Friday, February 14, 2014

Snow Fun!

Although I am snow ready for our routine to be back to normal and the kids to go to school for a whole week we have had Snow much Fun this past week.  Here are just a couple of pictures and quick videos from our three days of snow.  Tuesday, it started and after being at school for two hours, Justin had to go get Brice.  Then it stopped only to start again early, early Wednesday morning.  It wasn't until Wednesday night though that we really got a ton.  I would say we got between 4 and 5 inches!  Wednesday was our best sledding day and the kids had such a great time. Thursday was fun but the sun came out and the temperature increased so a lot of it melted or became slush very quickly.

 Brice and Anna had the best time sledding even though it was sleeting while they were doing it.

 Kyle did not really care for the snow and if he got wet at all, he wanted back inside.  I did buy him a pair of snow pants but he wouldn't put them on.
 A little pouty face.

 I finally was able to borrow Brice's sled so that I could take Kyle down.  He enjoyed the ride part of it but the sleet was hurting his little face and he just wanted to come back in.  On Thursday, he enjoyed sledding with Brice more while going down a smaller hill.  I will post videos soon.  Also, Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours!  I dropped the ball on changing the blogs background for February but the snowflakes still seem very fitting and so I just changed some colors around for the "holiday".  Also, soon to come, circus pictures as well as our birthday boy!  Nine on Sunday!!

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