Friday, May 10, 2013

St. Thomas, Again

Are you tired of seeing these pictures yet?  I messed up on the last post because that wasn't our second day at Magen's Bay, that was the third day.  Justin was glad to see that I had lost track of time because that meant I was relaxed!  Anyway, the actual second day, after laying out on our private beach, we went to dinner on St. John's.  We took the ferry over which was fun in itself and then had an awesome dinner!!  So yummy.

 Extremely windy and not good for curly hair.  Justin made fun of my hair the rest of the night...should have had it braided like Monica on "Friends" did when they went to the Bahamas.

Ok, so then on our last day there we went to Smith Bay Beach which was completely beautiful and if we had missed this beach I would have been totally bummed.  The owner of the house mentioned going there and said we wouldn't regret it.  Well, the only part I regret is how long we stayed because I got a mean sunburn.  Anyway, it was worth it I guess because this place was incredible.  Justin had lots of things to do because there was so much sea life every time you turned over a rock.  We even saw a wedding. 

 Unlike Magen's Bay, there were some good waves here.  It was such a fun day!

 It was like having an aquarium at your cool and Brice would have LOVED it!
Self timer, gotta love it!  Happy 11 years to us!  Justin talks about going back everyday!  So, I for see another trip in our future.  After our babysitter recovers of course, right Mom??!

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Katie and Dave said...

So glad you guys got to do this and enjoyed it as much as we did. You look beautiful :)