Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Cubs Championship Game

This past Saturday, Brice's team (coached by Justin) played in the Championship Game!  They had a great season with a great group of boys.  Justin really lucked out with a team of kids that had good attitudes and were on board with the whole TEAM concept.  It was such an enjoyable experience.  And, even though I missed little Christian's first birthday party (please don't bring it up, I am still pouting about it), it was fun to see the boys play in the "big" game of the season.  We lost, 4-1, but I honestly thought we were going to pull it out until the very end.

For most of the season one of the other parents took pictures of all the boys.  She is quite the talented photographer and I believe she just does it for fun.  The pictures below are just from my little ole' camera which I still love using.  I feel like this game was already a long time ago, as Brice was selected to All-Stars for the summer and practice for that has already started!

 Pre-game talk.
 Every game, my dad, Grandad, gets these two a ring pop.  Well, they were out of ring pops Saturday so they got a push pop ICEE.  Yes, they loved them and Kyle is still asking where his blue mustache went!
 Sad faces in the post game talk...these boys played so hard every game and this was only their second loss.  I don't think some of them remembered what it was like to lose!  The chain around Kyle's neck was used each game as the "A chain is as strong as it's weakest link" analogy.  Kyle just thinks it's an awesome necklace and wanted to wear it after every game.  Well, after this game, Kyle got a surprise...not only did he get the chain placed around his neck, but as the 12th man, he also got the game ball!

"Huh, dis is my ball??!"
Great season Cubs!!!

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