Monday, April 21, 2014

Spring Break and Easter 2014

Soooo....haven't blogged in a while, apologies.  I can't keep it up.  It is a good thing I don't get paid for this thing because I would have been fired a long time ago.  I really wish I was better at keeping up with it.  I know everyone says the same thing but it's true:  we are busy. we are tired.  And this blog gets a back seat.

We feel as though this winter lasted forever.  It is now April 21st and we finally said yesterday that it MUST be spring weather from here on out because turning on our heat again is not acceptable! 

This "spring" we have been playing baseball, taking swim lessons and continuing ballet.  Also, we bought a condo.  Yes, we did.  So, Justin and I drove down there the end of March to close on it.  And, then we decided we should go ahead and use it for Spring Break!  Our plan is to rent it out but to also use it about three-five times a year ourselves.  We were there for NINE was great.  The weather wasn't the best at the beginning of our days there but it did get better and the one pool was heated so we were able to swim some too.  Kyle refers to it as the "hot pool".  Here are a few pictures from the kids on the beach.  It was hard for me to break out the camera while we were there because it was so windy and cold at first that Kyle would not let me put him down.  We both stayed bundled up under the towels quite a bit.  It was awesome snuggle time with my little guy.

 Here he is saying, "Don't!  Don't take my picture!"
 And, yes, these four are nuts and got in the water.  Brice and Justin more than once.  No, thank you!

We had a wonderful time being together as a family and can't wait to go back this summer.  Justin got a ton of work done on the condo and for the condo.  Honestly, I think we are still recovering from being there as far as cleaning this house goes.

EASTER!!!!  My favorite holiday.  This year for Lent, I didn't give anything up.  Instead, I chose to do the daily Mass readings from an app called, "Laudate".  I love this app.  It has daily readings, meditations, the saint of the day, specific prayers for different situations.  So, everyday, I would try and find quiet time (ha, ha) and read the daily readings as well as the reflection.  I really enjoyed this and it really opened my heart to see what a sacrifice Jesus made for us upon dying on the cross and never second guessing God's plan for him.  Not only am I in awe of what He did for us but I am in awe of Mary and her motherly sacrifices and strength.  And, along with the true meaning of Easter comes the fun too.  I mean, if we get to experience JOY in him rising then part of that joy for me is picking out Easter clothes for the kids and making them baskets!  I read an article last week about how everything is over the top now and dressing up isn't necessary and we shouldn't do candy and gifts.  And, I agree that this can begin to take away from the true meaning of Easter.  I do not feel like gifts are necessary and that candy should be kept to a minimum.  At the same time, I feel like it's important to teach our kids that this is a BIG deal and we should dress nicely and be excited to share in the best story ever told!!!  We had a wonderful Easter celebration with my family.  Blaire, Josh and Christian were able to come into town and I loved seeing them.  Christian is a couple weeks shy of being one and loved watching all the action that is my three crazies.  Mom did a great job preparing a yummy lunch that we ate after church.  Here are some pictures from yesterday as well as the Easter Eggstravaganza that our neighborhood does every year.  Anna was over the top excited that the Easter bunny came and woke the boys up before they were ready...

 This little boy stole my heart again when he picked this to wear over the sweater vest I had also laid out for him.  Look. at. this. child.  I am obsessed with that face and big eyes.

 At my mom and dad's house.

And, then the neighborhood thing.  Anna had a one track mind to get her face painted like a bunny.  She looked so cute all day and then left this on for a full 36 hours.
 Kyle requested a baseball and obviously the lady doing it hadn't seen too many baseballs...

Freaky bunny.  But, she wanted to sit on his lap.  I was shocked.  I guess she wanted to guarantee a full basket come Easter morning!
I hope you enjoyed the monthly pictures!  I will try to be better about updating.  I would love to do a "kid update" so I can remember what each of the kids are up to right now and the things they say.  Thanks for keeping up with us.  Hope you are enjoying spring.

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Katie and Dave said...

First of all- I am so jealous and happy for you about the condo! AWESOME.
And I hear ya with the tired thing- isn't it kind of weird, I sware, this is the hardest most tiring time for me as a parent I have ever experienced. Must be their ages.
And LOVE the Easter pics....

LAST- how cute was your mother-in-law? :) Did she tell you I ran into her at the hospital. It was hysterical. So fun.