Monday, May 6, 2013

Alice In Wonderland Bunny

Our girl did it.  She performed in her first ballet performance on Sunday evening.  It was definitely exhausting.  The show didn't start until 6 and it was THREE hours long.  Way too long for little ladies and their younger siblings, possibly even their older siblings but it was a fantastic show.  And, growing up dancing, I know how much it means to show off what they've been working so hard for all year long.  The moment of being the star on stage, especially when those seniors may never dance again. 

We had her dress rehearsal on Friday afternoon and I think she was more nervous for this than the real thing basically because she had no idea what to expect.  After Friday afternoon, she was actually excited about it.  And, even though yesterday evening was a way longer experience than the rehearsal, she did awesome!!  Brice was whining this morning about being tired and it being too late to have a performance and Anna responded with, "Well, you better get used to it because that is how it is when you do ballet and I'm going to be doing it again next year!".  Well then...

Our little star...

 This was on Friday before the dress rehearsal.  Below she is looking for Alice which was part of her dance.
 "Don't know where she is?"

 Justin dropped us off and then I had these pictures done.
 This was right before I dropped her off with her teacher to go backstage.  She was very ready but then told me she got nervous right before going on stage.  She said she wanted Justin and me.
 She COULD NOT wait to see Justin after the performance because she knew she was getting flowers!  Hot pink roses, her favorite color. :)

 Flowers from Kyle and Brice and Nana and Pa.

My precious proud of her for getting on that big stage and doing so well (she did really know the dance).  I hope she continues to love dance but what I really hope is that she finds something she loves as much as I loved and love dance.

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