Sunday, October 28, 2012

Is it Monday, yet?

Some of you are probably reading that title thinking, "why would she say something like that?".  Well, because I love Mondays, that's why.  Justin goes back to work, football is not on during day time and Brice goes to school!  I don't have to wake Kyle up from his nap to go anywhere and I don't have to keep him up from napping to pick Anna up.  So, I LOVE Mondays.  All of that AND, this weekend was busy.  We finally made it to the pumpkin patch or local church that always has them on sale.  It was nice. After I talked Brice into coming with us if he wanted a pumpkin carved, I put the three kids in the car and took them.  Anna was super sweet and picked Kyle's out for him while he went from pumpkin to pumpkin saying, "pum, pum".  Not only were all the kids agreeable and nice to each other, I got some good pictures.  All in their Halloween shirts.  Hip, hip Hooray!!!

Then, Brice had to get back to the house so he could change for basketball evaluations.  And, after that he came back home again to get ready for his last game as National.  This past week has been his tournament and we thought we might rally and go all way but, no such luck.  Then, we zipped home here to watch GEORGIA BEAT FLORIDA!!!  Can I get an "Amen"?  And a hallelujah?!  Wahoooo!!!  Gaw-leeee that felt good.  So then this morning we got up and tried to straighten up the house as much as possible while Kyle goes behind us and undoes everything we've done.  :)  I went to ballet (yes, I am taking classes on Sundays and love it!) and then came home to get cleaned up and head to the ballpark for Brice's team party in the freezing cold wind.  The kids all had a blast because kids don't feel temperature, hot or cold and all the adults froze.  Is it Monday, yet?!

 This girl was all about carrying her own the car, to the front porch.  Oh, and she doesn't want it carved, she wants to paint it.

 Wait for it...wait for it...

Ta Da!!!  Three kids, same themed shirts, all looking at the camera!

 These are from Brice's party.  Kyle LOVES cars.  He saw this one and played in it during the entire trophy presentation.  And, then he cried when it was time to leave.
 My big boy receiving his trophy.  He had a great season and really improved in all areas of the game!  He had fun too! So proud of our ballplayer.

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