep...Got to get this boy on a better schedule.
 Being silly, acting like he is going to sprint to the bus.

"Stop taking pictures mom!"

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Kelly said...

I went through the clothes that you gave me and they are too cute. I'm even more excited now! :-) Thank you sooooooooo much! Hope Brice has had a great week at school!