Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Catching Up

I am not sure what happened during the month of May.  I held on tight to the wild ride it took me on.  Anna finished school on May 21st and then Brice on May 23rd.  Between the last time I posted and now, I went to end of the year parties, went to Charlotte to see Blaire and Josh and new baby Christian and then came home to help make Brice through the first few weeks of All-Stars, including a tournament.  Oh and Kyle has had some swim lessons thrown in there and Anna started gymnastics.  Whew!

So, I will do this update kid-by-kid...

Brice made All-Stars and we are so happy for him!  He has loved it and even though the practices are a little too long in my opinion and too often, he is ready to go each evening when I tell him to go change for practice.  He has really enjoyed it and improved and is having so much fun.  Justin is one of the assistant coaches and he is on cloud nine as well.  He truly loves coaching and it shows with the boys.  This past weekend was the first of four tournaments we will play in June.  It was a weekend FULL of baseball.  My parents were kind enough to take Anna Saturday so she only had to endure Friday night's game and Sunday's game.  We played twice on Saturday.  If you are wondering about little Kyle and how he is faring during all of this schlepping, don't worry.  He LOVES it!  His new phrase is "Baseball game!" when he sees Brice dressed in uniform and he gets put in the car with everyone.  The games run through June so that is where we will be on the weekends.

Brice is also doing swim team with the neighborhood so that is practice every morning and then his first meet will be next Thursday.  He was reluctant to do it this year but there is a new coach and we want him to be a strong swimmer, not just as a sport, but as a life skill.  Gotta be able to swim when you live in the South!

So, the month of June should suit Brice just fine, things to do in the morning and evening and then I have found a few things for him to do during the day to keep his brain occupied. :)

 Field Day fun!

Anna.  The girl is four years old and there is no denying it.  She is my most exhausting child right now, mentally.  I find myself praying for grace and patience with her throughout the day because oh. my. goodness., she is a handful!  She was so upset about leaving her little class at the end of the year, especially knowing that kids are always in the same class or same school for that matter come the next fall.  She wants so badly to just repeat this year but at the same time is quite proud of herself that she is going to be in Pre-K (cue me making a sad face).  She asked and asked to do a gymnastics camp this summer and I found a summer class that last five weeks and she started last Friday.  It will be on Friday mornings and she LOVED the first class.  I must say, they did quite a lot with them for Day 1.  She enjoyed having Brice and Kyle come with us to pick out her leotard.  I will post pics with the real camera soon.  I only have some pictures on my phone that didn't turn out too well.  Anyway, she has had a few swim lessons as well and loves that too.  She would live at the pool if she could.  She has also been into putting on plays with Brice.  She is the director for sure!  She loves the "backstage area" and gathers all the things she needs and then she and Brice decide who is going to be who.  So far, they have "performed" Alice in Wonderland for us and next up is Wizard of Oz.  She has really enjoyed getting to play with Brice the past couple of weeks and thankfully he has put up with her!  She really does need a nap because she is so tired everyday and sassy as can be.  She is very strong willed and anything I say, she retaliates.  We are so much alike in so many ways and therefore we clash, especially by the end of the day!  She has been very loving with Kyle lately and that warms my heart of course.  I think she does have trouble distinguishing when she needs to be a big girl and testing to see if she can still get away the baby stuff.  She has always been so spirited and she remains that way.  We took her to the cardiologist this past Monday and she checked out great!  She hasn't been since her third birthday so we were nervous about the appointment.  They did a complete, full work up, with 12-lead EKG and ultrasound echocardiogram.  She has no restrictions still and doesn't have to be seen for another 18 months-2 years.  She did the math right there in the office and when I asked her how old she would be when we come back, she said, "Six!'.  We are so thankful and truly blessed when it comes to this issue.  It is one of those things that can be easily taken for granted and reminds me how remarkable it is that so many of us were formed so perfectly.

 At her end of the year party at school.
 First popsicle of the season..
 Practicing sight words on the driveway.  Got the idea from another blogger...

Kyle.  This boy is so, so fun!  He is trying to say anything we say and does most of the time.  He is full of smiles and very happy most of the time.  When he is not happy, it is usually because we aren't allowing him to do something himself!  He wants to do it and he doesn't want help.  He also thinks he is either four or eight years old and can do anything that Anna and Brice do.  Think, "Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better".  He is full of confidence and so much so that he decided just to climb out of his crib while I was in Charlotte after his nap.  Justin and Brice found him on the floor in the hallway, playing with toys.  He hasn't done it it since but I guess it's time to start making a game plan...The child ADORES Brice and wants to be with him any and every second that he is awake.  Today at the pool, he only wanted to swim to Brice and then couldn't wait to go with Brice to baseball practice.  The child would sleep at the ball fields if we let him.  He is learning so much and loves to sing his ABC's, Baa Baa Black Sheep, and Wheels On The Bus.  I forgot how fun a two year old little boy can be, even though he is still a couple months shy of two.  Which I can't even stand to think about...two=no. more. baby.  He is still a threat to his own life and I can't take my eyes off of him for one second.

And, I can't end the post without saying how much fun I had in Charlotte meeting Christian. He ate non-stop while I was there so Blaire was over it but my goodness he is a sweetie and I can't wait to see him again in a couple of weeks at his baptism.  Here is the best picture I got of him right before I left.
A little Blaire, a lotta Josh!

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Katie and Dave said...

Seriously, that Kyle...
Not only is he precious (as all your kids are) but I would seriously guess if I just looked at a picture and knew nothing, that he was 3&1/2. How can you stand it?!?!? Our babies are babies no more.