Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Every night during the month of June, Brice would eat dinner and then head upstairs to put on his practice uniform.  Justin would follow and then the two of them would head out the door for practice.  Kyle's heart would break a little more each time and the questions would start, "Where's Brice?, Where's Daddy?" and I would answer with my own question, "Where did they go?" and he would respond, "Baseball".  He knew and wanted to be with them so much!! 

Brice's last tournament was last weekend and they didn't do so well.  Sunday morning was their last game but it was only the beginning for Kyle.  He asked Brice to play baseball with him after they got home.  Brice found his old glove for Kyle to use and what followed were some of the cutest pictures...

Nothing but admiration right there.  I hope these two will always have a close bond.


Rachel @ Moments With My Miracles said...

That really is so precious!!!

Katherine said...

OMG!! These are the cutest pictures!! My heart literally melted!