Monday, May 5, 2014

We're Off to See the Wizard!

Yesterday was Anna's big performance!  She waits all year for this weekend and has been counting down until performance day.  This year her studio did the "Wizard of Oz"!  I know some of you may not rank this at the top of your favorite stories but I must say that they did a fabulous job and really the scary parts (witch and monkeys) were very low key.  Yes, the witch was green faced and had a fabulous witchy costume but she only showed her face a couple of times.  And, then those ugly monkeys were actual beautiful girls who can dance.

Anna's class were Little Lions.  We were not allowed to keep the manes and the tails so I don't have many pictures of her with the entire costume on.  The other moms and I were skeptical of the costumes this year but they turned out super cute.  IF I can get the video to load, I will post it below.  I videoed her at the dress rehearsal.  I, of course, love this weekend for her because I used to dance on that very stage.  She, too, last night was bummed that it was over and told me she would do the dance over and over and over again, all night long!  I love that she enjoyed it and she also completely eats up the showering of love and flowers after the performance!

 At dress rehearsal and not happy with the camera in her face.
 Waiting to take the class picture on stage...bored.
 My beautiful little lion.
 Curtain call with a little wicked in the background!
Getting showered with flowers!

This is Anna with the young lady who was Dorothy obviously, her name is Anna too!  She was the assistant teacher in the first ballet class Anna ever took.  Anna was thrilled that she was Dorothy!

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