Friday, September 20, 2013

Big Boy!

School started on Tuesday, the 3rd for Anna and Kyle.  On the 4th, he decided that underwear were a good idea...and so I went with it.  Is there ever a good time to potty train?  No.  Especially when it's your third kid who is in the car all the time going and doing every day?  Definitely no.  So, I couldn't say no to him.  I knew I would never get a three day stretch of hanging out at home with him to "train" him.  He didn't need three days though.  He needed ONE.  Big Boy had it down from the minute I put those underwear on his rump.  Of course, I took him every couple of hours the first day to be sure I knew when his "schedule" but there was no "not going anywhere".  I just pack extras everywhere I go and we go and do and he has rocked it!  He is hesitant about #2 and we haven't quite mastered exactly THE time is.  He hasn't had an accident but we sit on the potty about five-ten times before it actually happens.  It kind of makes my heart go pitter-patter at the thought of no diapers.  I mean, he still needs them at night but...the end is in sight!

He doesn't look too thrilled I know...he did not want that camera in front of his face.  Sorry, kid, every mother does it.  It's part of being two!  And, now, I guess it's time we got him a regular bed, huh?  Just cleaned out the changing table this morning so I'm getting there.

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