Monday, January 7, 2013

Anna Is...

...39.6 lbs and 41.25 inches tall.  This puts her in the 79% and 78%, respectively.  We are so impressed how she has climbed the growth chart in her weight.  Not that we want her to be overweight or "husky" but when I looked back, at one point she was in the 3%tile!  Crazy.

She checked out healthy for her four year well visit.  I delayed it a little since we were expecting Kelly to deliver and I didn't want to have Anna in the doctor's office and exposed to anything prior to Christmas for all the kids' sakes.  Justin and I have been dreading this appointment because we knew it meant more than one shot.  Brice had to have four shots at his four year check-up and let's just say it was heartbreaking for Justin.  I had Anna in the car with me that day and so this time we switched.  I took Anna in this morning while Justin and Kyle hung out in the car.  Justin wanted to be close by for when it was over so he could hug his little girl.  He and Kyle went to Starbucks and picked up a cake pop for Anna's "reward".  Well, we had a nice surprise because they are now recommending waiting on one of the shots in order to have immunity coverage further into middle school from the pertussis part of the DPT.  Then, because of the way they scheduled immunizations while Anna was an infant, she has already had two others.  So, Anna ended up with only ONE shot, along with a finger prick for a hematocrit check.  She was loud but she handled it very, very well.  With the promise of a sticker, or three, and then a surprise waiting for her in the car, she stopped her tears and walked out a big girl.  Hopefully, she will feel okay over the next day or two but as of right this minute, she is singing and making up songs while dancing around her in her Cinderella dress.  I think she must be feeling okay!

Anna is quite the diva with her demands and wants and every so often must be put in her place that we are not all servants here only to wait on her hand and foot.  She is also such a sweetheart though when she is feed and has slept well.  She loves to follow her big brother around and buys into most stories that he will tell her, especially Harry Potter ones.  She has quite the imagination just as Brice did at this age and can play by herself for over an hour.  She is very motherly to Kyle and can either be sweet and loving to him or try to discipline him with the force of a drill sergeant (yea, I had to google the spelling of that word)!  Anna wakes in the morning absolutely starving between the hours of 6 and 7.  We have finally gotten her to wait in her room until there is a "7" on her clock until she comes and get us.  She is very loud when she talks and walks and we have to remind her of the rule to "be quiet and respectful" during Kyle's naptime.  This is difficult some days and results in me saying 5,000x a day "Shhhhh!".  She loves ballet and school and often asks when she gets to "go again".  She isn't always aware of what day of the week it is but does know which days she goes to what.  Anna knows all her letters big and small and has really shown an interest lately in knowing what words "say".  She can tell you what letter just about any word starts with, exceptions being "phone", "knife".  Brice loves stumping her with these words, a big brother's job, right?!

While Anna is such a delight to look at and is told quite frequently by loved ones and strangers, I want her to always know that it is more important to be a beautiful person from the inside.  We work on this as well as stressing how smart and funny and polite she is as well.  She is quite witty and can do impersonations of characters on TV and movies which cracks us all up.  Some of her expressions are priceless, along with her little voice.

I think all who read this blog know how much we treasure our Anna.  Having her check out healthy today was a true blessing and for that I am so thankful!!!  Hope you are all having a wonderful New Year and I really want to get back on track with pictures and regular posts on this blog. I just have very little time to myself and have come to the conclusion that this might not happen until next fall when I send Kyle to preschool a couple mornings a week.  Life is happenin' here in the Reynolds's home and it is on the fast track!

P.S.  Brice at four years old was 43.6 lbs and 43.5 inches (93%/97%).  The doctor looked at me today and said, "You do know you are going to be the shortest one in your family, right?".  Yes, I know and I am totally okay with that. :)

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