Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Baseball Post

I am really not sure who all reads this blog anymore but...I am thinking it is mostly family and they all know what we have been up to in the month of June and that would be, baseball!!  And swim team and a ballet camp and gymnastics class on Fridays but those are second on the list for right now.  Like I said in the previous post, Brice made All-Stars and Justin is one of the assistant coaches.  Although, for those of us that have been to the games, he is more like the head coach.  He hasn't had a voice for the past four Mondays.  He loves motivating those kids and getting them fired up.  It's fun to watch.  As of right now, the team's record is 7-7 and there is one more tournament to play.  They start on Friday nights and run through Sunday depending on our seed in the bracket play.  So, there have been as many as three games in a day.

Brice has just flourished playing and had the best time and I am so happy for him.  Even though I haven't made it to all the games...kind of hard with an almost two year old, who still naps and has been sick one of those weekends, and a four year old, who is there for the fashion statements, not the game...I have really loved watching Brice play the games I have been at and hearing about the ones I miss.  Kyle LOVES going to the games and will just break down in tears if he thinks he is being left behind.  He knows when Brice is in uniform for the game and wants his shoes on immediately.  I think I was smart in ordering a nice cooler as my 10-year anniversary gift from Northside.  Pretty sure I am going to need it in the future.

 Getting to see Nana and Pa at the games is probably Anna's favorite part, along with Grandma and Grandad who take her home with them to play and do girly things!  Thanks for all the help, grandparents!

 Kyle is usually a filthy, dirty, sticky mess about ten minutes in to being at the ballparks.  He also thinks that he is five and can drink out of any bottle.  Half the time the water ends up down his shirt which is really ok because it cools him off if nothing else.
 "Anna, look at the camera so I can take your picture...Anna, LOOK at the camera...Anna.."
 "Fine, Mom, I'll look at you!"
 My ballplayer.  He has played a lot of outfield, right and left as well as a little third base.  The boy can get the ball in to the infield when need be.  He has also been crushing the ball when at bat.  I am not sure where he stands as of now but he was leading the team in hits and RBIs at the end of the first two tournaments.  So proud!!!  It has been a fun experience for him being around all these boys so much.  It has made him more tolerable of being home with Anna during the day before practice each night.  Also, one of the moms plays a "walk up song" when they are up to bat.  Brice's is the Darth Vader Imperial March song.  It's pretty cool for the boys.  What a fun summer!
And there you have the Baseball Post.  I know there are a ton more pictures that Justin is going to wonder why I didn't post but...maybe I will add them later.


Katherine said...

I read your blogs!! :) Love seeing your kids and what yall are up to! It always makes me laugh to see how much Lyla is like Anna.

Nicole said...

haha, I was going to say, I still read your blog too! :)