Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Finally, The Wedding!!

So, the real reason we went to St. Louis was to see my cousin get married. Oh, and Blaire and I were the readers so we were kind of part of the ceremony! This wedding was so incredibly beautiful I can hardly describe it. The Basilica Cathedral of St. Louis is so amazing that I would say it is better than some places you would see in Italy. Then the reception was in this ballroom on the top floor of the Renaissance Hotel in downtown St. Louis. SO GORGEOUS!!! Of course my pictures don't do it justice as do the professional photographer but here are some anyway.

 This is one tiny area of the cathedral ceiling. The entire place is mosaic tiles. I think I could sit in there for hours and still not be able to take everything in. It took Kristen, the bride, 87 steps to get down the aisle.

 Okay, the shirt tail. He had on a nice long sleeved shirt for the ceremony and it was too small and I could tell it was uncomfortable. I had brought this shirt to change him into but didn't plan on him wanting the tie on it. Oh well. And, that food he is holding, the toasted ravioli goodness. So yummy!
 Kyle and Uncle Josh comparing ties.
 My green eyed boy.
 And, my awesome parents who were a huge help to me during our trip there.
 This is just a small glimpse as to what each table looked like. Everything was covered in flowers and candles, so elegant.

 I couldn't stop taking pictures of this girl because the lighting was perfect this time of day in this ballroom and then the huge windows let the light come in even more. She finally had had enough of me!
 Yes, this cake tasted just as amazing as it looks. Note: Please look at the cake topper carefully.
 So, Uncle Josh kept swooning Anna with flowers and then she would drop it and the stem would break, so he would get her another. She even brought one back to the house with us and had me put it in some water. She just loved all the flowers.
 There they are!!! Kristen and Drew! They are a perfect couple and I am so happy for them and that I was able to be a part of their special day.

 Did you look at the cake topper?? How cool they matched her shoes and how awesome are her shoes, period?? Anna was in true love with these things.
 I really wished I had someone take this picture so I could have been in it. Oh well, Kristen was a busy bride greeting everyone so I was trying not to be a pest. :)
After dinner, the dancing started! It was a very fun wedding and I would have stayed longer but I had two sleepy children to get back to the house. The kids did have a great time though. Here is Kyle on my cousin Jonathan's shoulders enjoying the view and dancing. Neither Anna nor Kyle actually danced on their own two feet. They were just held while that person was dancing!

 And, here is Uncle Josh and my mom's best friend from high school. Josh went over to the window to dance because there was an A/C vent blasting the cold air. Kris then joined him and then they started this whole thing with the tray and who knows!!

And, that concludes our St. Louis trip! We drove home the next day and rested for five days before leaving again to go to the beach. I will try and post those pictures soon. Getting these kids prepared for school this week. They go back next Thursday!!!

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