Friday, September 27, 2013

This Boy and Baseball

A little boy walks in his Daddy's home office and says, "You want to play baseball outside with Kyle?" while holding a baseball.  Daddy's heart melts and breaks a little too because it is raining outside and so they can't go out right then.  This boy just wants to play baseball, anywhere, anytime but not with just anyone.  Brice and Daddy are the first choices.  And, when it is feasible, this is what it looks like...

 No, Kyle is not a lefty after all but he thinks the glove should go on his right hand so...we don't argue, yet.

This little dude loves him some sports.  Now when we arrive at the ball field for Brice's game, he gets excited and says, "There it is!".  He can't wait to watch Brice play and see Justin out on the field.

 Yes, we got him a Mariners jersey and he not only wears it for games but every other day...In fact the pictures in this post are of him in the only two shirts he ever wants to wear.  It's kind of like Anna in this shirt!
I'll admit, I don't have the energy or the time to fight with him.  I'm sure his teachers at school are wondering why he is always in the same clothes!  The day he can actually put on a uniform and play is going to be awesome...however, I have a feeling those clothes will NEVER come off of him either.

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